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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Cheats "Cheat Codes" (PC)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Cheat Codes

To activate the following cheats, press ~ to bring up the console window, then enter the corresponding codes:
Add 100 gold player.additem 0000000f "100"
Add 100 lockpicks player.additem 0000000a "100"
Add 100 repair hammers player.additem 0000000c "100"
Add 100 skeleton keys player.additem 0000000b "100"
Add indicated amount of points to indicated attribute [Note 2] modpca [attribute], [number]
Add indicated amount of points to indicated stat [Note 3] player.setav [stat] [number]
Add indicated amount of points to specified skill [Note 1] modpcs [skill], [number]
Add spell to character's spell list player.addspell [spell code]
All map locations displayed togglemapmarkers
Change weather instantly fw [weather code]
Change weather naturally sw [weather code]
Change your birthsign showbirthsignmenu
Change your class showclassmenu
Change your gender sexchange
Complete all quest stages caqs
Force skill level up advskill [skill]
Free camera movement tfc
Get indicated spell addspell [spell code]
Give all spells to player psb
Invincibility, if nothing is targeted tgm
Kill selected NPC target; suicide if nothing is targeted kill
Level up advlevel
List console commands    help
Lock selected door or container with indicated lock level lock [1-100]
Move to current quest target movetoqt
Move to current quest target movetoquesttarget
Quit game qqq
Release locked weather releaseweatheroverride
Remove spell from character's spell list player.removespell [spell code]
Revive target resurrect
Save game savegame [filename]
Set all quest stages completeallqueststages
Set camera field of view in degrees; default is 75 setcamerafov [degrees]
Set character's fame setpcfame
Set character's infamy setpcinfamy
Set fog start and end depths setfog [start] [end]
Set hair color hairtint [red] [green] [blue]
Set player level player.setlevel [1-255]
Show all log entries for indicated quest showfullquestlog [quest id]
Show class selection screen showclassmenu
Show completed quest log showquestlog 1
Show current quest log showquestlog 0
Show current quest targets showquesttargets
Show name/race/appearance selection screen showracemenu
Show quest log showquestlog
Show sign selection screen showbirthsignmenu
Spawn indicated item player.additem [item code] [amount]
Teleport [Note 4] player.coc [location code]
Toggle AI tai
Toggle AI detection tdetect
Toggle NPC conversation subtitles showsubtitle
Toggle combat AI tcai
Toggle debug display tdt
Toggle fog of war togglefogofwar
Toggle full help tfh
Toggle grass tg
Toggle land tll
Toggle leaves tlv
Toggle menus tm
Toggle no clipping tcl
Toggle sky ts
Toggle trees tt
Toggle water tws
Toggle wireframe twf
Unlock selected locked door or container unlock
Window with the full game scene graph    ssg

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