Dino Crisis 2 PC Cheats

Rating 2


-When facing the first Allosaurus on your way to the facility when you are first using Regina, buy the Flamethrower and go to the ledge that leads nowhere towards the west. Every time it approaches you, burn it. This way, it can be killed easily and you will get a large No Damage bonus.

-To kill a Allosaurus easily, purchase the flamethrower and keep aiming at its head. It will eventually die and give a huge no damage bonus if you did not get hit.

Rating 2

Blue raptors

While playing as Dylan, purchase the electric weapon for 18,000 points. When you encounter the blue raptors, fry them with about five shots.When you kill the raptor you earn 7,000 points. When playing as Regina, use the Rocket Pod Launcher which will require ten shots. Note: Buy the gold card -- it doubles all points.

Rating 2

Surviving when surrounded

When surrounded by dinos such as dilophosaurs, raptors, or pteranodons, try hiding your back. Retreat to a wall. The flame thrower is useful because you can turn and walk while shooting. Sometimes this ability of the weapon can save your life. Note: The flame thrower will not blast pteranodons away if they started a counter-attack. When you have a moment, use a weapon that throws raptors and dilophosaurs at the ground, then for another moment you can deal with only the other enemy. However, this works only if there is just two attacks. You can also use firewalls, but they are really not that effective because of their short lifespan.

Rating 1

Get the third Energy Key Card early

Before you leave the jungle, you can retrieve the card from the shallow stream. This way you will not have to make a return trip after finding out that it is needed.

Rating 1

Counter a sudden rear attack

To counter a sudden attack from behind, press AIM while auto aim is on instead of pressing TURN AROUND. This will save time.

Rating 1


When killing Raptors with Dylan's Shotgun, conserve ammo by waiting for the Raptor to jump up in the air towards you. When it is in midair, blast it away. This move only consumes one bullet instead of the standard two or three.

Rating 1

Twin submachine guns

-Rather than invest in the heavy machine gun, buy the Twin Submachine Guns, and upgrade its amount of ammo. It is more convenient than the Heavy Machine Gun because of its dual target capability.

-When using submachine guns, avoid holding the button down. Only use one shot at a time to do more damage and save ammo.

Rating 1

Dino Files

Find the following Dino Files in the corresponding locations:

Allosaur - In a corpse by the bride near the dock/landing space.
Compy - In an open cage in the research facility level 2.
Gigantosaurus - By the computer near the third Energy Data Disk found in the Nuclear Silo.
Inostrancevia - Near the dead corpse near the entrance to Edward City.
Mosasaurus - On the desk in the third Energy Control Room.
Oviraptor - By the truck going to Edward City.
Pleisiosaurus - By the dead body where you can find the key to Edward City in the underwater facility.
Pteranodon - By the truck at the third Energy Facility entrance where you can find the Pteranodons.
T-Rex - Under the table in the passage going to the medical room in the military facility.
Triceratops - By the dead copse just after the Allosaurus nests.
Velociraptor - In the water tank near the EPS Service.

Rating 1

Make Ultra Raptors appear

Make a combo with at least 20 hits, then exit the area. Enter an area where Raptors usually appear, such as the Jungle. You will instead be greeted by two Ultra Raptors.

Rating 0

Saving money

Rather than purchasing the best Recoveries, buy the Hemo Pack and the Small Med Pack. This will save money. When you have enough money, purchase the Armor. It will stop the bleeding.

Rating 0

Unlockable Characters

Purchase the following characters in the Coliseum or Dino Duel for the corresponding Extinct Points:

Rick - 100,000
Gail - 100,000
Tank - 120,000
Oviraptor - 150,000
Velociraptor - 150,000
Inostrancevia - 160,000
Allosaurus - 180,000
Tyrannosaurus Rex - 150,000
Triceratops - 200,000
Compsognathus - 250,000

Rating 0


Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:

Dino Coliseum
Complete the game once. The Dino Coliseum lets you fight against all of the dinosaurs from in the game in a coliseum arena.

Extra Dino Duel dinosaurs

Buy Rick, Gail, and the Tank for the "Extra Crisis" games. Another set of dinosaurs will appear at the character selection screen for purchase.

Unlimited ammunition
Complete the game after collecting all eleven Dino files. The EPS Platinum card will appear at the save game screen. Unlimited ammo will be available the next time the game is played.

Triceratops and Compsagnathus
Buy all the other characters and dinosaurs for the Dino Coliseum and Dino Duel. The Triceratops and the Compsagnathus will be unlocked in hard mode.

Alternate loading screen
Complete the game once to have Dylan in the background. Complete the game two times to have Regina in the background. Complete the game three times to have Paula in the background.

Rating 0

Easy money hints

-When you reach the part where you see the first helmet person, stop. After the intermission reload your ammo using the PC. Go out the way you came in. Shoot the raptors and keep switching screens so that more raptors will appear. Keep killing them while trying not to get hurt. Eventually exit through the same gate. if you did not get hit, you will get 6,000 or 2,000 extra points depending on your combo and how many you killed. Stock up an ammo and repeat. You will soon have enough money to by the EMP gun and ammo. The raptors will stop appearing after awhile -- go to a different place and do the same thing.

-While on the third energy disc, go back to your boat. Fight off the sea creatures, and go to the third energy plant. When you arrive, there will be a group of the sea creatures with the long necks. Boy the heavy machine gun and it will take only one shot to kill them. Do not get hit and exit the room after killing all that appear. You will earn 20,000 or 30,000 points. Repeat this in all the rooms from there on until you go underwater in the energy plant. You will have enough points for whatever you want for the rest of the game. If not, just return there and kill them all again.