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Doom Cheats "Cheat Codes (command line)" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Cheat Codes (command line)

Start the game with the doom -devparm command line to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: The parameters marked with an asterisk (*) do not require -devparm in the command line. Most of these parameters can be mixed and matched to create different effects. For example, start the game with the doom -devparm -wart 1 8 -record demo01 -respawn command line would record a demo on episode one, level eight, with monster respawn. Finally, press F1 during development mode for a 256 color screenshot in .PCX format.

Read in a command line parameter file - @
Activates DeathMatch v2.0 (v1.4 and above) - -altdeath
End the game after twenty minutes - -avg
Uses C:\DOOMDATA directory for data - -cdrom
Internal development, texture mapping - -comdev
Read an alternate configuration file* - -config
Start NetDoom in Deathmatch mode* - -deathmatch
Dump debug info to debug.txt - -debugfile
Developers mode - -devparm
Start at indicated episode* - -episode <1-3>
Uses original GUS instrument mapping - -GUS
Uses new GUS instrument mapping (default) - -GUS1
Nightmare mode without respawn* - -fast
Use external PWAD file* - -file <.wad filename>
Set up a network terminal for the "left view"* - -left
Starts from indicated saved game* - -loadgame <0-5>
Set maximum size of LMP recording* - -maxdemo
Starts NetDoom with indicated player amount* - -nodes <1-4>
Internal bugging switch - -noblit
Internal bugging switch - -nodraw
Disable the joystick - -nojoy
No monsters* - -nomonsters
Disable the mouse - -nomouse
Disable background music - -nomusic
Disable sound effects - -nosfx
Disable sound - -nosound
Enable stereo music through OPL-3 on PAS16 - -opl3
Enable phase shifting on PAS16 - -phase
Play back recorded demo* - -playdemo
Record demo until you finish or die* - -record
Record a demo from saved game* - -recordfrom <0-5>
Internal development, texture mapping - -regdev
Enemies respawn in non-Nightmare* - -respawn
Set up a network terminal for "right view"* - -right
Internal development, texture mapping - -shdev
Start at indicated skill level* - -skill <1-5>
Calculates number of times screen is redrawn during a demo - -timedemo
Increases the speed of the marine - -turbo <1-255>
Warp to episode (1-3) level (1-9) - -warp <1-3> <1-9>
Load PWAD named ExMy.wad - -wart <1-3> <1-9>
Unknown - -statcopy
Unknown - -control

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