Dogz 5 PC Cheats

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Getting Dogz to fall in love

-To make your dogz fall in love and have puppies, set down a love potion, perfume, any treats, music box, and two pillows. Set the music to the romantic French song. Let both the Dogz out. Spray them both with the love potion and perfume. Watch how they react. If they begin fighting, spray them both with the spray bottle. If they react well (gaze at each other intently), give them both treats. They are in love if they are lying down and you place a treat between them. They are in love if they Don't pay attention and just continue gazing at each other. Soon, a note will appear telling you that the female dog is due to have a baby. -Have a male and female adult. Have a love potion at family room, with the fireplace turned on. If you are in the family room, go to "Options" and turn off the mouse holes so that Petz will not get distracted when falling in love. Don't spray them with a love potion or any other spray if they are gazing at each other, rubbing noses, licking each other's faces, or are pacing around each other. Don't pet an animal while they are gazing at each other, rubbing noses, licking each other's faces, or pacing around each other.

-Have an adult female and go to the adoption center. Adopt a male of the same breed. You will go to the family room after selecting "Adopt Now". Have the satin heart cushions, turn on the fireplace, and have the love potion in the old fashioned bottle on the fireplace. Note: Don't have any toys, treats, or music boxes out. Spray both pets with the love potion. The pup will sneeze and the female will act surprised. Pat them once and they will gaze at each other lovingly. Note: Don't do anything to distract them after patting them once. Have them pay together every time. When the pup becomes an adult, get both dogs. Spray them with love potion, then select the dog tag next to the name on the storage thing so they think you are not watching. When they start rubbing each other's noses while sitting on the mat the female will be become pregnant.

-Take out the pair of petz that you want to fall in love and have only the music box playing the romantic song (and nothing else out). Turn on the fireplace. Don't interact with them while they are out. Let them bond with each other for about five to ten minutes. A heart will appear on the screen, giving congratulations that they are expecting a puppy. Check in at the same time the next day and click on the mother and the puppy should be born.

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The following behaviors indicate that Petz are in love:

-When one is asleep, pick up the one that is still awake. If the sleeping dog wakes up they are in love.
-Put one of the Petz away and see if the other walks slowly backwards.
-They gaze at each other.
-They rub noses.
-They lick each other's faces.
-They pace around each other.
-They get sad if you put the other pet away.
-If you have toy doll out, one pet may pick it up in its mouth and give it the other pet.

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Avoid/cure illness

To prevent sickness, dress pets in tartan before taking them into the snow scene.Signs of sickness usually are coughing and sneezing. To cure your pet, you should first have some medicine. It is a white bottle with a blue cap with a small white part on top, and a red stripe with a white cross on it. Bring out your pet's favorite food or water bowl, then take the medicine and put it over the bowl. This will squirt some medicine into the bowl. If done correctly, you will hear the sound your food makes when it hits the ground as well as a faint dripping. Have your sick pet eat or drink and eventually they will feel better.