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Steam achievements

Accidents Happen - Enrage the Shopkeeper.
An Eagle In Every Liver - Master the Promethean Magic Skill Tree
Be All You Can Be - Get killed at the hands of a Diggle Commando.
Bloody Mess - Kill a Monster Zoo. All of it.
Boil Water Advisory - Die by drinking acid from a fountain.
Brew Fame, Bottle Glory, Stopper Death - Master the Alchemy Skill Tree.
Canadian Pride - Equip the Maple Shield AND the Toque of Kanada.
Crime Doesn't Pay - Get killed by Brax.
Dead Dread - Kill Lord Dredmor on Dwarvish Moderation Mode.
Diggle Nog! - Make some Diggle Nog. Who doesn't love a nice cold glass of Diggle Nog?
Double Rainbow - Damage an enemy with a base damage type and every special damage type simultaneously.
Dread and Buried - Kill Lord Dredmor, on Dwarven Moderation Mode, with Permadeath.
Dread Less - Kill Lord Dredmor on Elvishly Easy Mode.
Dread More - Kill Lord Dredmor on Going Rogue Mode.
Dread or Alive - Kill Lord Dredmor, on Elvishly Easy Mode, with Permadeath.
Everybody Loves a Pork Sword - Craft the Omnipotent Pork Sword.
Fields Medalist - Master the Mathemagic Skill Tree.
Fruit - Create some Fruit.
Gesundheit - Get killed at the hands of a Sickly Diggle.
Gettin' Ley'd - Master the Ley Lines Skill Tree.
Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? - Find a Monster Zoo.
Hail Odin! - Master the Viking Wizardry Skill Tree.
He Chose... Poorly - Trigger 50 traps.
He Who Smelt It - Make an Ingot.
Here's Johnny - Master the Axe Skill Tree.
Heroic Failure - Die during the tutorial.
High Cholesterol - Eat One Hundred Diggle Eggs.
HMS Deagle - Kill a hundred Diggles.
Honey Badger Don't Care - Survive an accidental, or deliberate, Thaumiting.
Honorary Bolt Council Member - Master the Bow Skill Tree.
I Am Not Left Handed - Master the Dual Wielding Skill Tree.
I Can't Believe That Worked - Defeat Lord Dredmor with a Random Skills build.
I Didn't Ask For This - Equip two Clockwork Power Limbs, Two Clockwork Chain Axes, and a Clockwork Bolt Thrower.
I Smoulder With Generic Rage - Get killed at the hands of an Enraged Diggle.
I Tink, Therefore I Am - Master the Tinkering Skill Tree.
It Has A Knob On The End - Master the Staff Skill Tree.
It Tastes Like Pennies - Master the Blood Magic Skill Tree.
It's Alive! - Master the Golemancy Skill Tree.
It's Alive... And Gross! - Master the Fleshsmithing Skill Tree.
It's Dangerous to Go Alone! Make This - Make a Weapon.
It's MY Dungeon - Get killed at the hands of Lord Dredmor
Kleptomania - Lose a stack of 100 or more items to a Kleptoblobby, or other Thieving monster.
Krong is a Fickle God - Get cursed by Krong 100 times.
Left For Dread - Kill Lord Dredmor. On Going Rogue. With Permadeath.
Love Slave of Yoggoth - Master the Fungus Mastery Skill Tree.
Lutefisk Paradox - Cause a paradox.
Master Ninja - Master the Thrown Weaponry Skill Tree.
Master Using It And You Can Have This Achievement - Master the Sword Skill Tree.
Mastery of Mastery of Arms Mastering - Master the Mastery of Arms Skill Tree.
Meet Your True Master - Get killed at the hands of an Arch Diggle.
Mister Smith - Master the Smithing Skill Tree.
Monsters With Omelettes - Eat 100 Deep Omelettes.
Morale Improvement Expert - Master the Mace Skill Tree.
My Humps - Get killed at the "hands" of a Thrusty.
Necronomiconeconomist - Master the Necronomiconomics Skill Tree
Normandy - Die on Floor 1; play a new character with the same skills... and die on Floor 1.
Not the Bees! - Die at the hands of Thaumites.
Nothing to See Here, Move Along - Stay invisible for 50 turns.
Orinthologist - Kill ten Diggles.
Perilous Podiatry - Die by kicking a door down.
Personal Protection - Make a piece of Armour.
Realms of the Id - Equip the Rusty Helm AND the Green Armour.
Respect Mah Authoritah - Get killed by a Dread Collector.
Sallah, I Said No Camels - Master the Archaeology Skill Tree.
Sir Mix-A-Lot - Make 1000 potions.
Slippery Like A Fox - Master the Dodge Skill Tree.
Starstruck - Master the Astrology Skill Tree.
Stay Out Of My Head - Master the Psionics Skill Tree.
Steal This Achievement - Master the Burglary Skill Tree.
Stick A Knife In It, It's Done - Master the Assassination Skill Tree.
Suddenly The Dungeon Collapses - This achievement is our way of saying "thank you for participating in our voluntary quality assurance program."
Taste the Rainbow - Damage an enemy with seven (or more) damage types simultaneously.
Team Edward - Master the Vampirism Skill Tree.
That Which Is Seen Cannot Be Unseen - Master the Perception Skill Tree.
The Critic - Perform 500 acts of Heroic Vandalism.
The Humanoid Typhoon - Master the Deadshot Skill Tree.
The Lake Wobegon Achievement - Eat some Lutefisk.
The Penitent Man Shall Pass - Disarm 50 traps.
There's Really Nothing Funny About The Phrase "Wand Lube" - Master the Wand Lore Skill Tree.
This Root Shall Suffer - Imbibe the Root of T'Char.
Tom Marvolo Riddle Award for Scholastic Merit - Master the Magic Training Skill Tree.
Turtle Power! - Master the Shield Skill Tree.
Two Krongs Don't Make A Right - Have Krong curse your equipment twice, consecutively.
Way of the Dodo - Kill a thousand Diggles.
Way of the Foot - Master the Unarmed Skill Tree.
Welcome to Dredmor - Get killed at the hands (flippers?) of a Diggle.
You Used All The Glue on Purpose - Repair 500 wands with the n-Dimensional Lathe.
Your Kung Fu is Weak - Die to an enemy counter-attack.

"Realm of the Diggle Gods" achievements
98 Pound Weakling - Die at the hands of a Muscle Diggle.
Dead Man's Chest - Master the Piracy Skill Tree.
Dr. Livingstone, I Presume - Master the Big Game Hunter Skill tree.
Loyal Soldier of the Empire - Equip the Imperial Boilerplate Armour and the Imperial Boilerplate Helmet.
Playing For Both Teams - Play both the male and the female hero.
Sewer Brew - Meet somebody from Gaslamp Games and consume Alcholic Beverages in their presence.
Soylent Green Is... Soy, Actually - Master the Vegan Skill tree.
Team... Jacob? - Master the Werediggle Skill tree.
The Devil's Achievement - Master the Demonology Skill tree.
The Sea is a Cruel Mistress - Drown.
You Know What Time It Is - Equip the Parachute Pants and the Warhammer.
You Used All The Glue on Purpose - Repair 500 wands with the n-Dimensional Lathe.
You're Totally Emo - Master the Emomancy Skill tree.

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