Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The PC Cheats

Rating 16


The Unicorn is northeast of the Inn of Ill Omen and east of the Mingo Cave at Harcane's Grove. It is protected by four Minotaurs. To reach it move west/southwest from Fort Variela, which is on the coast of the upper Niben river. If you do this you will see the Unicorn before the Minotaur sees you.

Rating 16

Ebony and Glass equipment in Skingrad

Go northeast of Skingrad's East Gate to find a fort named Fort Wooden Hand. Kill the people in here to get the full Ebony armor set and some Glass equipment as well. You can also get some Daedric armor from the warlord.

Rating 14

Hidden bag in Imperial City

In the Imperial City waterfront, in The Bloated Float, rent the room and look on the table behind a jar to see a bag. Inside are some jewels.

Rating 11

Easy Athletics experience

  • Get an enchanted amulet, ring, or other item you can enchant with Water Breathing. Make sure it is a constant effect. Put on the item with Water Breathing and jump in some water. Swim to the bottom and continue swimming into the floor. Your Athletics will greatly increase in five minutes.
  • To master your Athletics skill, go into the corner of a room and shut the door if one is present. Another way is to get a water breathing ring and stay under water. Once in the room or under water, tape the Left Analog-stick Forward to force your character to keep running forward. Then, allow the game to idle like this.
  • Go to Lake Rumare around the Imperial City waterfront and swim under the water for a bit to find a huge rock. Go as far down as you can against the rock, then tape the Left Analog-stick Forward and allow the game to idle. Your Athletic skills may increase significantly. Make sure you are at a location on the rock where you will keep moving straight into it.

Rating 11

Get Brotherhood invitation

To join the Dark Brotherhood, you must kill somebody for no reason. Find a hobo by a tree or behind a house and wait until night time. When they go to sleep go into sneak mode and attack from behind. There will be text in the top left hand corner that says, "Your killing has been observed by forces unknown...".

Rating 10

Sithis shrine and its benefits in Deepscorn

Purchase the Deepscorn Hollow. The Ichor of Sithis will activate the shrine in Deepscorn, which gives you blessings depending upon your infamy level. If your infamy is 0, the shrine will tell you to "Recant your honorable nature" and not give you a blessing. If it is 1 to 20, you get Call Of Sithis curing disease, fortifying health, and restoring attributes. If it is over 20 and under 50, you get Increased Fortify Health and added Agility and Sneak boost to everything else. If it is 50 to 90, it increases the Fortify Health, Agility, and Sneak boost. At over 90 it increases them yet again with a powerful Chameleon enchantment along with everything else.

Rating 10

Scale Of The Rumares

Note: This trick is useful for getting a good start in the game. When starting a new character, go to Weyre after the sewers (fast travel to Handy Chestnut Stables in the Imperial City and follow the path west). Begin the "Go Fish" quest. Note: Do not tease him or you cannot do it. Kill all 12 Slaughterfish for his Jewel Of The Rumares (ring, water breathing, sells for over 2,000 gold). You can optionally use the duplication glitch to make multiples of the ring, then go to the market district and sell it at a shop for easy money.

Rating 10

Easy money w/ duplicate items glitch

Have already completed the quest Misoga the Orc and do the quest from the king to kill a guy of the Black Bandits taking a black bow from them. The King will give you 100 gold for the black bow, but when he asks you if you have one tell him no. Use the Duplicate Item Glitch with the black bow and give it to the king. Repeat as desired.

Rating 9

Crayfish Cave: Dead drunk goblin

In Crayfish Cave, go to the vents then to Soggy Bottom. In the area called Soggy Bottom is a room where a dead goblin has its head underneath the spout of a wine barrel. On a shelf next to the barrel are 20 or 30 beers.

Rating 9

Easy Blade experience

To  master your Blade skill fast, go to the Imperial Waterfront and go directly south from there. Eventually you should find a place called Faregyl Inn. Once inside, talk to Alix Lencolia. He will master your Blade skill. Note: You should have at least 9,000 gold, but you do not have to do it all at once.

Rating 9

100% Chameleon-like effect

With your character in the third person view (where you can see your character), open the console window and select your character. Type kill at the console window and you should hear the death music. After that, type resurrect on your character and exit the console screen. Enter the first person view and you should have the 100% Chameleon effect on your character. To return to normal, go back to your body and type resurrect on him. Note: Your body may disappear after awhile, so you may need to take trips back to your body.

Rating 9

Level up alteration

Go to a Mage Guild Hall and buy a lock opening spell. Find a door that is locked. Repeatedly use the spell on the door and your alteration skill will go up.

Rating 9

Easy experience hints

  • When you are doing the arena and are about to fight the Grand Champion, do his side quest first so that he does not try during the fight. When you are about to actually fight him, go into game options and set the difficulty to "Very Hard". This give everyone you fight more health. When you are attacking the Grand Champion, get a lot more free hits in without worrying about him trying to fight back. This works even better if you are using a very weak weapon. It is not about how much damage you do that increases your levels, but how much you attack.

  • A major skill of Sneak and either Destruction or Alteration are required. If your skills are Sneak and Destruction, go to the Arcane University and go to the place to make spells. Make a Drain Health spell and make sure that it is set to "Self"and it only uses 1 Magicka. Then, go upstairs in Sneak mode and just run into the wall without stopping. Activate magic repeatedly. You will soon quickly gain levels. Note: When you activate the magic it will seem as if it is hurting you, but it is not. If your skills are Sneak and Alteration, go into a room with a container (for example, cupboard, drawers, etc.). Run into the container in Sneak mode and use a "open very easy lock"repeatedly on the container.

  • Make a Dark Elf with the birthsign Warrior and create a class with the following attributes: Athletics, Acrobatics, Blade, Block, Blunt, Heavy Armor, and Marksman. Next, complete the arena to get leveled up. Then, get a horse and find the lady in Kvatch. Note: You may have to shut the Oblivion Gate. Once on your horse, speak to the Orc woman at Kvatch and sell your most expensive equipped weapon until you have 55,000 gold. Then, join the Fighters Guild and complete your first mission. Go directly south of Imperial City and find a bridge. Cross the bridge to find a place called Vindisel. Kill a lady named Umbra and take her armor, shield, and blade. Next, go to Imperial City and mess with the guards. Every now and then, when you are about to die, run from Imperial City before the guards kill you or pay the fine using the gold from Kvatch. After you level up, go to any Fighters Guild and train your major skills. Then, attack the Imperial Guards and repeat.

  • For easy experience in Leyawiin (Blade, Blunt, Hand to Hand, Destruction, Marksman and Sneak), go to Leyawiin find Rosentia Gallenus' House. She has four Scamps. Kill them and more will respawn. Sneak attack with a blade, mace, or hand to hand. Then, use a bow and cast fire. Note: If you use your bow, the arrows are hard to get back. Note: If you finish the quest you cannot do this anymore.

  • Go to Cloud Ruler Temple northwest of Bruma and walk up the big stairs. You will see two Blades sparing. Stand near them for a minute and your Blade and Block skills will increase by 2. Note: This can only be done once.

  • Use one of the "Easy money" hints and get at least 500,000 gold. Then, find a place (taverns recommended) with two trainers who train in any two of your major skills. Train with one of them until you cannot do so anymore, then train with the second one until you cannot anymore. By now you should get the level up icon. Go to sleep and level up. Repeat the process until you reach maximum level or max out the two skills.

  • You must have Conjuration as a major skill and also need Blade, Blunt or Marksman. Summon a monster, such as a Scamp or Skeleton, and kill it with your weapon or shoot it with arrows. Repeat this for a couple minutes and you will get the message to level up. This may take longer if you already are at a higher level.

Rating 9

Mace Of Death hint

The "Mace of Death" was put in by the development team, but eventually removed. To get it back, download the update for the game and go to an expansion-only area. Save, then exit the game. Delete the expansion and load your game. You will be in a bizarre version of Bruma with a random troll in a building. There will also be a "Mace of Death" on the ground or in a chest. It does at least 4,000 damage. Pick it up, save the game, and re-download the expansion. You now have the most powerful weapon in the game.

Rating 8

Easy Restoration experience

  • To do this, you must be far enough into the Mages Guild quests so you can make your own spells. Go there and make a Fortify Health, Fatigue or Magika. You can make it target or self, but make sure it is only for one second. Then, repeatedly use it.

  • Press R1 to heal yourself whenever you have Magicka. This heals you and increases your restoration skill.

  • Go to the Arcane University or Frostcraig Spire and go to a Spellmaking altar. Create a spell that does "Restore Magicka on self." No matter what you put for the magnitude or time, unless you include another effect to go with it, you will always get more Magicka back than what you put in. For example, if you restore Magicka 100 points for 1 second on self, it will cost 90 Magicka, so you get a ten point profit. If you restore Magicka 100 points for 2 seconds on self, it will cost 181 Magicka, so you get 19 points profit. Only if you use the Construction Set and create a magnitude of more than what is possible with the Spellmaking altar will you end up spending more Magicka than you get back.

Rating 8

Sneak walk level 100 hint

Head to the waterfront district and find Armand Christophe at midnight (the guy for the thieves guild quests). Steal the key to the imperial trading company from him (don't worry about failing -- he will say he doesn't need it anyway if you fail), then go to the place and go upstairs. Damian Magius will be sleeping. He will not wake up no matter how fast you walk. Now, take a rubber band and put one end over the joystick, then put the other end under and around to the grip on the other side and leave it going for however long you want. You'll earn experience and eventually read level 100.

Rating 7

Open doors without breaking lockpicks

Walk up to a door and Save the game. If you break a lockpick just load the saved game and try again.

Rating 7

Walking on lava

  • If you are in the Planes Of Oblivion and need to get past something such as lava, get a Walk On Water spell and a Health spell. Use the Walk On Water spell, then switch to the Health spell and run. Note: The Health spell is for your health when you get burnt.

  • If you use something that gives you water walking while in the Plains of Oblivion, you can run over the lava and take very little damage. This is helpful when you have a closed gate in front of you. Instead of having to run all over, you can just move around it; or from where you start, go straight to the tower with the sigil stone in it.

Rating 7

Easy stealing with Gray Fox's mask

Put on the Gray Fox's mask. Steal something then wait for the guards to say something like "So you are the Gray Fox, I am going to kill you". Select "Resist Arrest" and take off the mask. Exit the menu, then yield to the guard by holding Block and pressing X to talk to him at the same time. He will walk away and you will not have a bounty. You will retain the stolen item.

Rating 7

Test Hall code

Enable the coc testhall code. The Test Hall contains the following: a Creature Test room, an NPC Test Hall, a secret town called Hawkhaven, weapon, armor, clothing, low-high class decor rooms, and lockpick tests. Note: If you go in and just pick items up (if you have the God mode enabled) the game will be incompleteable. You will get quest items and you cannot drop them. You will be stuck doing multiple quests. Also, if you pick up too many items, the game will lag when you go to where you dropped everything.

Rating 7

Horse racing in Leyawin

First, get a black horse (for example, at the stable by Chaydenhall). Go to Leyawin and start up the road to the right that does not go to Bruma. Follow the road, ignoring the small town to your right, until a woman on a black horse cuts you off. Note: This may not work every time. You must be at that location at 6:45 to 7:00 a.m.

