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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Cheats "Brother Good Betrayed quest hint" (PC)

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Brother Good Betrayed quest hint

While in Bruma, the house on the right behind the temple (coming from the east gate) will have a guard in front of it. The guard will tell you that someone has been murdered. Later, when you go in, there will be a woman and two guards. One of the guards will let you have a dialogue menu so you can select a response. You may have to bribe the guard to let you conduct your own investigation. After you speak with the woman, she tells you that her husband was murdered by a vampire hunter (though she does not think he was a vampire). She tells you to find out more by finding the vampire hunter. To find where he is you can just talk to innkeepers, but he will always be in the Sac And Tap to the left of the east gate. Do not bribe the owner of the Sac And Tap because he will never tell you where he is. To get him to give you the key to the vampire hunter's room, get the spell in the basement of the house of the widow. Use the charm spell on the Sac And Tap owner and he will happily give you the key. When you go into his room in the back, there is a book behind a table. Take the book to the guard you spoke to at the widow's house. He will then tell you to meet him outside the Sac And Tap. When you do this, he will tell you that the vampire hunter has made a break for a cave beyond the town. You may find three guards in the fields fighitng each other. If you see this happening, you may want to wait it out and take their armor. There also may be one or two bandits on the way that are relatively easy to defeat. You will need a very high Acrobatic or Agility skill for the next part. Right after you see the vampire hunter stepping out of the side cave, shoot a fireball or snowball at him and run out of the cave. He should follow you. Run all the way back to Bruma. If you go in, he will follow and the guards will not hesitate to take him out. It is easier to get away from the vampire hunter if you jump as much as you can and quickly run in a zig-zag pattern. It will also be helpful if you cast healing or protecting spells on yourself during the sprint back to Bruma. If done correctly, you can finish the mission with very little skill or strength.

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