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Dragon Age II Cheats "Infinite Ability Points" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Infinite Ability Points

Access to the Black Emporium is required for this, as well as enough gold to afford the Maker's Sigh potion that resets all Ability Points/Attributes. Hawke's unique preset skills mean that when you use a Maker's Sigh potion and save, the preset skills will be always be filled. Perform the following steps to easily gain ability points:

1. Use a Maker's Sigh.
2. Save your game and reload the file.
3. Examine your Ability Points; you should see the amount removes plus Hawke's preset abilities. For a Rogue this will be 4-5 points in the fual-wield tree.
4. Use another Maker's Sigh to add those Abilities to the Ability Points. Repeat this as many times as desired as long as you have the potions, but make sure to save and reload the game each time.

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