Rating 7

Weather codes

Use one of the following values with the "fw " or "sw " code. If you add ",1" after the code (the weather override switch), the weather will stay like that until you either change it manually with the "fw " or "sw " code again, or enable the "releaseweatheroverride" code:

CamoranNatural 000370CE
Clear 00038EEE
Cloudy 00038EFE
Default 0000015E
Fog 00038EEF
OblivionStormTamriel 000836D5
OblivionStormTamrielMQ16 0006BC8B
Overcast 00038EEC
Rain 00038EF2
Snow 00038EED
Thunderstorm 00038EF1

Rating 7

Becoming a vampire

Before you become a vampire, it is recommended that you become a member of the Mages Guild, access the Arcane University, and either become a member of the Dark Brotherhood or started the Order of Virtuous Blood quest.

  • Dark Brotherhood Story
Become a member of the Dark Brotherhood by killing an innocent person, going to sleep in an inn, traveling to the Inn of Ill Omen, and killing Rufio. Then, travel to the Sanctuary and speak with Vicente and finish all of his contracts. He will then ask if you wish to become a vampire. Say "Yes", then sleep on the slab. When you wake up, sleep again for twenty four hours three times to be a full-fledged vampire.

  • Order Of Virtuous Blood Story
It is not required to start the quest, but if you do, the vampires will be easier to kill. If you have not, travel along the river just to the east of Imperial City until you find a cave. Go in and you should find plenty of vampires. Attack one and let it hit you a couple times. Kill it, then go back to Imperial City. Get a room in an inn and sleep for twenty four hours three times. You are now a full-fledged vampire.

  • To become a vampire without doing quests, when you sleep outside frequently, eventually you will wake up and a message will state that you have had a strange dream. After this, you will have very strange dreams and will have all the attributes of a vampire. Be careful of being outside during the day.

Rating 7

No bounty code

When you have a bounty, enter third person mode, select yourself, then enter payfinethief as a code to eliminate your bounty.

Rating 7

Enable Screenshots

To enable screenshots, you will need to edit a game file; create a backup of the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "oblivion_default.ini" file in the "\my documents\my games\oblivion\" directory. Change the "bAllowScreenShot=0" to "bAllowScreenShot=1". While playing the game, press [PrtScn] to save a .BMP file of the active screen.

Rating 6

Easy Conjuration experience

  • Near the town of Bruna, go east, southeast. If you reach The Red Ruby Cave you went too far. You will need to go back west slightly. You should see a shrine, that will once activated, will give you Conjuration points as well as a temporary bound weapon and/or greaves. You can keep activating the shrine every 24 hours. Wait in front of it for 24 hours, then activate it again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

  • Conjure a skeleton and continue pressing the spell repeatedly while the skeleton is there until you run out of magic. Then, do it all over again.

  • First, summon a skeleton in an area with no other people around. Repeatedly use Turn Undead on it to quickly raise it.

Rating 6

Easy kills in Nord

If you chose a Nord as your race, select The Lover as you star pattern. This makes it extremely easy to kill someone. Get them down a bit in health and use The Lover's star pattern ability to stun them. While they are stunned, hit them with Nordic Frost. This will kill almost all enemies and works well as a finisher.

Rating 6

Saving lockpicks

When you are going on a mission for the Theives Guild, it is easier to steal keys for all the doors from immobile guards (or the owners of the building of the place you are robbing) after you have leveled up your Sneak skill with the "Easy Sneak level" trick. After you steal the keys, you can open nearly every key for the building you are in.

Rating 6

Arena blindspot hint

High acrobatic skills are required (always jump when travelling to increase it), as you need to jump to a spot that's normally out of reach. The blind spot is not immune to ranged weapons or spells, but for the most part, you can take down enemy combatants with your ranged weapons or spells without a loss. It is recommended to save your game before you attempt this. Once the fight begins, run to the left. There is a gray stone pillar, next to the gate. Just jump on and up onto it, as high as you can. Usually your opponent is there attacking you so the force of the attack may actually push you onto the short pillar. If done correctly, you can stay perched up there, safely out of reach of most melee fighters. You can continue to destroy your opponents with arrows or other ranged attacks at your disposal.

Rating 6

Spell code

To create a lightining bolt, input "000A97F8" as a value into the "player.addspell [spell code]" or "player.removespell [spell code]" code.

Rating 6

More Magika

Get into the Arcane University, then get some decent Soul Gems with decent souls and enchant something constant effected fortify Magika/Intelligence. With enchanted items (each roughly 20 points), it is useful. Use the duplicate item cheat to get several Soul Gems.

Rating 6

Invisible sheep hint

North of the Imperial City, there is a road called "The Red Ring Road" on your map. Head to where the tail of the "G" is in "Ring" on the map to find a farm called "Aleswell". Use a detect life item or spell to see that the seemingly empty small pasture actually has some invisible sheep. If you do not have any life detect items, just look closely to see that there actually are sheep. If you kill them they become visible again.

Rating 6

Free house at all times

You can use Weynon Priory as your own house, but the only storage chest.you can use is Jauffre's chest. Ask him about "Assistance" and he will open the chest. You can also use a couple of the beds.

Rating 6

Level up sneak

On the first mission for the Dark Brotherhood, when you are at the Inn of ill Omen, go to the basement where Rufio lives. Get in sneak position and repeatedly run against the wall. Rufio is sleeping and will never wake up. Keep running against the wall until your sneak levels up.

Rating 6

Funny hero statue in Bruma

Before doing the mission where you must close the Great Gate at Bruma (the mission just after you must go to every city and ask for help), try to get a full set of Daedric armor. Do the mission in that armor. After closing the gate, go back to Bruma a couple weeks later. There should be a statue of yourself resurrected as the hero of Bruma. If you are wearing the Daedric armor at the end of the mission, then there will be a huge statue of a Daedric Lord there, holding his sword high. Note: The statue will be of whatever armor you wear for the mission. For example, if you only are wearing underwear, it will appear that way.

Rating 5

Easy Mercantile experience

Join a guild that has a building, like the Mages or Fighting Guild. Then, go in and take as much as you can. Afterward, sell it for profit and raise your Mercantile skill.

Rating 5

Selling multiple items hint

Selling things one item at a time is time consuming, especially when you have duplicated a lot of them. To make it easier, when you sell an item and the box appears asking how many of the item you want to sell, press L1 to bring the counter down to one. This makes selling large amounts of items very easy.

Rating 5

Easy money from Janus hint

After completing the “Cure For Vampirism” quest for Janus Hassildor (the Count of Skingrad), sneak to his room while he is sleeping (use an invisibility spell if necessary). Wake him up. If you keep selecting the “Reward” option when doing this, he will give you 7,500 gold pieces each time. You can keep doing this for an amazing amount of gold.

Rating 5

Free weightless Daedric weapons glitch

After obtaining access to the Arcane University (to do so you must join the Mages Guild), buy two cheap bound weapon spells. You can get the Bound Dagger spell from the Discount Spells shop in the Imperial City's Market District. Make the second spell you purchase bind a weapon that you want to keep. Go to the Arcane University's Praxographical Center (northeast corner) and create a spell that does Bound Dagger for one second on self. You can repeatedly use this spell to raise your Conjuration skill above level 25, a level you'll need to achieve in order to get the free weightless Daedric weapons. Once your Conjuration is at level 25 or higher, make a new spell that will cast Bound Dagger and Bound "whatever weapon you want." (If you don't see the option to create a spell that does anything other than Bound Dagger, you'll need to make sure that you can actually cast the other bound weapon spell. If you can't, raise your Conjuration skill even higher.) Make sure that you add the Bound Dagger effect first, then add the second bound weapon effect. Set both effects for a duration of one second. Cast the spell you just made and wait for the sound of weapons equipping. Immediately go to your menu and you'll see that the second bound weapon appears in your inventory. Simply drop the weapon and you can then pick it up to keep forever. The weapon has no sell value, but it's weightless and pretty powerful. This glitch can be repeated as many times as desired, giving you access to an unlimited number of Daedric weapons.

Rating 5

Easy level ups

In Leyawin, talk to some people in the streets. They will mention Rosinta Gallentus and how her house smells bad. Do the easy quest and take the staff to Darkfathom Cave just outside of Leyawin. At the shrine, after you drop the staff, you can kill the Scamps forever.

Rating 5

Dread Zombies strategy

When facing Dread Zombies, use a weapon enchanted with some sort of Fire attack, such as the Longsword Of The Blaze or the Fire Blade. They will die within three hits.

Rating 4

Hidden treasure in Skingrad

Purchase the house in Skingrad and the upgrades for it. You should have a deer head mounted in the wall. Jump on it and retrieve the note. It will say that the man who is writing it is being sent to the prison, but left a clue to his treasure for his loved one. However, she never found it. The answer to the riddle is an hourglass. Go in the basement of the house and find the hourglass at the top of a support beam with the garlic hanging from it. Pick it up and you should get about seven flawless gems and the Ring Of The Grey.

Rating 4

Location Codes: Part 4

Input any of the following values into the "player.coc " code:

