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Divine Divinity Cheats "Item duplication" (PC)


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Item duplication

-Go to your latest saved game and drop everything you do not want to lose on the ground (from Inventory and Equipment). Quest items and money must be included. Do not drop your Pyramids on the ground and also make sure both Pyramids are in your inventory. Save this as a test save game, then go back to a save game where you have the item that you lost. (for example, Explosive Keg). Go to your save game folders and copy all six INV items from your old save game and paste them into your test save game. When you reload, your old save game inventory will be in your new game, and all your good items will still be on the ground.

F-ind an item to be duplicated and save the game. After that, click on the item so that you will be holding it with the mouse pointer. While holding the item, press L to display the load screen. Move the mouse into the load window then click the game save that you just saved. You'll notice that the item remains stuck to the mouse as long as you do not let the pointer leave the load window. Press [Enter] two times to load that game. Once it is loaded, open your inventory. Notice that the number of that item has doubled. Note: Occasionally after the game loads, the item will be lying on the ground. Also, this can be done with the quicksave function. Just quicksave, pick up the item, then quickload.

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