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Diablo Cheats "Potion in ring slot" (PC)


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Potion in ring slot

Start a new game. Make sure the water in the well Cain is standing next to is dirty, then go down to the second level and complete the Poisoned Water Supply quest. Speak to Peppin. He will give you the Ring Of Truth. Save the game, bring up the menu, and select "New Game". Click on the name of your character and select "New Game". Again, make sure the water in the well is dirty. If it is not, keep starting new games until it is. Head down to the second level and complete the quest again. Peppin will give you another Ring Of Truth. Put both rings on, save the game, and start another new game. Open your inventory. You should still be wearing one Ring Of Truth but in the place of the other one should be a Rare Bottle Of Mana. The bottle has all the statistics of the Ring Of Truth. Note : If you take the potion out of the ring slot, you will not be able to put it back on.

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