The Chaos Stronghold - MS13OblivionCitadel
The Claw Monolith - OblivionRDCitadel03
The Copious Coinpurse - ICMarketDistrictTheCopiousCoinpurse
The Copious Coinpurse Basement - ICMarketDistrictTheCopiousCoinpurseBasement
The Copious Coinpurse Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictTheCopiousCoinpurseUpstairs
The Count's Arms - AnvilTheCountsArms
The Counts Arms Private Rooms - AnvilTheCountsArmsPrivateRooms
The Dividing Line - LeyawiinTheDividingLine
The Dreaded Refuge - OblivionRDCitadel02
The Drunken Dragon Inn - TheDrunkenDragonInn
The Elven Garden Sewers - ImperialSewersElvenGardens01
The Embers of Hatred - OblivionRD002CitadelLava
The Fair Deal - BravilTheFairDeal
The Feed Bag - ICMarketDistrictTheFeedBag
The Feed Bag Basement - ICMarketDistrictTheFeedBagBasement
The Feed Bag Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictTheFeedBagUpstairs
The Flesh Spire - OblivionRDCitadel01
The Flooded Grotto - ParadiseGrotto01
The Flowing Bowl - AnvilTheFlowingBowl
The Foaming Flask - ICTalosPlazaTheFoamingFlask
The Foaming Flask Basement - ICTalosPlazaTheFoamingFlaskBasement
The Foaming Flask Lodgings - ICTalosPlazaTheFoamingFlaskUpstairs
The Fo'c's'le - AnvilTheFocsle
The Fo'c's'le Private Rooms - AnvilTheFocslePrivateRooms
The Forbidden Grotto - ParadiseGrotto02
The Forbidden Grotto - ParadiseGrotto03
The Forbidden Grotto - ParadiseGrotto04OLD
The Fume Vaults - OblivionRD002LavaCave
The Fume Vaults - OblivionRDCavesMiddleA02
The Fume Vaults - OblivionRDCavesMiddleA04
The Fume Vaults - OblivionRDCavesMiddleA06
The Fury Spike - MQ10BrumaCitadel
The Gilded Carafe - ICMarketDistrictTheGildedCarafe
The Gilded Carafe Basement - ICMarketDistrictTheGildedCarafeBasement
The Gilded Carafe Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictTheGildedCarafeUpstairs
The Gore Steeple - OblivionRDCitadel05
The Great Chapel of Arkay - CheydinhalChapelOfArkay
The Great Chapel of Julianos - SkingradChapelofJulianos
The Great Chapel of Zenithar - LeyawiinChapelOfZenithar
The Great Hall - BrumaCastleGreatHall
The Grey Mare - ChorrolTheGreyMare
The Hate Tunnels - OblivionRDCavesStart01
The Hate Tunnels - OblivionRDCavesStart03
The Hate Tunnels - OblivionRDCavesStart05
The Hate Tunnels - OblivionRDCavesStart07
The Hunter's Abyss - HuntersRun02
The Hunter's Run - HuntersRun01
The King and Queen Tavern - ICElvenGardensTheKingandQueenTavern
The King and Queen Tavern Basement - ICElvenGardensTheKingandQueenTavernBasement
The King and Queen Tavern Rooms - ICElvenGardensTheKingandQueenTavernRooms
The Lonely Suitor Lodge - BravilLonelySuitorLodge
The Lost Catacombs - ImperialSewerSystemTG11b
The Lust Keep - OblivionRDCitadel04
The Main Ingredient - ICMarketDistrictTheMainIngredient
The Main Ingredient Basement - ICMarketDistrictTheMainIngredientBasement
The Main Ingredient Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictTheMainIngredientUpstairs
The March Rider - CheydinhalTheMarchRider
The Market Sewers - ImperialSewerSystemMarketDistrict
The Merchants Inn - ICMarketDistrictTheMerchantsInn
The Merchants Inn Basement - ICMarketDistrictTheMerchantsInnBasement
The Merchants Inn Rooms - ICMarketDistrictTheMerchantsInnUpstairs
The Molten Halls - OblivionRD003CavesA
The North Tunnel - ImperialSewerSystemN01
The North Tunnel - ImperialSewerSystemN02
The Oak and Crosier - ChorrolTheOakandCrosierTavern
The Oak and Crosier Cellar - ChorrolTheOakandCrosierCelllar
The Old Way - ImperialSewerSystemTG11a
The Old Way - ImperialSewerSystemTG11a2
The Palace Sewers - ImperialSewerSystemImperialPalace
The Red Gnash Channels - OblivionRD007Cave01
The Sanctum - Dark04Dungeon03
The Sanctum - ImperialDungeon03
The Scratch Paths - OblivionRDCavesEnd02
The Scratch Paths - OblivionRDCavesEnd04
The Scratch Paths - OblivionRDCavesEnd06
The Sea Tub Clarabella - AnvilTheSeaTubClarabella
The Serpent's Wake - AnvilTheSerpentsWake
The Sightless Grotto - DAPeryiteCave01
The Sightless Grotto - DAPeryiteCaves01
The Sightless Grotto - DAPeryiteCaves02
The Sleeping Mare - PellGateTheSleepingMare
The Smoke and Scorch - MQ14OblivionCaveInterior
The Sorrow Keep - OblivionRD004CitadelLeft
The Sorrow Shrine - OblivionRD004CitadelLeftLord
The South East Tunnel - ImperialSewerSystemSE
The South West Tunnel - ImperialSewerSystemSW
The Temple of The Moth Halls - TempleMothCatacombs
The Temple of the One - ICTempleDistrictTempleOfTheOne
The Temple of the One - ICTempleDistrictTempleOfTheOneMQ16
The Temple Sewers - ImperialSewerSystemTempleDistrict
The Tiber Septim Hotel - ICTalosPlazaTheTiberSeptimHotel
The Tiber Septim Hotel Basement - ICTalosPlazaTheTiberSeptimHotelBasement
The Tiber Septim Hotel Lodgings - ICTalosPlazaTheTiberSeptimHotelUpstairs
The Tiber Septim Hotel Study - ICTalosPlazaTheTiberSeptimHotelTop
The Ulfgar Family's House - BleakersWayUlfgarFamilysHouse
Three Brothers Trade Goods - ICMarketDistrictThreeBrothersTradeGoods
Three Brothers Trade Goods Basement - ICMarketDistrictThreeBrothersBasement
Three Brothers Trade Goods Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictThreeBrothersUpstairs
Three Sisters' Inn - LeyawiinThreeSistersInn
Three Sister's Inn 2nd Floor East - LeyawiinThreeSistersInnRoom02
Three Sister's Inn 2nd Floor West - LeyawiinThreeSistersInnRoom01
Three Sister's Inn 3rd Floor East - LeyawiinThreesistersInnRoom04
Three Sister's Inn 3rd Floor West - LeyawiinThreesistersInnRoom03
Three Sisters' Inn Basement - LeyawiinThreeSistersInnBasement
Tidewater Cave - TidewaterCave
Timberscar Hollow - TimberscarHollow
Toadstool Hollow - ToadstoolHollow
Toadstool Hollow Doubleback - ToadstoolHollow03
Toadstool Hollow Tunnels - ToadstoolHollow02
Tombs of the Undead - Mackamentain02
Torbal the Sufficient's House - BrindleHome
Tornado - OblivionRD002Tower03Right
Toutius Sextius' Basement - SkingradToutiusSextiusBasement
Toutius Sextius' House - SkingradToutiusSextiusHouse
Trentius Family Mausoleum - ICPalaceMausoleum
Trenus Duronius' Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictTrenusDuroniusHouseUpstairs
Trenus Duronius' Basement - ICTempleDistrictTrenusDuroniusBasement
Trenus Duronius' House - ICTempleDistrictTrenusDuroniusHouse
Trumbe - Trumbe
Tsalajma's House - BorderWatchTsalajmasHouse
Tsunami - OblivionRD002Tower01Right
Two Sisters Lodge - SkingradTwoSistersLodge
Two Sisters Lodge Cellar - SkingradTwoSistersLodgeCellar
Two Sisters Lodge Upstairs - SkingradTwoSistersLodgeUpstairs
Ulen Athram's Basement - ICTalosPlazaUlenAthramsHouseBasement
Ulen Athram's House - ICTalosPlazaUlenAthramsHouse
Ulen Athram's Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaUlenAthramsHouseUpstairs
Ulen Athram's Study - ICTalosPlazaUlenAthramsHouseTop
Ulfgar Fog-Eye's House - AnvilUlfgarFogEyesHouse
Umbacano Manor - ICTalosPlazaUmbacanoManor
Umbacano's Attic - ICTalosPlazaUmbacanoManorTop
Umbacano's Basement - ICTalosPlazaUmbacanoManorBasement
Umbacano's Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaUmbacanoManorUpstairs
Undena Orethi's House - SkingradUndenaOrethisHouse
Underpall Cave - UnderpallCave
Underpall Keep - UnderpallCave02
Underpall Keep - North Wing - UnderpallCave03
Underpall Keep - South Wing - UnderpallCave04
Underpall Reflecting Chamber - UnderpallCave05
Undertow Cavern - UndertowCavern
Undertow Cavern Hold-Your-Breath - UndertowCavern02
Ungolim's House - BravilUngolimHouse
Unmarked Cave - UnmarkedCave01
Unmarked Cave Black Queen's Hall - UnmarkedCave01c
Unmarked Cave Mazeway - UnmarkedCave01b
Upper Class Clutter Warehouse - WarehouseUpperClass
Usheeja's Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaUsheejasHouseUpstairs
Usheeja's Basement - ICTalosPlazaUsheejasHouseBasement
Usheeja's House - ICTalosPlazaUsheejasHouse
Uuras the Shepherd's House - SkingradUurasTheShepherdsHouse
Vahtacen - Vahtacen
Vahtacen Lorsel - Vahtacen02
Valus Odiil's House - ChorrolValusOdiilsHouse
Varon Vamori's House - BravilVaronVamorisHouse
Varondo - Varondo
Varondo Beldastare - Varondo02
Varondo Varlasel - Varondo03
Vaults of End Times - MQ14OblivionCitadelHall01
Venom of the Serpent - PalePass03
Veyond - Veyond
Veyond Bangrara - Veyond03
Veyond Black Waters - VeyondCave02
Veyond Cave - VeyondCave
Veyond Gandrasel - Veyond04
Veyond Great Sump - VeyondCave04
Veyond Mathmalatu - Veyond02
Veyond Sea of Darkness - VeyondCave03
Vilena Donton's House - ChorrolVilenaDontonsHouse
Vilena Donton's House Second Floor - ChorrolVilenaDontonsUpstairs
Vilena Donton's House Third Floor - ChorrolVilenaDontonsQuarters
Vilverin - Vilverin
Vilverin Canosel - Vilverin02
Vilverin Sel Sancremathi - Vilverin04
Vilverin Wendesel - Vilverin03
Vindasel - Vindasel
Warehouse - ICMarketDistrictWarehouse
Warehouse Basement - ICMarketDistrictWarehouseBasement
Warehouse Top Floor - ICMarketDistrictWarehouseUpstairs
Waterfront Lighthouse - ICWaterfrontLighthouse
Wawnet Inn - WawnetInnTavern
Weapons Warehouse - WarehouseWeapons
Weatherleah - WeatherleahInterior
Weatherleah - WeatherleahInterior02
Weebam-Na's House - LeyawiinWeebamNasHouse
Welke - Welke
Welke Ceyede - Welke02
Welke Edesel - Welke03
Wellspring Cave - WellspringCave
Wendelbek - Wendelbek
Wendelbek Aldmerisel - Wendelbek02
Wendelbek Sel Aran Mathmedli - Wendelbek03
Wendelbek Silaseli - Wendelbek04
Wenderbek Cave - WenderbekCave
Wendir - Wendir
Wendir Nagasel - Wendir02
Wenyandawik - Wenyandawik
Wenyandawik Edesel - Wenyandawik02
West Weald Inn - SkingradWestWealdInn
West Weald Inn Upstairs - SkingradWestWealdInnUpstairs
Weye - Weye
Weynon House - WeynonPrioryHouse
Weynon Lodge - WeynonPrioryLodge
Weynon Priory - WeynonPrioryChapel
White Stallion Lodge - WhiteStallionLodgeInterior
Whitmond - WhitmondFarm
Wildeye Stables - BrumaWildeyeStables
Willet's Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictTheAllSaintsInnUpstairs
Willow Bank - CheydinhalWillowBank
Willow Bank Basement - CheydinhalWillowBankBasement
Wind Cave - WindCave
Wind Cave Black Rat Ramble - WindCave03
Wind Cave Great Pit - WindCave02
World Breaker - MQ14OblivionCitadel
World Breaker Guard - MQ14OblivionTowerLeft01
World Breaker Guard - MQ14OblivionTowerLeft02
World Breaker Guard - MQ14OblivionTowerLeft03
World Breaker Guard - MQ14OblivionTowerRight01
World Breaker Guard - MQ14OblivionTowerRight02
World Breaker Guard - MQ14OblivionTowerRight03
Worm Gut Channels - OblivionRDCavesStart02
Worm Gut Channels - OblivionRDCavesStart04
Worm Gut Channels - OblivionRDCavesStart06
Wumeek's Basement - ICElvenGardensWumeeksHouseBasement
Wumeek's House - ICElvenGardensWumeeksHouse
Wumeek's Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensWumeeksHouseUpstairs
Yellow Tick Cave - YellowTickCave
Yellow Tick Hollows - YellowTickCave02

Rating 4

Getting rid of bounties

To do this, be a Mage with high Illusion. Go to the Arcane University and make a Charm spell with magnitude 100, and time about 5 to 10 seconds. When you have a bounty, find a guard and resist arrest. As soon as possible, charm him with the new spell and get him to yield. You will have no bounty and most of the time no infamy.

Rating 4

Gray Aegis

To obtain The Gray Aegis from the Arena combatant, let him break his sword on you. He will put away his sword and shield. Kill him, then revive him with the Staff Of Worms. Duplicate him with the Skull Of Corruption and kill the clone. Line the clone's dead body up so you can access his inventory and quickly save. Load the saved game and repeatedly tap [Open]. The clones inventory should open.

Rating 4

Escaping from jail in Bruma

If you get sent to jail in Bruma, you will be in a cell with a person named Jorundr. If you punch him once, the jailer will unlock your cell and kill Jorundr, then leave the cell door open. You can now escape from jail by taking out the jailer or sneaking out. You can only do this once. Note: Jorundr is a character in the "Two Sides of the Coin" quest. If you kill him, you cannot complete the quest. Do not kill him until you finish the quest.

