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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Cheats "Enemy and item levels hint" (PC)

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Enemy and item levels hint

Every enemy outside the cities, and some inside, will level as you level. For example, if you are at level 10 and are fighting Boars outside the city, when you reach level 15, you will be fighting a Troll. The same goes for missions such the Forlorn Watchman. If you do the quest at level 10, you will fight Ghosts on the ship. If you do it at level 20, you will fight Wraiths. Do not waste time trying to level up just to beat one opponent in a quest since they could be set to always be three levels above you. This same style of progression also works with armor and weapons:

Note: The armor and weapons usually do not appear at traders until you are two levels above them, sometimes longer. Also, any "secret" weapons such as the Umbra and the NPCs with them or wearing the "secret" armor are level locked. They will not get any stronger because usually their levels are already about 22 to 30. However, as you become better with a blade (in the Umbra's case), the better the attack will be.
Fur/Iron Level 1
Leather/Steel Level 13
Chain/Dwarven Level 16
Mithril/Orchish Level 110
Elven/Ebony Level 115
Glass/Daedric Level 120

Iron Level 11
Steel Level 12
Silver Level 14
Dwarven Level 16
Elven Level 19
Glass Level 112
Ebony Level 116
Daedric Level 120

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