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Elder Scrolls: Chapter 2 - Daggerfall Cheats "Gothway Garden" (PC)


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Gothway Garden

This small town south of the starting place, Privateer's Hold, is like seeing Las Vegas for the first time to new players. It takes care of those unnecessary weapons you do not want, has a couple temples and guilds for fighters and mages, and is possibly the only town with a bank that is not walled. The Fighter's Guild is great for getting a couple levels from their somewhat easy quests. Taking a few menial quests (not the harder quests that take time) will help you kill easy opponents with spells for mages, archers, or the basic slice 'n dice warrior. The Mages' Guild of Gothway Garden is of the second best variety ("better appointed than many"). Spells you can purchase here include Buoyancy (best spell for training just any school of magic), Stamina (good for training Restoration), Open and Sleep (needed for some Mages' Guild quests), Heal, and the indispensible Recall. Also if you still have some money remaining after that, the Bank of Daggerfall will take care of it for you.

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