Dino Crisis 2 PC Cheats

Rating 1

Dino Files

Find the following Dino Files in the corresponding locations:

Allosaur - In a corpse by the bride near the dock/landing space.
Compy - In an open cage in the research facility level 2.
Gigantosaurus - By the computer near the third Energy Data Disk found in the Nuclear Silo.
Inostrancevia - Near the dead corpse near the entrance to Edward City.
Mosasaurus - On the desk in the third Energy Control Room.
Oviraptor - By the truck going to Edward City.
Pleisiosaurus - By the dead body where you can find the key to Edward City in the underwater facility.
Pteranodon - By the truck at the third Energy Facility entrance where you can find the Pteranodons.
T-Rex - Under the table in the passage going to the medical room in the military facility.
Triceratops - By the dead copse just after the Allosaurus nests.
Velociraptor - In the water tank near the EPS Service.