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Drawn: The Painted Tower PC Cheats

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Steam achievements

Arachnophobia - Beat the Spider mini game in the base of the Giant Tree in 4 or fewer moves.
Beam Me Up! - You can beat it next time.
Breath of Fire - Find a way to melt the ice on the other side of the room.
Drawn to a Conclusion - Find iris.
Drawnslaught - Successfully completed Drawn without using any hints.
Eye for Detail - Successfully complete the Griffon's puzzle without needing to restart.
Eye Hate Spiders - Look away if it bothers you too much.
Farm Fresh - Find a way to enter your first painting.
Finger Painting - Correctly paint the three clouds in the Tree Painting right the first time.
Foe Real? - Ignore the Lion that isn't a friend.
Happily Ever After? - Successfully created the Hero for the Clock Tower play.
It's drafty in here! - Successfully beat the Griffon's Castle Window Puzzle in 5 or fewer moves.
Just Filling Time - Successfully complete the Flood Fill mini game in the market in 13 moves.
Let there be Light - Opened the Cloud Door using the heat of the sun.
Movin' On Up - Find the hidden path out of the Fire and Ice room.
Nailed it! - Successfully beat the Tree House floor puzzle before the skip puzzle timer fills up.
Number Crunching - Beat the Number Rings puzzle before the skip puzzle timer fills up.
Off to a good start - Beat the Foyer Chest Dial Puzzle without skipping.
Once Upon a Time - Arm the Knight right the first time.
Over Achiever - Successfully found the magic staff in the hut before the shrunken head told you where it was.
Pane in the Glass - Repaired the broken window before the skip puzzle timer had a chance to charge.
Romancing the Stone - Successfully opened the Heart Door.
Speak, friend, and Enter! - Successfully open the gate to the Griffon's Castle without making the gate's eyes red at all.
Stay Awhile - Successfully complete the Tile Puzzle in the Foyer Chest in 16 or fewer moves.
Strawesome - Figure out how to help the farm.
Sum of Its Parts - Successfully combined two items to make a third.
Taking the Long Way - Successfully beat the game without skipping any puzzles.
The Writing on the Wall - Translate the cave wall images.
Toil and Trouble - Successfully completed the potion right the first time in the Hut Painting.
Where the Sidewalk Ends - Find a way to cross the broken bridge.

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