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Drakan: Order Of The Flame Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)


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Cheat Codes

Hold SHIFT while starting the game. Select the "Developer" tab and check "Developer Mode" to continue loading the game. To start the game, hold CTRL and click on "New Game" to set a difficulty setting and location. Press \ to talk during game play, then activate the following cheats by performing the corresponding codes:

Change speed; may crash game - fov <6-93>
Disable debug mode - debug off
Enable debug mode - debug on
Full health - smoghead
God mode in last stage - iamgoddess
God mode [NOTE 1] - iamgod
Kill nearby enemies - giants
Land when flight mode is active - drop
List weapon names in debug mode - all weapons
Obtain indicated item - gimme
Obtain indicated weapon - give
Remove fog - foghack
Set game speed; may crash game - speed <1-50>
Switch view to nearest enemy - switch
Toggle flight mode - floy
Unlock doors - opensezme

NOTE 1: This code has no effect in the last stage of the game.

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