Rating 4

People sleep on top of dead bodies

Go to where someone is sleeping and there are more people in the room. Kill him without being seen and someone else may sleep in the bed they died in after awhile. You can repeat this until no more people are alive. You will have a pile of bodies on a bed. This works better if the bed is against the wall.

Rating 4

Location Codes: Part 1

Input any of the following values into the "player.coc " code:

A Fighting Chance - ICMarketDistrictAFightingChance
A Fighting Chance Basement - ICMarketDistrictAFightingChanceBasement
A Fighting Chance Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictAFightingChanceUpstairs
A Warlock's Luck - BravilaWarlockluck
Abandoned Basement - CheydinhalAbandonedHouseBasement
Abandoned House - AnvilAbandonedHouse
Abandoned House - CheydinhalAbandonedHouse
Abandoned Mine - AbandonedMine
Abandoned Mine Caverns - AbandonedMine02
Abandoned Shack - ICWaterfrontAbandonedShack
Adrian Decanius' Basement - ICElvenGardensAdrianDecaniusHouseBasement
Adrian Decanius' House - ICElvenGardensAdrianDecaniusHouse
Adrian Decanius' Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensAdrianDecaniusHouseUpstairs
Aengvir's House - HarlunsWatchAengvirsHouse
Agarmir's Basement - ICTalosPlazaAgarmirsHouseBasement
Agarmir's House - ICTalosPlazaAgarmirsHouse
Agarmir's Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaAgarmirsHouseUpstairs
Ahdarji's House - LeyawiinAhdarjisHouse
Ahdarji's House 2nd Floor East - LeyawiinAhdarjisHouse2ndFloorEast
Ahdarji's House 2nd Floor West - LeyawiinAhdarjisHouse2ndFloorWest
Alberic Litte's Basement - ChorrolAlbericLittesBasement
Alberic Litte's House - ChorrolAlbericLittesHouse
Aldos Othran's House - CheydinhalAldosOthransHouse
Aleron Loche's House - BravilAleronLochesHouse
Aleswell Inn - AleswellInn
Algot's Basement - ICTempleDistrictAlgotsBasement
Algot's House - ICTempleDistrictAlgotsHouse
Algot's Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictAlgotsHouseUpstairs
All Things Alchemical - SkingradAllThingsAlchemical
Alval Uvani's Basement - LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouseBasement
Alval Uvani's House - LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouse
Alval Uvani's House 2nd Floor - LeyawiinAlvalUvanisHouse2ndFloor
Amantius Allectus' Basement - ICTempleDistrictAmantiusAllectusBasement
Amantius Allectus' House - ICTempleDistrictAmantiusAllectusHouse
Amantius Allectus' Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictAmantiusAllectusHouseUpstairs
Ambroise Canne's House - SkingradAmbroiseCannesHouse
Amelion Tomb - AmelionFamilyTomb
Ancestor Moth Crypt - TempleOfTheAncestorMothCrypt
Andragil's House - BravilAndragilHouse
Anga - Anga
Angelie's Basement - ICTalosPlazaAngeliesHouseBasement
Angelie's House - ICTalosPlazaAngeliesHouse
Angelie's Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaAngeliesHouseUpstairs
Anutwyll - Anutwyll
Anutwyll Inner Chambers - Anutwyll02
Anvil Castle - AnvilCastleGreatHall
Anvil Castle Caverns - AnvilCastleNecromancerLair
Anvil Lighthouse - AnvilLighthouse
Anvil Lighthouse Cellar - AnvilLighthouseBasement
Anvil Lighthouse Tower - AnvilLighthouseUpperRoom
Anvil Mages Guild - AnvilMagesGuild
Applewatch Farmhouse - ApplewatchInterior
Arborwatch - ChorrolHouseForSale
Arborwatch Bedrooms - ChorrolHouseForSale2floor
Arborwatch Suite - ChorrolHouseForSale3floor
Arch-Mage's Lobby - ICArcaneUniversityArchMagesTowerLobby
Arch-Mage's Quarters - ICArcaneUniversityArchMagesQuarters
Arch-Mage's Tower Council Chambers - ICArcaneUniversityArchMagesTowerCouncil
Areldil's Basement - ICTalosPlazaAreldilsHouseBasement
Areldil's House - ICTalosPlazaAreldilsHouse
Areldil's Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaAreldilsHouseUpstairs
Arena - ChorrolArena
Arena - ArenaMatchCell
Arena Bloodworks - ICArenaBloodworks
Arkved's Death Quarters - ArkvedsTower07
Arkved's Hall of Changes - ArkvedsTower04
Arkved's Lost Halls - ArkvedsTower03
Arkved's Rending Halls - ArkvedsTower06
Arkved's Retreat - ArkvedsTower05
Arkved's Tower - ArkvedsTower01
Arkved's Void - ArkvedsTower02
Armand Christophe's House - ICWaterfrontArmandChristopheHouse
Armor Warehouse - WarehouseArmor
Armor Warehouse - WarehouseMagicArmor
Armory - ICImperialLegionHQArmory
Arnora's House - BrumaArnorasHouse
Arpenia - Arpenia
Arrowshaft Cavern - ArrowshaftCavern
Arrowshaft Cavern Subtarrane - ArrowshaftCavern03
Arvena Thelas' Basement - AnvilArvenaThelasBasement
Arvena Thelas' House - AnvilArvenaThelasHouse
Arvin Dalvilu's House - BleakersWayArvinDalvilusHouse
Astante's Home - BrindleHome02
Astinia Atius' Basement - ICTalosPlazaAstiniaAtiusHouseBasement
Astinia Atius' House - ICTalosPlazaAstiniaAtiusHouse
Astinia Atius' Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaAstiniaAtiusHouseUpstairs
Atatar - Atatar
Atatar Haelia Anga - Atatar03
Atatar Haelia Dagon - Atatar02
Atatar Loria - Atatar04
Baenlin's Basement - BrumaBaenlinsBasement
Baenlin's House - BrumaBaenlinsHouse
Barren Cave - BarrenCave
Barren Mine - BarrenMine
Barthel Gernand's House - CropsfordBarthelGernandsHouse
Bawn - Bawn
Bawn Latta - Bawn03
Bawn Loria - Bawn02
Bay Roan Stables - BravilStable
Bazur Gro-Gharz's House - CheydinhalGharzHouse
Bedrock Break - BedrockBreak
Belda - Belda
Belda Lor - Belda02
Beldaburo - Beldaburo
Beldaburo Anga - Beldaburo02
Belletor's Folly - BelletorsFolly
Belletor's Folly Cavern - BelletorsFolly03
Belletor's Folly Mines - BelletorsFolly02
Beneath the Bloodworks - ImperialSewerSystemArena
Benirus Manor - AnvilBenirusManorHaunted
Benirus Manor Basement - AnvilBenirusManorBasement
Bernadette Peneles' House - SkingradBernadettePenelesHouse
Best Goods and Guarantees - LeyawiinBestGoodsAndGuarantees
Betto Plotius' House - LeyawiinBettoPlotiusHouse
Biene Amelion's House - WatersEdgeBieneAmelionsHouse
Bincals' House - CropsfordBincalsHouse
Black Balconies of Fieldhouse - FieldhouseCave03
Black Horse Courier - ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourier
Black Horse Courier Basement - ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourierBasement
Black Horse Courier Upstairs Offices - ICMarketDistrictBlackHorseCourierUpstairs
Black Rock Caverns - BlackRockCaverns
Black Rock Caverns - BlackRockCavernsLight7
Black Rock Main Chamber - BlackRockCaverns02
Black Waterside Stables - CheydinhalBlackWatersideStables
Blackwood Company Hall - LeyawiinBlackwoodCompanyHall
Blackwood Company Hall Basement - LeyawiinBlackwoodTreeRoom
Blackwood Company Training Hall - LeyawiinBlackwoodCompanyTrainingHall
Bleak Flats Cave - BleakFlatsCave
Bleak Flats Cave - XXXRANDOMCave01
Bleak Mine - BleakMine
Bleaker's Way Goodwill Inn - BleakersWayGoodwillInn
Blood Well - DAPeryiteSmallTower01
Blood Well - MS13OblivionSmallTower01
Blood Well - OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower04
Blood Well - OblivionRD001Tower02
Blood Well - OblivionRD003Tower02Left
Blood Well - OblivionRD003Tower02Right
Blood Well - OblivionRD006TowerLeft
Bloodcrust Cavern - BloodcrustCavern
Bloodmayne Cave - BloodmayneCave
Bloodmayne Cave Labyrinth - BloodmayneCave02
Bloodrun Cave - BloodRunCave
Book Warehouse - WarehouseBooks
Borba's Goods and Stores - CheydinhalBorbasGoodsandStores
Borba's Goods and Stores Basement - CheydinhalBorbasGoodsandStoresBasement
Border Watch Inn - BorderWatchInn
Boreal Stone Cave - BorealStoneCave
Bradon Lirrians Basement - BrumaBradonLirriansBasement
Bradon Lirrian's House - BrumaBradonLirriansHouse
Bramblepoint Cave - BramblepointCave
Bravil Chapel Undercroft - BravilChapelUndercroft
Bravil Fighters Guild Basement - BravilFightersGuildBasement
Bravil Fighter's Guild Second Floor - BravilFightersGuild2ndFloor
Bravil Fighter's Guild Third Floor - BravilFightersGuild3rdFloor
Bravil Mages Guild - BravilMagesGuild
Bravil Mages Guild 2nd Floor - BravilMagesGuild2ndFloor
Bravil Mages Guild 3rd Floor - BravilMagesGuild3rdFloor
Bravil Mages Guild Basement - BravilMagesGuildBasement
Bravil Wizard's Grotto - BravilWizardsGrotto
Bravil Wizard's Lair - BravilWizardsLair
Breakneck Cave - BreakneckCave
Breakneck Cave Inner Chamber - BreakneckCave03
Brina Cross Inn - BrinaCrossInn
Brittlerock Cave - BrittlerockCave
Brittlerock Lower Passages - BrittlerockCave02
Broken Promises Cave - BrokenPromisesCave
Brotch Calus' House - BrumaBrotchCalusHouse
Bruma Caverns - BrumaCaverns
Bruma Fighters Guild - BrumaFightersGuild
Bruma Mages Guild - BrumaMagesGuild
Bruma Mages Guild - BrumaMagesGuildDestroyed
Cadlew Chapel - CadlewChapel
Capstone Cave - CapstoneCave
Capstone Great Cavern - CapstoneCave02
Captain's Cabin - ICWaterfrontMarieElenaCaptainsCabin
Carac Agaialor - ParadiseCamoranFortress
Carandial's House - BravilCarandialHouse
Casta Scribonia's Basement - ChorrolCastaScriboniasBasement
Casta Scribonia's House - ChorrolCastaScriboniasHouse
Castle Barracks - AnvilCastleBarracks
Castle Bravil Barracks - BravilCastleBarracks
Castle Bravil Dining Hall - BravilCastleDiningHall
Castle Bravil Dungeon - BravilCastleDungeon
Castle Bravil Great Hall - BravilCastleGreatHall
Castle Bravil Servant's Quarters - BravilCastleServantsQuarters
Castle Bruma Barracks - BrumaCastleBarracks
Castle Bruma Dungeon - BrumaCastleDungeon
Castle Chorrol Arch Tower - ChorrolCastleTowerBL2
Castle Chorrol Barracks - ChorrolCastleBarracks
Castle Chorrol Dungeon - ChorrolCastleDungeon
Castle Chorrol East Tower - ChorrolCastleTowerFR
Castle Chorrol Great Hall - ChorrolCastleGreatHall
Castle Chorrol North Tower - ChorrolCastleTowerBR
Castle Chorrol Private Quarters - ChorrolCastlePrivateQuarters
Castle Chorrol Private Quarters - ChorrolCastlePrivateQuarters02
Castle Chorrol South Tower - ChorrolCastleTowerFL
Castle Chorrol Wall Tower East View - ChorrolCastleTowerR2
Castle Chorrol Wall Tower North View - ChorrolCastleTowerR1
Castle Chorrol West Tower - ChorrolCastleTowerBL
Castle Kvatch Passageway - KvatchCastlePassageway
Castle Leyawiin Basement - LeyawiinCastleBasement
Castle Leyawiin County Hall - LeyawiinCastleCountyHall
Castle Leyawiin Dungeon - LeyawiinCastleDungeon
Castle Leyawiin Servants' Quarters - LeyawiinCastleServantsQuarters
Castle Skingrad Barracks - SkingradCastleBarracks
Castle Skingrad County Hall - SkingradCastleSkingrad
Castle Skingrad Courtyard - SkingradCastleCourtyard
Castle Skingrad Dining Hall - SkingradCastleDiningHall
Castle Skingrad Dungeon - SkingradCastleDungeon
Castle Skingrad Living Quarters - SkingradCastleLivingQuarters
Castle Skingrad Lord's Manor - SkingradCastleLordsManor
Castle Skingrad South Hall - SkingradCastleSouthHall
Castle Skingrad Wine Cellar - SkingradCastleWineCellar
Castle Varaldo Interior - CastleVaraldo
Catacombs - JakbenTombInterior
Catacombs of The Temple of The Moth - TempleMothCatacombs02
Cave Exterior entrances - WarehouseCaveEntrance
Cave Tomb Warehouse - WarehouseCaveTombNecro
Caverns - TestCameronCave
Caverns - TestCave01
Caverns - TestCave02
Caverns - TestCave03
Caverns of the Abused - OblivionRD001Caves
Ceyatatar - Ceyatatar
Ceyatatar Gorigarlas - Ceyatatar02
Ceyatatar Gorihame - Ceyatatar03
Chair testing - TestChairs
Chamber of the Lost - SkingradCastleChamberOfTheLost
Chapel Hall - AnvilChapelHall
Chapel Hall - BravilChapelGreatHall
Chapel Hall - BrumaChapelHall
Chapel Hall - CheydinhalChapelHall
Chapel Hall - ChorrolChapelHall
Chapel Hall - KvatchChapelHall
Chapel Hall - LeyawiinChapelHall
Chapel Hall - SkingradChapelHall
Chapel of Akatosh - KvatchChapelofAkatosh
Chapel of Dibella - AnvilChapelofDibella
Chapel of Stendarr - ChorrolChapelOfStendarr
Chapel of the Brethren - HackdirtChapel
Chapel Undercroft - AnvilChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft - BrumaChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft - CheydinhalChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft - ChorrolChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft - KvatchChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft - LeyawiinChapelUndercroft
Chapel Undercroft - SkingradChapelUndercroft
Charcoal Cave - CharcoalCave
Charcoal Cave - Abandoned Tunnels - CharcoalCave02
Charcoal Cave - Bandit Lair - CharcoalCave03
