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Elder Scrolls: Chapter 2 - Daggerfall Cheats "High-paying quests early on" (PC)


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High-paying quests early on

See Lord K'avar, Castle Sentinel, in the first door to the right. It is a small appreciated fact that his quests pay a lot better than others. At level 2, when the guilds or the average noble barely pay a hundred, he might give you sixteen hundred; at higher levels,  a few thousand. Besides, there is always a small stash at his place, on the floor of the small chamber opposite his mistress, Rholp-e (who will speak only to women); and his rooms are far away enough from the guards for you to rest there. Unfortunately, reputation in Sentinel is a weird thing. You can get it high without ever setting foot there, yet the people in court might still refuse even to talk to you. And you might have a high reputation with Lord K'avar and still not get a job from him. In this case, do a couple quests for Lord Vhosek, the tall man in black in the great hall.

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