Demolition Inc. PC Cheats

Rating 1

Steam achievements

Amateur Driver - You drove a car for 10s.
Barbeque - You grilled 10 cows.
Bulldozer - You bulldozed 10 buildings.
Car Collector I - Wrecked 20 cars.
Car Collector II - Wrecked 100 cars.
Car Collector III - Wrecked 500 cars.
Car Jump I - You jumped 400m.
Car Jump II - You jumped 500m.
Car Jump III - You jumped 600m.
Chef - You grilled 30 cows
City Dominator - You levelized each city.
City Eater - You levelized 1 city.
City Muncher - You levelized a city with all stars.
Cosmic Bulldozer - You destroyed 30 buildings.
Drift King - You drifted with a car 60s.
Earth Crusher - You levelized each city with all stars.
Expert Driver - You drove a car for 60s.
First Things First - You managed to finish your first mission.
Freshman - Just started the game.
Galactic Bulldozer - You destroyed 100 buildings
Gourmet - You grilled 100 cows.
Oily wheels - You drifted with a car 10s.
Professional Driver - You drove a car for 20s.
Slider - You drifted with a car 30s.
Sophomore - Second thing done!