Chestnut Handy Stables - ICChestnutHandyStables
Cheydinhal Bridge Inn - CheydinhalBridgeInn
Cheydinhal Bridge Inn Basement - CheydinhalBridgeInnBasement
Cheydinhal Castle County Hall - CheydinhalCastleCountyHall
Cheydinhal Castle Dungeon - CheydinhalCastleDungeon
Cheydinhal Castle Great Hall - CheydinhalCastleGreatHall
Cheydinhal Castle Guard Barracks - CheydinhalCastleGuardBarracks
Cheydinhal Castle Private Quarters - CheydinhalCastlePrivateQuarters
Cheydinhal Fighter's Guild - CheydinhalFightersGuild
Cheydinhal Fighters Guild Basement - CheydinhalFightersGuildBasement
Cheydinhal Lords' Private Quarters - CheydinhalCastleLordsQuarters
Chironasium - ICArcaneUniversityEnchantingCenter
Chironasium Upper Level - ICArcaneUniversityEnchantingCenterUpstairs
Chorrol Castle Gate Tower - ChorrolGateBRandBL
Chorrol Fighters Guild Basement - ChorrolFightersGuildBasement
Chorrol Fighters Guild Tower - ChorrolFightersGuildTower
Chorrol Mages Guild - ChorrolMagesGuild
Cingor's House - LeyawiinCingorsHouse
City Swimmer's House - BravilCitySwimmerHouse
City Watch Barracks - AnvilTownGuardBarracks
City Watch Barracks - LeyawiinCityWatchBarracks
Clarabella Lower Deck - AnvilTheSeaTubClarabellaLowerDeck
Clarabella Mid Deck - AnvilTheSeaTubClarabellaMidDeck
Claudius Arcadia's Basement - ICTalosPlazaClaudiusArcadiasHouseBasement
Claudius Arcadia's House - ICTalosPlazaClaudiusArcadiasHouse
Claudius Arcadia's Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaClaudiusArcadiasHouseUpstairs
Clothing Warehouse - WarehouseClothes
Cloud Ruler Temple East Wing - CloudRulerTempleEastWing
Cloud Ruler Temple Great Hall - CloudRulerTempleGreatHall
Cloud Ruler Temple West Wing - CloudRulerTempleWestWing
Clutter Crates and Boxes - WarehouseFortRuinsxxxCLUTTERarrCrates
Coast Guard Station - LeyawiinCoastGuardStation
Collapsed Mine - CollapsedMine
Collapsed Mine - Breakthrough - CollapsedMine02
Colovian Traders - SkingradColovianTraders
Combat AI Warehouse - WarehouseCombatAI
Corridors of Dark Salvation - MQ10BrumaHall02
Corridors of Dark Salvation - MS13OblivionHall02
Corridors of Dark Salvation - OblivionMqKvatchCitadelHall02
Corridors of Dark Salvation - OblivionRD002Hall02
Corridors of Dark Salvation - OblivionRD004CitadelMainHall03
Corridors of Dark Salvation - OblivionRDCitadel01Hall03
Corridors of Dark Salvation - OblivionRDCitadel03Hall03
Corridors of Dark Salvation - OblivionRDCitadel04Hall02
Corridors of Dark Salvation - OblivionRDCitadel05Hall01
Count's Quarters - KvatchCastleKingsQuarters
Cracked Wood Cave - CrackedWoodCave
Crayfish Capillaries - CrayfishCave02
Crayfish Cave - CrayfishCave
Crayfish Soggy Bottom - CrayfishCave05
Crayfish Steep - CrayfishCave04
Crayfish Vents - CrayfishCave03
Crime Warehouse - WarehouseCrime
Crowhaven - Crowhaven01
Crowhaven Burial Halls - Crowhaven02
Crumbling Mine - CrumblingMine
Crypt of Rielle - Rielle02
Crypt Of The Night Mother - BravilCryptOfTheNightMother
Culotte - Culotte
Cursed Mine - CursedMine
Cursed Mine Breakdown Chambers - CursedMine02
Cursed Mine Lower Galleries - CursedMine03
Cyronin Sintav's Basement - ICElvenGardensCyroninSintavsHouseBasement
Cyronin Sintav's House - ICElvenGardensCyroninSintavsHouse
Cyronin Sintav's Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensCyroninSintavsHouseUpstairs
Dagon Shrine - LakeArriusShrineDagon
Damian Magius Quarters - ICWaterfrontImpTradingCoOfficeUpstairs
Dar Jee's House - LeyawiinDarJeesHouse
Dareloth's Basement - ICWaterfrontDarelothsHouseBasement
Dareloth's House - ICWaterfrontDarelothsHouse
Dark Brotherhood Living Quarters - CheydinhalSanctuaryQuarters
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary - CheydinhalSanctuary
Dark Brotherhood Training Room - CheydinhalSanctuaryTrainingRoom
Dark Fissure - DarkFissure
Dark Fissure Inner Sanctum - DarkFissure03
Dark Fissure Tunnels - DarkFissure02
Darkfathom Cave - DarkfathomCave
Dasek Moor - DasekMoor
Dasek Moor Maleboge - DasekMoor03
Dasek Moor Tombs - DasekMoor02
Dead Halls - OblivionRDCitadel01Hall02
Dead Halls - OblivionRDCitadel03Hall02
Deep Bramblepoint Cave - BramblePointCave03
Deetum-Ja's House - HarlunsWatchinteriorDeetumJasHouse
Derelict Mine - DerelictMine
Derelict Mine - DerelictMine03
Derelict Mine Tunnels - DerelictMine02
Deserted Mine - DesertedMine
Deserted Mine Caverns - DesertedMine02
Desolate Mine - DesolateMine
Desolate Well - OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower03
Desolations End - OblivionRD004CitadelMainHall02
Dining Hall - AnvilCastleDiningHallandServantQuarters
Dining Hall - KvatchCastleDiningHall
Divine Elegance - ICMarketDistrictDivineElegance
Divine Elegance Basement - ICMarketDistrictDivineEleganceBasement
Divine Elegance Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictDivineEleganceUpstairs
Doomed Mine - DoomedMine
Dorian's Basement - ICTalosPlazaDoriansHouseBasement
Dorian's House - ICTalosPlazaDoriansHouse
Dorian's Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaDoriansHouseUpstairs
Dovyn Aren's Basement - ICElvenGardensDovynArensHouseBasement
Dovyn Aren's House - ICElvenGardensDovynArensHouse
Dovyn Aren's Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensDovynArensHouseUpstairs
Drakelowe - DrakeloweFarm
Drakelowe - DrakeloweFarmCOPY0000
Drakelowe Basement - DrakeloweFarmBasement
Drarana Thelis' House - HarlunWatchinteriorDraranaThelisHouse
Dro'shanji's House - BravilDroshanjisHouse
Dul gro-Shug's Basement - ICElvenGardensDulgroShugsHouseBasement
Dul gro-Shug's House - ICElvenGardensDulgroShugsHouse
Dul gro-Shug's Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensDulgroShugsHouseUpstairs
Dungeon - AnvilCastleDungeon
Dust Sumps of Fieldhouse - FieldhouseCave02
Dynari Amnis' Basement - ICTalosPlazaDynariAmnisHouseBasement
Dynari Amnis' House - ICTalosPlazaDynariAmnisHouse
Dynari Amnis' Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaDynariAmnisHouseUpstairs
Dzonot Cave - DzonotCave
Dzonot Main Cavern - DzonotCave02
Earthquake - OblivionRD002Tower02Left
Echo Cave - EchoCave
Echo Mine - EchoMine
Echo Necromancer's Chamber - EchoCave03
Echo Passages - EchoCave02
Edgar's Basement - ICMarketDistrictEdgarsDiscountSpellsBasement
Edgar's Discount Spells - ICMarketDistrictEdgarsDiscountSpells
Edgar's Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictEdgarsDiscountSpellsUpstairs
Eduard Retiene's House - WatersEdgeEduardRetienesHouse
Elder Council Chambers - ICPalaceElderCouncilChambers
Elder Scrolls Library - ICPalaceLibrary
Elder Scrolls Library - ICPalaceLibraryBackup
Elenglynn - Elenglynn
Emma May Captain's Cabin - EmmaMayCaptainsCabin
Emma May Lower Deck - EmmaMayLowerDeck
Emma May Mid Deck - EmmaMayMidDeck
Emma May Upper Deck - EmmaMayUpperDeck
Empty Mine - EmptyMine
Empty Mine Lair - Emptymine03
Empty Mine Tunnels - Emptymine02
Eruption - OblivionRD002Tower01Left
Eugal Belette's Basement - ChorrolEugalBelettesBasement
Eugal Belette's House - ChorrolEugalBelettesHouse
Exhausted Mine - ExhaustedMine
Exhausted Mine Bottom Section - ExhaustedMine03
Exhausted Mine Spent Works - ExhaustedMine02
Eyes of the Serpent - PalePass01
Fallen Rock Cave - FallenRockCave
Fanacas - Fanacas
Fanacasecul - Fanacasecul
Fangs of the Serpent - PalePass02
Faregyl's Interior - FaregylInterior
Fatback Cave - FatbackCave
Fatback Deep Basins - FatbackCave03
Fatback Great Chamber - FatbackCave02
Fathis Ules' Basement - ICElvenGardensFathisUlesHouseBasement
Fathis Ules' House - ICElvenGardensFathisUlesHouse
Fathis Ules' Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensFathisUlesHouseUpstairs
Felgageldt Cave - FelgageldtCave
Felgageldt Wishbone Vault - FelgageldtCave02
Fieldhouse Cave - FieldhouseCave
Fighters Guild - AnvilFightersGuild
Fighters Guild - BravilFightersGuild
Fighters Guild - ChorrolFightersGuild
Fighter's Guild - LeyawiinFightersGuild
Fighter's Guild 2nd Floor East - LeyawiinFightersGuildTraining
Fighter's Guild 2nd Floor West - LeyawiinFightersGuildRoom01
Fighter's Guild 3rd Floor West - LeyawiinFightersGuildRoom02
Fighters Guild Basement - BrumaFightersGuildBasement
Fighters Guild Basement - SkingradFightersGuildBasement
Fighter's Guild Basement - LeyawiinFightersGuildBasement
Fighters Guild Company Offices - AnvilFightersGuildCompanyOffices
Fighters Guild Dining Hall - AnvilFightersGuildDinningHall
Fighters Guild Upstairs - SkingradFightersGuildUpstairs
Fighting Dojo - WarehouseFight
Fingerbowl Cave - FingerbowlCave
Fingerbowl Cave - Lord Crypt - FingerbowlCave04
Fingerbowl Cave - Noble Crypt - FingerbowlCave03
Fingerbowl Cave - Servant Crypt - FingerbowlCave02
Fire and Steel - ChorrolFireAndSteel
First Edition - ICMarketDistrictFirstEdition
First Edition Basement - ICMarketDistrictFirstEditionBasement
First Edition Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictFirstEditionUpstairs
Five Claws Lodge - LeyawiinFiveClawsLodge
Five Riders Stable - LeyawiinFiveRidersStable
Flooded Mine - FloodedMine
Floyd Nathan's House - BlankenMarchHouse01
Forsaken Mine - ForsakenMine
Forsaken Mine Lost Passages - ForsakenMine02
Fort Alessia - FortAlessia
Fort Alessia Assembly Hall - FortAlessia02
Fort Ash - FortAsh01
Fort Ash Stockade - FortAsh02
Fort Aurus - FortAurus
Fort Black Boot - FortBlackBoot
Fort Blueblood - FortBlueBlood
Fort Blueblood Halls - FortBlueBlood02
Fort Blueblood Halls - FortBlueBlood02Backup
Fort Caractacus - FortCaractacus
Fort Carmala - FortCarmala
Fort Cedrian - FortCedrian01
Fort Cedrian Mausoleum - FortCedrian02
Fort Chalman - FortChalman
Fort Coldcorn - FortColdcorn
Fort Cuptor - FortCuptor
Fort Cuptor Battlemains - FortCuptor02
Fort Dirich - FortDirich
Fort Doublecross - FortDoublecross
Fort Doublecross Battlemage Muster - FortDoublecross03
Fort Doublecross Caves - FortDoublecross02
Fort Empire - FortEmpire
Fort Empire Barracks Block - FortEmpire02
Fort Entius - FortEntius01
Fort Entius Sepulcher - FortEntius02
Fort Facian - FortFacian
Fort Facian Vaults of Honor - FortFacian02
Fort Farragut - FortFarragut
Fort Flecia - FortFlecia
Fort Gold-Throat - FortGoldThroat
Fort Hastrel - FortHastrel01
Fort Hastrel Keep - FortHastrel02
Fort Homestead - FortHomestead01
Fort Homestead Heroes' Hall - FortHomestead03
Fort Homestead Passages - FortHomestead02
Fort Horunn - FortHorunn
Fort Horunn Hall of the Eternal Flame - FortHorunn02
Fort Horunn Legate Assembly - FortHorunn03
Fort Irony - FortIrony
Fort Istirus - FortIstirus
Fort Istirus Barracks - FortIstirus03
Fort Istirus Sanctuaries - FortIstirus02
Fort Linchal - FortLinchal
Fort Linchal Hall of Knights - FortLinchal03
Fort Linchal Temple of War - FortLinchal02
Fort Magia - FortMagia
Fort Magia Garrison Blocks - FortMagia03
Fort Magia Memorials - FortMagia02
Fort Naso - FortNaso
Fort Nikel - FortNikel
Fort Nomore - FortNomore
Fort Nomore Bunker - FortNomore02
Fort Ontus - FortOntus
Fort Ontus Understreets - FortOntus02
Fort Rayles - FortRayles
Fort Rayles - FortRayles02DUPLICATE000
Fort Rayles Hall of Winter - FortRayles02
Fort Redman - FortRedman01
Fort Redman Hall of Judges - FortRedman02
Fort Redwater - FortRedwater01
Fort Redwater Halls of Glory - FortRedwater02
Fort Roebeck - FortRoebeck01
Fort Roebeck Winter Station - FortRoebeck02
Fort Ruins Clutter Mausoleum - WarehouseFortRuinsxxxCLUTTER
Fort Scinia - FortScinia01
Fort Scinia Hall of Legends - FortScinia02
Fort Sejanus - FortSejanus01
Fort Sejanus Catacombs - FortSejanus02
Fort Strand - FortStrand01
Fort Strand Great Dome - FortStrand02
Fort Sutch - FortSutchInterior
Fort Teleman - FortTeleman
Fort Teleman Order of the Black Rose - FortTeleman02
Fort Urasek - FortUrasek
Fort Urasek - FortUrasek02DUPLICATE000
Fort Urasek Company Billets - FortUrasek02
Fort Variela - FortVariela
Fort Variela Staff Quarters - FortVariela02
Fort Virtue - FortVirtue
Fort Vlastarus - FortVlastarus
Fort Wariel - FortWariel
Fort Wooden Hand - FortWoodenHand01
Fort Wooden Hand Stockade - FortWoodenHand02
Francois Motierre's Basement - ChorrolFrancoisMotierresBasement
Francois Motierre's House - ChorrolFrancoisMotierresHouse
Frostfire Cave - FrostFireCave
Fyrelight - Deep Canyon - FyrelightCave02
Fyrelight - The Lost Sump - FyrelightCave03
Fyrelight Cave - FyrelightCave

