Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon PC Cheats

Rating 4

Completion bonus

Complete the game on Normal mode to unlock the option of disabling bots.

Rating 3

Unlockable Pesticide guns

Unlock one of the following Pesticide guns as a reward for reaching Rank 8 with any of the four corresponding Armor classes. Note: Reaching Rank 8 is only possible under the Inferno difficulty setting:

Pesticide Cannon (Tier 8 Rocket Launcher) - Trooper Armor.
Pesticide Mortar (Tier 8 Grenade Launcher) - Battle Armor.
Pesticide Missile (Tier 8 Missile Launcher) - Tactical Armor.
Pesticide Rifle (Tier 8 Sniper Rifle) - Jet Armor.

Rating 3

Shared weapons during online matches

When taking a weapons box (or salvage box) during an online match, all players in the match get the weapon (press TRIANGLE or Y at the end to see salvaged weapons) regardless of who picks up the box. However, the notification of what you get doesn't appear on your screen.

Rating 0

Low life friendly-fire hint

When low on health and there are no health pick-ups, use friendly-fire to kill the player. Then, revive him. Reviving a player restores him to their full health, and may be something to consider on the Inferno difficulty.

Rating 0

Steam Achievements

All Dressed Up... - Level up an armor completely
Amateur AntKiller - Kill 100 Ants
Ant Farmer - Kill 10000 Ants
Bedside Manner - Revive 250 teammates
Campaigner - Unlock all armors
Carrier Dropper - Destroy 100 Carriers
Chopper's Choice - Beat the game on Hard
Collateral - Destroy 500 world objects
Daddy WarBugs - Purchase all weapons for all armors
Demolition Derby - Destroy 500 cars/vehicles
Eyes Up! - Destroy 10 Carriers
Fleet Depleter - Destroy 10000 Gunships
Good Start - Make it through 5 Survival Mode Waves in One Session
Gunship Down - Destroy 1000 Gunships
Hangin' Tough - Survive 100 (total) waves in Survival mode.
Hector Wrecker - Kill 100 Small Hectors
Hector? What? - Kill 10 Small Hectors
Hectorcide - Kill a Large Hector
Helping Hand Award - Revive a teammate
High Roller - Purchase all available weapons for a single armor
Homewrecker - Destroy 100 Anthills/Spider Nests
I Heard Them Scream - Get 500 kills with the Tank
Infernal Master Destroyer Deluxe - Beat the game on Inferno
It's a Start - Destroy 100 Gunships
It's Bomber - Kill 10 Bomber Spiders
Lander Commander - Get 250 kills with the Lander Turret
Lemon Squeezy - Beat the game on Normal
Lifer - Level up all armors completely
Look What the Rookie Did! - Kill 5000 enemies
Manticide - Kill a Mantis
Manticore - Kill 10 Mantises
Mechs Master - Get 500 kills with the Mech
Nesting Instinct - Destroy 10 Anthills/Spider Nests
Newb - Kill 100 Spiders
Nothing Turret - Get 500 kills with Base Turrets
Patricide - Kill a Daddy Long Legs
Regicide - Kill a Queen Ant
Scavenger - Collect All Dropped Weapons
Smells Like Team Spirit - Incapacitate a teammate
Social Dead Butterfly - Get 10000 kills in Survival mode
Spider Fighter - Kill 10000 Spiders
Survive-o-Rama - Survive 500 (total) waves in Survival mode
Surviving... - Get 1000 kills in Survival mode
The Architect - Destroy 500 buildings
The Sting's the Thing - Kill 10 Wasps
Tick Picker - Kill 100 Ticks
Tick Tock Ya Don't Stop - Kill 5000 Ticks
War Against Soaring Pests Award - Kill 100 Wasps
Welcome to the EDF - Kill 1000 Ants
Who Ravages the Ravagers? - Kill 25000 Enemies