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Earthsiege 2 Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)


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Cheat Codes

Start the game with the case-sensitive -SPRUNKKNOWN command line parameter to enable cheat mode. Then, activate the following cheats by starting the game with the corresponding cheat codes. Note: Using cheat mode may cause the game to crash:

Play cockpit announcements and warnings - ALT + < or >
Send Herc twelve meters in that direction - ALT + UP or DOWN
Faces Herc in that direction - ALT + LEFT or RIGHT
Nukes enemy (except bases) - ALT + CTRL + N
View several Herc textures - ALT + CTRL + S
Select combat viewpoint1 - CTRL + N
Toggle AI - ALT + S
Advance one frame forward when AI disabled - ALT + KEYPAD PLUS

1. Press ALT + N to switch between combatant and structure views. Press ESC to return to normal view.

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