Rating 4

Skeleton Key

Once you are level 10 you can do the Weird Shrines, which gives you a lockpick key that never breaks and sets your Security to "Expert". To get it, you must go to Leyawiin south of Imperial City and travel north using the right road (that does not lead to Bravil). You will find a shrine called Nocturne where there will be some people praying. Go up and activate the shrine. The statue will talk about some thieves who stole her eye. From here you should be able to get it on your own. However, if you are having some trouble, go back to Leyawiin and speak with the guard. He will tell you about Webaa-Na. You may have have encountered him before if you did the quest to become a knight-errant. Speak with both Webaa-Na and his friend. They will admit nothing. Walk away and eventually they will start talking about trolls or something. They will stop because you are in the room. Hide and listen to them talk about it. Once you have heard them talking, they will tell you the location of the eye. It is in a cave. Go to the cave, retrieve the eye, and go back to the Nocturne Shrine. You will get the Skeleton Key, which greatly helps lockpicking because it does not break.

Rating 4

Cure for Vampirism

  • If allowed in the University, go in and talk to the mage. He will tell you to talk to a man in Skingrad. Do as he says and run errands for whoever you need to talk to. You will eventually be allowed to get rid of your Vampiricy.

  • The Vampiricy cure does work, but if you have completed the game and closed all the Oblivion Gates, you won't have access to fresh Bloodgrass (which is needed for the cure). Also, if you purchase it, she will not take it. If you have completed the game, try to stay away from vampires.

  • The following is a temporary cure for vampirism. If you have found that the witch still refuses your Bloodgrass, go to the cave close to her home (Wenderbek Cave). Wait there until 5 a.m. then go directly to the witch's house (Drakelowe). She should be asleep. While sneaking, go over to her and feed, then sneak out. You will find that you are in daylight. If you rest or sleep you will have to repeat the process.

Rating 4

Orc merchant easy money glitch

In the camp outside of Kavach there is a lady Orc merchant inside a tent. Pull out a valuable weapon and hop on a horse. Try to sell the weapon you are holding and it will tell you that you can't, but you will still get the money while keeping the weapon.

Rating 4

Akaviri Sunderblade in Imperial City

A powerful weapon that can be purchased for about 4,000 gp in the Imperial City is the Akaviri Sunderblade, with disintegrate weapon and armor 100 points each. Begin with it to destroy their weapon and armor, then use whatever weapon desired.

Rating 4

Dancing brush jar

While in a shop and there is a brush jar on the table, kick it. It will fall down. When you kick it good, it will keep "dancing".

Rating 4

Sneak walk increase hints

To get your sneak skill to rise very quickly, when you have the option of joining the thieves guild by meeting Armand at the Imperial Water Front garden around 11 pm, accept his task. He will offer you the option to purchase lockpicks. Don't buy any. Instead, go into sneak mode and go behind him. Not only will you get the lockpicks from him for free, you can also repeatedly pickpocket him to build up your sneak skill and all he'll say is to go ahead, he doesn't need it anyway.

Rating 4

Glass and enchanted weapons and armor in Border Watch

In a city called Border Watch, northwest of Leyawin, everyone there has nice Glass weapons, some of which are enchanted. You cannot steal them while they are sleeping, but can steal their armor (mithril). The Sheregoth shrine lets you to do a quest here. The Daedric asks you to fulfill a prophesy. Do the quest, which includes three tasks. After this, go to one of the people's houses. You should be about level 15. Have a good sword ready and go in sneak mode. Hit the person with a sneak attack x6. Do not stop and they will appear dazed. Once they are dead, you can get their items that are worth plenty of gold. Repeat this to any house desired. Only do it to the shaman if you are at a higher level. Some houses have two people inside and can kill one person without the other waking up. Kill the other person afterward.

Rating 4

Escape from jail

To escape from jail, you must have a very high rank in stealth. When in your cell, walk to the jail door. crouch and wait for the guard to pass by. While he passes and the eye turns transparent, pickpocket him and steal the key.

Rating 3

Easy skill bonuses hint

Complete all the Mage Guild Recommendation Quests to gain access to the Arcane University. Make a Fortify Skill 100 spell that lasts for a couple seconds on self for Mercantile and/or Armorer. With the Mercantile spell, cast it in front of a merchant, activate them, and you will be able to invest 500 gold at their store without being a Master in Mercantile. Also, you can drive harder bargains. For Armorer, cast the spell and equip an Armorer's Hammer. Your hammer can be used infinitely without being a Master Armorer. You cannot, however, repair magical items without having legitimately reached the Journeyman Armorer level. Similar spells can be created for other attributes and/or skills: Personality and Speechcraft for raising people's dispositions, Security for picking any lock, etc.

