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Diablo Cheats "Butcher strategies" (PC)


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Butcher strategies

-First, meet up with him in his room and lead him to one of the walls that look like cage walls. Go on the other side of the wall and close the door behind you. Shoot him with a bow or use magic. Since he cannot open doors, he will just stand there. Simply keep shooting him until he is defeated.

-Find the Butcher and open his door, then run away from him. He should follow you. Lead him to a staircase and run around it, but stay close to it. He should follow you in circles around the it. Eventually (around a minute later) he should get stuck in the staircase. From there, shoot him with magic or a bow. You can then melee attack him. Note: He can get away from it if you go onto the side of the staircase that you need to be on if you were to enter it.

-Open the door and cast Fire Wall right away, then close door after the spell. The Butcher will be stupid and stand in the flames provided you stay at the doorsteps. He will die almost always before the flame goes out, even if spell is cast by a Warrior. Note: You must be fast and need to continue a couple levels down in the dungeon to learn Fire Wall.

-Note: Level 6 or greater with a strength of 30 or more is requiredfor this trick. Buy one Fire Wall Scroll. You should be using a sword and a buckler. When you find the Butcher's room, stop in front of the door, open it, and go one step behind. When the Butcher shows up in the door, cast the Fire Wall in front of you, between you and the door. The Butcher will stop in front of you to hit you, and will start to take damage from the Fire Wall. After that, start attacking him. Even if you only hit him five or six times, he will die at the same time the Fire Wall disappears.

-When fighting the Butcher, get the best bow that you can use. Open the Butcher's door, lure him out, then run behind a cage wall. However, shut the door as he cannot open them. After that, take out the bow and shoot him repeatedly. Then take out a sword, bow, staff, etc. and attack him.

-Purchase Four Scrolls Of Firewall. Destroy all the monsters all around the Butcher's lair. Put all the Scroll Of Fire Walls on your belt. Go directly in front of the door and use a scroll, then go back one and use another scroll. Go back and use another scroll. Go back one more time and use the last scroll. If done correctly, the Butcher should be dead.

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