Deer Hunter PC Cheats

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Calling a buck

To quickly call a buck, use the call once, rattle three or four times, then call twice. You should see a buck in a couple minutes.

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Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at the overhead map. Note: A "Cheat" message will appear on the description of any deer killed while cheat mode is enabled:

View deer location on the overhead map [NOTE 1] - dhbambi
Deer can not hear or smell - dhstealth
Attract all bucks - dhdoeinheat
Add 15 points to last buck killed - dhbigbuck
Deer will stay if shot misses - dhbuckdown
Only females - dhdeermate
Press [F2] to fly during hunt - dh2wright
Larger deer - dhsporttaxi or dhmonsters
Faster reloading - dhfastgun
Increased accuracy - dhrambo
One hit kill - dhviper

NOTE 1: Buck icons will appear after this code has been activated. Click on the buck and move the buck icon, but do not move until the markings are seen.

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Avoid detection

Make sure you always keep the wind blowing up so that the deer cannot smell you.