Diner Dash 2 PC Cheats

Rating 2

Keeping customers

Use the podium in between chains to avoid losing customers that grow tired of waiting for a table.

Rating 1

Flo picks two drinks at once

Call on the drink server after closing to allow Flo to pick two drinks at a time.

Rating 1


When you reach level 24 and unlock the telephone you can then choose between three helpers. You can only select one of them. Note: The helpers do things automatically. They know what to do and when to do it.

Cleaner - Picks up the checks and cleans the tables.
Bartender - Gives drinks to people when they become impatient at their tables. Note: He is the most helpful helper.
Singers - This posse will play music to entertain people in line.

Rating 1

Drinks at any time

Get the Bartender as you helper. You call the Bartender you can get drinks any time desired. The drinks do not have to be prepared; they will simply be there.