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Diamond Dan and the Towers of Treasure PC Cheats

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Steam achievements

Almost There - Die after collecting the map or disc piece.
Amber Alert - Pick up 100 yellow gems.
Anntagonist - Finish the last level with Ann.
Backpacker - Unlock the Europe map.
Bouncer - Open 10 doors.
Break No Sweat - Amsterdam - Finish the level without pushing or using your pickaxe.
Chest Master - Open a chest with a 5x multiplier.
Chest Nut - Open a chest with a 3x multiplier.
Chestised - Open 50 chests.
Completing the Circle - Find all pieces of the disc.
Dantagonist - Finish the last level with Dan.
Diamonds are Forever - Pick up 100 white gems.
Die Already - Naples with Ann - Survive three minutes with the map and get out alive.
Die Hard - Resistencia - Finish the level without dying.
Doorman - Open 25 doors.
Double Jeopardy - Reach 2x multiplier.
Down-To-Earth - Mosul with Dan - Finish the level without ever jumping.
Escape Artist - Trigger 50 traps without dying.
Excersisist - Push 1000 blocks.
Extremist - Finish the last level on extreme.
Four Get It - Reach 4x multiplier.
Girl Power! - Hack 1000 blocks.
Globetrotter - Unlock the Western Asia map.
Going Down - Descend 5000 meters.
Gold Digger - Collect a total of 1.000.000 points.
Gold Rush - Open 5 treasure chests without dying.
Hangman - Hang for 10 seconds.
Having the Blues - Pick up 100 blue gems.
High Five - Reach 5x multiplier.
Jaded - Pick up 100 green gems.
Junior Explorer - Get all wooden medals.
Just a Hack - Hack 100 blocks.
Light Footed - Zaheda - Trigger no traps and don't die.
Livelihood - Collect a total of 100.000 points.
Lock Picker - Open 10 chests.
Loving that Gold - Get 10.000 points in one level.
Lucky Survivor - Naples with Ann - Survive one minute with the map and get out alive.
Master Escape Artist - Trigger 100 traps without dying.
Master Explorer - Get all gold medals.
Master Treasure Hunter - Get 50.000 points in one level.
Morning Gym - Push 100 blocks.
Narrow Escape - Trigger 10 traps without dying.
Need a Keychain? - Collect 50 keys.
Nimble Fingers - Open 25 chests.
No Shortcuts - Rasht - Finish the level on medium without using any doors.
Pension Plan - Collect a total of 500.000 points.
Porter - Open 50 doors.
Preemptive Strike - Destroy a spike trap right after triggering it.
Pushover - Push blocks in all directions.
Rookie Explorer - Get all bronze medals.
Ruby Tuesday - Pick up 100 red gems.
Save the Developer - Have three friends who played Diamond Dan on Steam.
Show Off - Pick up a gem with a 5x multiplier.
Skilled Survivor - Naples with Ann - Survive two minutes with the map and get out alive.
Skulptor - Hack 500 blocks.
Skydiver - Fall for 20 meters.
Speedrunner - Puerto Montt - Finish the level within 40 seconds.
Super Hangman - Hang for 20 seconds.
Three Times is a Charm - Pick up a gem with a 3x multiplier.
Treasure Hunter - Get 25.000 points in one level.
Triple X - Reach 3x multiplier.
Unlucky - Die within two seconds.
Veteran Explorer - Get all silver medals.
What Treasure? - Stuttgart - Finish the level without collecting any treasure.
Working Out - Push 500 blocks.

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