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Steam achievements

Archaeologist - Collect 10 fossil relics.
Axe of the Great King - Kill 100 enemies.
Bank Bailout - Deposit 50 gold in the Gnome Bank in a single match.
Beardy - Play on the hardest AI difficulty.
Big Game Hunter - Kill 50 dragons.
Black Arrow Bard - Kill a Dragon with a Scout.
Blacksmith - Collect 10 armor relics.
Brewmaster - Collect 10 booze relics.
By Royal Decree - Play through the tutorial.
Check Your Baggage - Kill 25 mimics.
Cube Crusher - Kill 10 cubes or jellies in one match.
Cursebearer - Kill 100 dark traitors.
Deepwarp Domination - Kill 25 purple goblins in one match.
Dirtgnaw Destroyer - Kill 25 gray goblins in one match.
Dragon Age - Kill 10 dragons in one match.
Extra Heretical - Kill 50 dark diviners.
Eye of the Beholder - Sell 1000 relics to the Ooogler.
Fae Friend - Heal over 5,000 HP from Fairies in one match.
For a Few Spiders More - Turn in 'Fistful of Spiders' three times.
Friendly Competition - Play a multiplayer game.
Gobbocidal Maniac - Kill 200 goblins.
Hammer of Holy Dwarfkor - Kill 500 enemies.
He Chose... Poorly - Turn in a bogus relic.
I Roll 20s - Critically hit 200 enemies.
It Belongs in a Museum! - Turn in an epic relic.
Librarian - Collect 10 book relics.
Minecrafting - Play a custom level.
Opportunist - Win a match without mining anything.
Pawn Star - Sell 20 relics to the Ooogler in a single match.
Power of the Voodoo - Turn in 'Jagrath's Balls' three times.
Quaintly Quixotic - Kill 10 gnome gnights.
Rocksnot Rampage - Kill 25 green goblins in one match.
Rune Mastery - Collect all of the Runes.
Shieldbearers - Win with a team of five fighters.
Slime Splatter - Kill 100 slimes, cubes, or jellies.
Slime's Sappin' Mah Sentry! - Get a fighter killed by a green slime..
Soft Hands - Win a match without digging any new tunnels.
Speed Freaks - Win with a team of five scouts.
Spelunker Supreme - Collect all original relics.
Strike The Earth! - Create a custom level.
The Eternal Conflict - Play a two-player match between the Red and Blue teams.
The Good Stuff - Win a match by collecting only mithril.
The Phantom - Turn in 'The Pink Pangolin' three times.
The Pick and the Dead - Kill a Fighter with a Miner.
The Quick and the Dead - Kill a Fighter with a Scout.
Tilting at Windmills - Kill 100 gnome gnights.
Underminers - Win with a team of five miners.
Viva la Revolution - Kill 5 goblin kings.
We've Already Got One! - Turn in 'The Spammish Inquisition' three times.
Weaponmaster - Collect 10 weapon relics.

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