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Deer Hunter 2 Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)


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Cheat Codes

Press F2, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes and pressing F2 again. Note: Any deer that are killed while the codes are enabled will be marked "Cheated!" in the trophy room.

Animals never afraid - dh2doolittle
Attached to a deer - dh2circle
Bullet travels straight with camera - dh2magicbullet
Camera follows arrow or bullet - dh2deadeye
Camera follows bullets - dh2bulletcam
Close-up on deer - dh2shoot
Extra blood when the deer is hit - dh2friday13
Flight mode - dh2wright
Giant deer - dh2deerzilla
Hunter never gets out of breath - dh2shoedeal
Hunter runs faster - dh2flash
Hunter runs very fast - dh2supaflash
Irresistible to deer - dh2honey
Lightning - dh2light
Never reload - dh2bandolier
Player walks only toward deer - dh2sidewind
Rainy weather - dh2rain
Reduces weapon wobbling - dh2swing
Show animals on map - dh2supatracker
Show weapon's sight status - dh2showsights
Sights in weapon without target range - dh2
Slow bullets - dh2baddream
Snowy weather - dh2snow
Stop rain or snow - dh2weatherstop
Thunder - dh2thunder
View deer on map and GPS. - dh2tracker
View through crow's eyes - dh2crowcam
View through deer's eyes - dh2deercam
View through fox's eyes - dh2foxcam
View through hunter's eyes - camera set player
Climb trees - dh2treehugger
Walk around in the target range - dh2caddyshack
Weather cycles quicker - dh2blizzard

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