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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Cheats "Glass and enchanted weapons and armor in Border Watch" (PC)

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Glass and enchanted weapons and armor in Border Watch

In a city called Border Watch, northwest of Leyawin, everyone there has nice Glass weapons, some of which are enchanted. You cannot steal them while they are sleeping, but can steal their armor (mithril). The Sheregoth shrine lets you to do a quest here. The Daedric asks you to fulfill a prophesy. Do the quest, which includes three tasks. After this, go to one of the people's houses. You should be about level 15. Have a good sword ready and go in sneak mode. Hit the person with a sneak attack x6. Do not stop and they will appear dazed. Once they are dead, you can get their items that are worth plenty of gold. Repeat this to any house desired. Only do it to the shaman if you are at a higher level. Some houses have two people inside and can kill one person without the other waking up. Kill the other person afterward.

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