Rating 3

Easy Alteration experience

  • To get quick levels in the Alteration skill, make sure you have these spells: Open Average Lock, Open Easy Lock, and Open Very Easy Lock. Then, find a chest that you would have to normaly need a key or have to lock pick. Use the opposite spell of the chest. For example, if the chest requires the easy spell, use the very easy spell on it. Make sure you have some Magicka potions or you can just wait an hour every time you exhaust you Magicka supply. In no time you will have leveled your Alteration skill dramatically.

  • When you get the Open Very Easy Lock spell, keep using it on all boxes, barrels, and doors even if they are not locked. This will quickly level up your Alteration skill.

  • Go to the Imperial City Market place at day and enter the shops. Make sure you have at least Open Easy Lock equipped. Enter the shops and use the spell on the basement and living quarters doors, but do not enter them. Then, repeat in any other shops.

  • Use the following trick for easy Alteration and Security experience. Note: You must have any locking spell. Find a door that is constantly out of sight and cast a locking spell on it. Then, unlock it with your lockpicks. Depending on your level you will level up these skills two to three times a day (depending on level, amount of Magika, and lockpick quality).

Rating 3

Making Black Soul Gems

An empty Grand Soul Gem and a Soultrap spell is required. Take these to any of the four Necromancer lairs. There will be an altar that is only active one day of the week. Note: You may need to wait up to six game days. Place your gem on the altar when it is active and cast Soul Trap on it. You will now have a Black Soul Gem. These are used for capturing the souls of NPCs and one is also required for one of the Daedric Quests as a tribute to the shrine.

Rating 3

Nocturnal's Cowl

  • After completing the last quest of the Thieves Guild, the Gray Fox will give you the promotion of Guild Master and the Nocturnal's Cowl. The Nocturnal's Cowl lets you see living things as energy even through walls. Note: When you equip Nocturnal's Cowl, you are the Gray Fox -- when guards see you, they will try to arrest you. Nocturnal's Cowl also lets you carry more items and increase your Sneaking skill.

  • When wearing the cowl, your bounty is 500 less whatever bounty your character already has and you are no longer who you are. You are the Gray Fox. Any felonies committed while wearing the cowl will be dismissed as soon as you take off the cowl.

Rating 3

Location Codes: Part 3

Input any of the following values into the "player.coc " code:

Palace Basement - ICPalaceCrypt
Pennus Mallius' Basement - ICTempleDistrictPennusMalliusBasement
Pennus Mallius' House - ICTempleDistrictPennusMalliusHouse
Pennus Mallius' Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictPennusMalliusHouseUpstairs
Perennia's Ghost Holding Cell - DarkGhostCell
Peryite World TEMP - PeryiteWorldTEMP
Philip Franc's House - BlankenMarchHouse03
Pillaged Mine - PillagedMine
Pillaged Mine Limestone Works - PillagedMine02
Pinarus Inventius' House - AnvilPinarusInventiusHouse
Piukanda - Piukanda
Piukanda Ceyede - Piukanda03
Piukanda Edesel - Piukanda02
Plundered Mine - PlunderedMine
Plundered Mine Abandoned Works - PlunderedMine02
Portals of Natural Disaster - OblivionRD002Citadel
Pothole Caverns - PotholeCaverns
Practice Rooms - ICArcaneUniversityPracticeRooms
Practice Rooms Upper Level - ICArcaneUniversityPracticeRoomsUpstairs
Praxographical Center - ICArcaneUniversitySpellmaker
Praxographical Center Upper Level - ICArcaneUniversitySpellmakerUpstairs
Private Quarters - AnvilCastlePrivateQuarters
Private Quarters East Wing - BravilCastlePrivateQuartersEastWing
Quake Ruin - OblivionRD004SubmergedTower
Quickwater Cave - QuickwaterCave
Quickwater Sump - QuickwaterCave02
Quill-Weave's House - AnvilQuillWeavesHouse
Ra'Jahirr's House - LeyawiinRaJahirrsHouse
Ra'jhan's Basement - ICElvenGardensRajhansHouseBasement
Ra'jhan's House - ICElvenGardensRajhansHouse
Ra'jhan's Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensRajhansHouseUpstairs
Ra'jiradh's Basement - ICTalosPlazaRajiradhsHouseBasement
Ra'jiradh's House - ICTalosPlazaRajiradhsHouse
Ra'jiradh's Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaRajiradhsHouseUpstairs
Ranaline's House - BravilRanalineHouse
Ravaged Mine - RavagedMine
Reapers Sprawl - OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower01
Reapers Sprawl - OblivionRD006TowerRight
Reapers Sprawl - OblivionRD007SmallTower02
Red Diamond Jewelry - ICMarketDistrictRedDiamondJewelry
Red Diamond Jewelry Basement - ICMarketDistrictRedDiamondJewelryBasement
Red Diamond Jewelry Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictRedDiamondJewelryUpstairs
Red Ruby Cave - RedRubyCave
Red Ruby Hollows - RedrubyCave02
Redas Dalvilu's House - BleakersWayRedasDalvilusHouse
Redguard Valley Cave - RedguardValleyCave
Redwater Slough - RedwaterSlough
Reedstand Canyon - ReedstandCave02
Reedstand Cave - ReedstandCave
Regner's House - BrumaRegnersHouse
Reman Broder's House - SkingradRemanBrodersHouse
Rending Halls - MQ10BrumaHall01
Rending Halls - MS13OblivionHall01
Rending Halls - OblivionMqKvatchCitadelHall01
Rending Halls - OblivionRD002Hall01
Rending Halls - OblivionRD004CitadelMainHall01
Rending Halls - OblivionRDCitadel01Hall01
Rending Halls - OblivionRDCitadel02Hall01
Rending Halls - OblivionRDCitadel03Hall01
Rending Halls - OblivionRDCitadel04Hall01
Renoit's Books - ChorrolRenoitsBooks
Reynald Jemane's Basement - ChorrolReynaldJemanesBasement
Reynald Jemane's House - ChorrolReynaldJemanesHouse
Ri'bassa's House - BorderWatchRibassasHouse
Rickety Mine - RicketyMine
Rickety Mine Bottom Section - RicketyMine02
Rielle - Rielle
Rimalus Bruiant's Basement - ChorrolRimalusBruiantsBasement
Rimalus Bruiant's House - ChorrolRimalusBruiantsHouse
Rindir's Basement - ICMarketDistrictRindirsStaffsBasement
Rindir's Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictRindirsStaffsUpstairs
Rindir's Staffs - ICMarketDistrictRindirsStaffs
Riverview - CheydinhalRiverview
Riverview Basement - CheydinhalRiverviewBasement
Ri'Zakar's Room - LeyawiinBlackwoodRoom02
Robber's Glen Cave - RobbersGlenCave
Rock Bottom Caverns - RockBottomCaverns
Rockmilk - Blackbow Camp - RockmilkCave04
Rockmilk Cave - RockmilkCave
Rockmilk Haven - RockmilkCave02
Rockmilk Haven - RockmilkCave03
Roderic Pierrane's Basement - ICElvenGardensRodericPierranesHouseBasement
Roderic Pierrane's House - ICElvenGardensRodericPierranesHouse
Roderic Pierrane's Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensRodericPierranesUpstairs
Roland Jenseric's Basement - ICTempleDistrictRolandJensericsBasement
Roland Jenseric's Cabin - RolandJensericsCabin
Roland Jenseric's House - ICTempleDistrictRolandJensericsHouse
Roland Jenseric's Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictRolandJensericsHouseUpstairs
Rosentia Gallenus's House - LeyawiinRosentiaGallenusHouse
Rosentia Gallenus's House 2nd Floor - LeyawiinRosentiaGallenusHouse2ndFloor
Rosethorn Hall - SkingradHouseforSale
Rosethorn Hall Basement - SkingradHouseForSaleBasement
Rosethorn Hall Top Floor - SkingradHouseForSaleUpperFloor
Roxey Inn - RoxeyInn
Royal Quarters - AnvilCastleRoyalQuarters
Ruslan's Basement - ICTempleDistrictRuslansBasement
Ruslan's House - ICTempleDistrictRuslansHouse
Ruslan's Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictRuslansHouseUpstairs
Rythe Lythandas's Basement - CheydinhalRythesBasement
Rythe Lythandas's House - CheydinhalRythesHouse
Sage Glen Hideaway - SageGlenHollow02
Sage Glen Hollow - SageGlenHollow
Sakeepa's House - AleswellSakeepasHouse
Salmo The Baker's Basement - SkingradSalmoTheBakersBasement
Salmo the Baker's House - SkingradSalmoTheBakersHouse
Salomon Geonette's Basement - ICTempleDistrictSalomonGeonettesBasement
Salomon Geonette's House - ICTempleDistrictSalomonGeonettesHouse
Salomon Geonette's Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictSalomonGeonettesHouseUpstairs
Samuel Bantien's Basement - ICTalosPlazaSamuelBantiensHouseBasement
Samuel Bantien's House - ICTalosPlazaSamuelBantiensHouse
Samuel Bantien's Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaSamuelBantiensHouseUpstairs
Sancre Tor - SancreTor01
Sancre Tor, Catacombs - SancreTor04
Sancre Tor, Catacombs - xMikeBackupSancretor04
Sancre Tor, Entry Hall - SancreTorHub
Sancre Tor, Hall of Judgement - SancreTor02
Sancre Tor, Prison - SancreTor03
Sancre Tor, Tomb of the Reman Emperors - SancreTorTomb
Sandstone Big Rooms - SandstoneCavern02
Sandstone Cavern - SandstoneCavern
Sarcophagus Chamber - AmelionFamilyTomb02
Sardavar Leed - SardavarLeed
Sardavar Leed Lattasel - SardavarLeed02
Satha Dalvilu's House - BleakersWaySathaDalvilusHouse
Savlian Matius's Tent - KvatchTentSavlianMatius
Scales of the Serpent - PalePass04
Secret Room - LeyawiinCastleSecretRoom
Secret Training Room - BrumaJGhastasHouseTrainingRoom
Sedor - Sedor
Sercen - Sercen
Seridur's House - ICTempleDistrictSeridursHouse
Seridur's House Basement - ICTempleDistrictSeridursHouseBasement
Seridur's House Bedroom - ICTempleDistrictSeridursHouseUpstairs
Serpent Hollow Cave - SerpentHollowCave
Serpent Hollow Chillers - SerpentHollowCave02
Serpent's Trail - SerpentsTrail
Serpents Wake Cargo Hold - AnvilTheSerpentsWakeLowerDeck
Serpents Wake Mid Deck - AnvilTheSerpentsWakeMidDeck
Servant's Quarters - LordRugdumphServants
Service Hall - BrumaCastleServiceHall
Sevarius Atius' Basement - ICTalosPlazaSevariusAtiusHouseBasement
Sevarius Atius' House - ICTalosPlazaSevariusAtiusHouse
Sevarius Atius' House Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaSevariusAtiusHouseUpstairs
Sewer Waterworks - ImperialSewersElvenGardens03
Sewers - Dark04Sewers01
Sewers - Dark04Sewers02
Sewers - Dark04Sewers03
Sewers - ImperialSewers03
Shack for Sale - ICWaterfrontShackForSale
Shadow's Rest Cavern - ShadowsRestCavern
Shadow's Rest Rocky Run - ShadowsRestCavern02
Shafaye's House - PellGateShafayesHouse
Shagol gro-Bumph's House - AleswellShagolgroBumphsHouse
Shameer's House - SkingradShameersHouse
Shardrock Interior - Shardrock
Shattered Mine - ShatteredMine
Shattered Mine New Galleries - ShatteredMine02
Shattered Scales Cave - ShatteredScalesCave
Shattered Scales Long Run - ShatteredScalesCave02
Shetcombe Farm - ShetcombeFarm
Shinbone Cave - ShinboneCave
Shinbone Galleries - ShinboneCave02
Shrine Antechamber - LakeArriusShrineAntechamber01
Shrine Living Quarters - LakeArriusShrineAntechamber02
Shrine of The Moth - TempleMothCatacombs04
Sideways Cave - SidewaysCave
Sideways Cave - SidewaysCaveNEW
Sideways Cave - Hidden Lake - SidewaysCaveNew02
Sideways Cave - Lost Abagarlas - SidewaysCaveNew03
Sideways Cave - Muttering Pool - SidewaysCave02
Sigillum Sanguis - MQ10BrumaCitadelLord
Sigillum Sanguis - MQ14OblivionCitadelLord
Sigillum Sanguis - MS13OblivionCitadelLord
Sigillum Sanguis - OblivionMqKvatchCitadelLord
Sigillum Sanguis - OblivionRD002CitadelLordB
Sigillum Sanguis - OblivionRD004CitadelMainLord

