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Elder Scrolls: Chapter 2 - Daggerfall Cheats "Easy money hints" (PC)


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Easy money hints

-Go to a country where you never go to, then go to any bank in that country and borrow 250,000 coins. After that, go to another bank in a different country and repeat. If you go to that country again and want to repeat this, you have to repay the 275,000 coins to get another 250,000 coins.

-Break into a pawn shop, armory, or weapon smith and steal all the items. Place them on the ground or in your cart. Leave the shop, smith, or armory then reenter and repeat. Note: Do not drop the items if you do not intend to loiter. If you intend to go to an inn, your boat or house and sleep, don't expect to see your dropped items.

2 years ago

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