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Earth 2150 Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)


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Cheat Codes

Press ENTER, type "i_wanna_cheat", and press ENTER again to enable cheat mode. Then, activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes and pressing ENTER again:

Repair damage and reload ammo - x-mas_pack
Mines - fireworks
Receive indicated number of CR - i_love_this_game_
Set unit CR limit to indicated number - i_hate_limits_
Enable fast exploration - einstein_1
Disable fast exploration - einstein_0
Enable fast exploration, player only - help_me_please_1
Disable fast exploration, player only - help_me_please_0
Kill all enemies at range of 8 - the_hammer_of_thor
Destroy all objects at range of 8 - massacre
Destroy selected unit - see_you_next_life
Destroy all visible units and objects - hasta_la_vista_enemigos
Damage all nearby units - bad_time_bad_place
See all - eagle_eye
Fog - let_be_darkness
See all units - no_one_hides
Full map - no_more_secrets
Create object or building at indicated coordinates - one_more_please_
Faster research - time_is_relative
Cheaper research - dirt_cheap_research
Meteor shower - armageddon

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