Diner Dash: Hometown Hero PC Cheats

Rating 5

Boosting hearts

Once the lights go out, go to the podium if it is available. This way you can boost hearts while using the flashlight to look at the room to plan your seating.

Rating 3


-To avoid using highchairs, seat mothers with babies at two person tables. Place them next to joggers, cell phone addicts, and other diners that don't mind crying babies.

-Taking customers to their seats and standing at the podium doesn't break your chaining actions.

Rating 1

Dealing with your helper

-Change Flo's clothing to keep better track of the helper.

-Focus is on making money instead of chaining. The helper will try stealing your customers; so you must be fast.

-When a customer is ready for their check, double click on their table right away. This allows you to get the check and collect the dirty dishes at the same time. Your helper will not get the chance to make any points from that table.