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Dungeon Lords Cheats "Nether Spells" (PC)


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Nether Spells

Beast - Demon Horn, Dragon Tooth, Blood Nectre, Spider Yolk, Soul Stone.
Berserk - Mandrake Root, Putrid Flesh, Vulture Beak, Monster Eye.
Blade Of Baal - Monkey Paw, Diamond Dust, Blood Nectre, Brimstone Powder, Demon Horn.
Blinding Fog - Brimstone Powder, Ochre Pollen, Sider Yolk, Bat Wing.
Bloodlust - Vulture Beak, Black Orchid, Putrid Flesh.
Choking Cloud - Orche Pollen, Grinnich Weed, Bat Wing.
Confusion - Mandrake Root, Monkey Paw, Wyrm Gangre, Vulture Beak.
Dragon Claws - Dragon Tooth, Scorpian Tail, Snake Skin, Borloth Horn, Diamond Dust.
Drain Life - Diamond Dust, Demon Horn, Soul Stone, Dried Homonculous, Shruken Head.
Fear - Bat Wing, Deadman Hair.
Gripping Vines - Mordis Vine, BoneDust, Blood Nectre, Soul Stone.
Hate - Monkey Paw, Mandrake Root, Shruken Head, Brimstone Powder, Vulture Beak, Monster Eye
Pain Sting - Scorpion Tail, Snake Skin.
Poison Cloud - Ophelia Wort, Ochre Pollen, Bat Wing, Scorpion Tail.
Poison Touch - Scorpion Tail, Spider Yoke, Opheila Wort.
Possession - Mandrake Root, Demon Horn, Shrunken Head, Black Orchid, Soul Stone.
Sleep - Ochre Pollen, Mandrake Root, Snake Skin, Grinnich Weed.
Slow Monsters - Grinnich Weed, Mordis Vine.
Suffocating Cloud - Ochre Pollen, Bat Wing, Putrid Flesh, Borloth Horn, Monster Eye.
Summon Beast - Bone Dust, Borloth Horn, Black Orchid, Wyrm Gangre.
Summon Deathlord - Deadman Hair, Borloth Horn, Bone Dust, Diamond Dust, Blood Nectre, Soul Stone.
Summon Fiend - Brimstone Powder, Demon Horn, Blood Nectre, Soul Stone, Raven Claw, Dried Homunculous.
Summon Giant - Monster Eye, Bone Dust, Black Orchid, Borloth Horn, Vulture Beak.
Summon Guardian - Bone Dust, Wolf Mane, Black Orchid, Mordis Vine, Dragon Tooth.
Summon Haunt - Brimstone Powder, Deadman Hair, Raven Claw, Shruken Head.
Summon Rats - Rat Tail, Bone Dust.
Summon Undead - Bone Dust, Deadman Hair, Raven Claw.
Summon Wolves - Wolf Mane, Bone Dust, Blood Nectre.
Weaken - Grinnich Weed, Deadman Hair, Rat Tail.

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