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Elder Scrolls IV: Knights Of The Nine Cheats "Weather codes" (PC)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Weather codes

Use the following entries with the fw or sw codes. If you add ,1 after the code (the weather override switch), the weather will stay like that until you either change it manually with fw or sw again, or you enable the code releaseweatheroverride.

Clear - 00038EEE
Cloudy - 00038EFE
Fog - 00038EEF
Overcast - 00038EEC
Rain - 00038EF2
Snow - 00038EED
Thunderstorm - 00038EF1
OblivionStormTamriel - 000836D5
OblivionStormTamrielMQ16 - 0006BC8B
CamoranNatural - 000370CE
Default - 0000015E

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