Dofus PC Cheats

Rating 3

Easy experience hints

-Complete every questat Incarnam, then fight the Chafers there. ONce you reach level 15, go to Astrub. Do some quests there, then go to the forest and fight Prespics and Boars

-Do quests and fight mobs in Incarnam, and also go to Astrub and do your class quest to reach level 3.

-From levels 7 to 8, Incarnam Dungeon are a good place to gain experience points.

-Certain quests in Astrub can be an alternate source for experience points.

Rating 1

Easy money

While in Incarnam, go to Foreman Ikure (3,3). Get the Alchemist profession and gather flax for the next 10 profession levels. Note: Don't make any potions until reaching level 10. When you are a level 10 Alchemist, go to Asturb and go to the Resource sellroom. Note: You should have about 4,500 Kamas when there. Purchase three patches of 100 water. Go to the Alchemist workshop (5,-20) and make Mini Healing potions. Then, go to the Alchemist sellroom and sell them for about 50 each.

Rating 0


Join a big group of players that are attacking Gobballs, usually near the north gate. This wayyou will raise your prospecting, and you will get a lot of kamas and other items. This is usually effective until level 10.