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Dragon Age: Origins Cheats "Legendary weapons" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Legendary weapons

Unlock the following Legendary weapons by performing the corresponding tasks:
Ageless Before you choose a new King in Orzammar, click the King's throne. Set three party members on pressure plates, and a fourth to click the throne again. Then, kill the dragon.
Marjorlaneses Recurve Beat Leliana's quest.
Staff Of The Magister Lords Purchased in the Wonders Of Thedas in Denerim.
Starfang Longsword Get the random encounter with the crater, then take the Starmetal to Wardens Keep.
Summersword Defeat Loghain's general.
The Rose's Thorn Can be purchased at the shop in Orzammar.
Topsiders Honor In Deep Roads, find the three pieces and then reassemble them in Ortan Thaig.
Wintersbreath Purchase it at the Wonders Of Thedas.
Yusaris Greatsword Beat the "Statue" quest on the third floor of the Magi Tower.

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