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Dragon Age: Origins Cheats "Blood Dragon Armor duplication" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Blood Dragon Armor duplication

The code that comes with your Collector's Edition of the game for the rare Blood Dragon Armor is required. Note: This also works for other Collector's Edition downloadable content -- the tome, helmet etc. After entering the code and receiving the first piece of the armor and you have a merchant in your camp area with the rest of the pieces, save your game and go to the Download Content section of the main menu. Disable the Blood Dragon Armour content (and Collector's Edition content if you have it) and reload your game. It will give you a warning, but ignore it and force load the game, then quickly save your game and exit to the main menu once more. Enable the things we disabled before and reload your game to then have two sets of Blood Dragon Armor! You can repeat this as desired.

2 years ago

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