Sigillum Sanguis - OblivionRDCitadel01Lord
Sigillum Sanguis - OblivionRDCitadel02Lord
Sigillum Sanguis - OblivionRDCitadel03Lord
Sigillum Sanguis - OblivionRDCitadel04Lord
Sigillum Sanguis - OblivionRDCitadel05Lord
Silgor Bradus' House - AnvilSilgorBradusHouse
Silorn - Silorn
Silorn Buroseli - Silorn03
Silorn Sedorseli - Silorn02
Silver Tooth Cave - SilverToothCave
Silver Tooth Warrens - SilverToothCave02
Silverhome 2nd Floor - BravilSilverHomeonthewater2ndFloor
Silverhome 3rd Floor - BravilSilverHomeonthewater3rdFloor
Silverhome on the Water - BravilSilverHomeonthewater
Sinderion's Cellar - SkingradWestWealdInnCellar
Sinkhole Cave - SinkholeCave
Sinkhole Great Hall - SinkholeCave02
Skingrad Fighters Guild - SkingradFightersGuild
Skingrad Mages Guild - SkingradMagesGuild
Skingrad Town Guard House - SkingradTownGuardHouse
Skooma Den - BravilSkoomaDen
S'krivva's House - BravilSkrivvaHouse
Slash 'N Smash - ICMarketDistrictSlashNSmash
Slash 'N Smash Basement - ICMarketDistrictSlashNSmashBasement
Slash 'N Smash Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictSlashNSmashUpstairs
Slave Quarters - LordDradsSlaveQuarters01
Slave Quarters - LordDradsSlaveQuarters02
Sleeping Quarters - KvatchCastleSleepingQuarters
Smithy - AnvilCastleBlacksmithQuarters
Smoke Hole Boot Tomb - SmokeHoleCave03
Smoke Hole Brass Tomb - SmokeHoleCave02
Smoke Hole Cave - SmokeHoleCave
Smuggler's Cave - AnvilCastleSmugglersCave
Soris Arenim's Basement - ICTalosPlazaSorisArenimsBasement
Soris Arenim's House - ICTalosPlazaSorisArenimsHouse
Soris Arenim's Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaSorisArenimsHouseUpstairs
South Watch Barracks - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSTopGuardQuarters
South Watch Captain's Quarters - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSCaptainsQuarters
South Watch Tower - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerS
Southeast Wall Tower - ChorrolCastleWallTowerSE
Southeast Watch Barracks - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSEGuardQuarters
Southeast Watch Barracks - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSETopGuardQuarters
Southeast Watch Barracks - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSGuardQuarters
Southeast Watch Captain's Quarter - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSECaptainsQuarters
Southeast Watch Tower - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSE
Southern Books - LeyawiinSouthernBooks
Southern Books 2nd Floor - LeyawiinSouthernBooks2ndFloor
Southwest Wall Tower - ChorrolCastleWallTowerSW
Southwest Watch Barracks - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSWGuardQuarters
Southwest Watch Barracks - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSWTopGuardQuarters
Southwest Watch Captain's Quarters - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSWCaptainsQuarters
Southwest Watch Tower - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerSW
Spindle Shrine - OblivionRD001Tower01
Spindle Shrine - OblivionRD003Tower01Left
Spindle Shrine - OblivionRD003Tower01Right
Squandered Mine - SquanderedMine
Squandered Mine Snake Works - SquanderedMine02
Squandered Mine Wind Holes - SquanderedMine03
S'rathad's Basement - ICTalosPlazaSrathadsHouseBasement
S'rathad's House - ICTalosPlazaSrathadsHouse
S'rathad's Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaSrathadsHouseUpstairs
Stantus Varrid's Basement - ICTempleDistrictStantusVarridsBasement
Stantus Varrid's House - ICTempleDistrictStantusVarridsHouse
Stantus Varrid's Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictStantusVarridsHouseUpstairs
Steward's and Healer's Private Quarters - LeyawiinCastleStewardsHealersPrivateQuarters
Stonewall Shields - ICMarketDistrictStonewallShields
Stonewall Shields Basement - ICMarketDistrictStonewallShieldsBasement
Stonewall Shields Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictStonewallShieldsUpstairs
Summitmist Manor - SkingradSummitmistManor
Summitmist Manor Basement - SkingradSummitmistManorBasement
Summitmist Manor Living Quarters - SkingradSummitmistManorLivingQuarters
Sump of Misery - OblivionMqKvatchCave
Sunken Sewers - ImperialSewersElvenGardens02
Surilie Brothers' Basement - SkingradSurilieBrothersBasement
Surilie Brothers' House - SkingradSurilieBrothersHouse
Surius Afranius' Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictSuriusAfraniusHouseUpstairs
Surius Afranius' Basement - ICTempleDistrictSuriusAfraniusBasement
Surius Afranius' House - ICTempleDistrictSuriusAfraniusHouse
Swampy Cave - SwampyCave
Swampy Cave Dry Rock Run - SwampyCave02
Talos Plaza Sewers - ImperialSewerSystemTalosPlaza
Talwinque - Talwinque
Talwinque Aransel - Talwinque03
Talwinque Ceysel - Talwinque02
Tamika's Basement - SkingradTamikasBasement
Tamika's House - SkingradTamikasHouse
Telepe - Telepe
Temple Armory - CloudRulerTempleArmory
Temple of the Ancestor Moths - TempleOfTheAncestorMothMonastery
Tent - KvatchTent01
Tent - KvatchTent02
Tertius Favonius' Basement - ICElvenGardensTertiusFavoniusHouseBasement
Tertius Favonius' House - ICElvenGardensTertiusFavoniusHouse
Tertius Favonius' Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensTertiusFavoniusHouseUpstairs
Test of Courage - DreamofCourage
Test of Patience - DreamofPatience
Test of Perception - DreamofPerception
Thamriel's Basement - ICTalosPlazaThamrielsHouseBasement
Thamriel's House - ICTalosPlazaThamrielsHouse
Thamriel's Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaThamrielsHouseUpstairs
The All-Saints Inn - ICTempleDistrictTheAllSaintsInn
The All-Saints Inn Lodging - ICTempleDistrictTheAllSaintsInnBasement
The Anguish Keep - OblivionRD004CitadelRight
The Anguish Shrine - OblivionRD004CitadelRightLord
The Archer's Paradox - BravilTheArcherParadox
The Bastion - ICImperialLegionHQTheBastion
The Bastion Tower - ICImperialLegionHQTheBastionTower
The Beast's Maw - TheBeastsMaw
The Beast's Maw Caverns - TheBeastsMaw02
The Best Defense - ICMarketDistrictTheBestDefense
The Best Defense Basement - ICMarketDistrictTheBestDefenseBasement
The Best Defense Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictTheBestDefenseUpstairs
The Bloated Float Inn Deck - ICWaterfrontTheBloatedFloatBelowDeck
The Bloated Float Private Room - ICWaterfrontTheBloatedFloatLoadRoom
The Bloated Float Tavern Deck - ICWaterfrontTheBloatedFloat
The Blood Feast - OblivionMqKvatchCitadel
The Bowels - MS13OblivionCave01
The Bowels - MS13OblivionCave02
The Brooding Fortress - OblivionRD004CitadelMain
The Caverns of The Moth - TempleMothCatacombs03

Rating 3

Easy lockpicking hint

  • While unlocking a door, press UP on a key, then quickly pause game play afterward. Look at the tab you raised up. If it is mostly up and about to reach the top, resume the game and do it again. If it is mostly half-way or mostly down, resume the game and quickly press X or B. You should have that tab done. Continue on with the next tab. This may require a couple attempts, but after you have done it once it should be easy.

  • Open locks more effectively by listening closely to the sounds of the clicks the tumblers make when you hit them. Try hitting them when they click twice.

  • To easily break into a house or chest, pay attention to the speed of the tumblers when they drop. If you try after the tumbler fell fast, you will have a higher chance of keeping the tumbler up.

  • The Skeleton Key is an unbreakable lockpick that also fortifies your "Lockpick" skill. To obtain it, perform a simple task for Nocturnal, a Daedric Lord. To activate this quest, go to the Leyawyn/Bravil area and open your map. There should be a river running vertically down your map. Look just east of the river and find the black line on your map. Follow this road north and check your compass on either side of the road for the "shrine" marker. You must be at least level 10 to do this quest.

  • Get into the university, then obtain a basic "Open Lock" spell and train your alteration. Then, make the spell of the maximum possible strength.

Rating 3

Stealing from blind NPCs

Go to any armor shop that has a piece of armor on display that you desire. Jump up onto the shop keep's counter and simply run into and knock the armor item off the counter. This is not illegal and noone will even care. Then, keep kicking it by running into it several times until you have the item in a corner away from the view of the shop keeper. The shop owner will actually follow you around the shop while you run about. Get him/her to follow you to the opposite end of the store, then immediately run back to where you placed the armor item. Use the sneak ability and pick it up before they see you.

Rating 3

Powerful spear in Ald'Ruhn

To get a great spear that has Soul Trap 1,000 points cast when hit, go to Ald'Ruhn and begin looting people's homes on the right side just before you hit Skar, the giant shell thing. In one of the houses (probably the ones that are locked), you will find a blonde woman. Kill her if desired, then go to her bed beside the closet. There is a spear called Buerketnhgs or something similar. Take it and get tons of Greater and Grand Soul Gems, as everything you attack gets trapped.

Rating 3

Easy Acrobatic experience

-To gain Acrobatic experience easily, simply jump around everywhere you go. You can gain several levels just by jumping while moving to other destinations.

-Find a place with a low roof or ceiling, or get on top of something to make the ceiling or roof closer to you. Begin jumping continuously and you will hit the ceiling or roof and come down from fast. This lets you jump at very fast speeds depending on how close you are to the ceiling or roof.

Rating 3

Easy Armorer experience

  • There is a woman named Arvena Thelas in the town of Anvil who has four rats in her basement (the same as the first Fighter's Guild quest). If your level is high enough that rats do not cause you significant damage, you can break into her house, annoy the rats by punching them (or casting drain fatigue spells if your punch is too strong), then letting all four rats attack you while you just cast an occasional heal spell. This is also useful for raising your Block skill, and is much easier than repeatedly causing summoned monsters to attack you.

  • Gain access to the Arcane University. Go to where you make spells and make a spell that damages armor and put it on "self." Use the "Duplicate items" glitch on repair hammers then just cast and repair to get the skill up.

  • Finish the final Umbacano mission using the option of giving him the fake crown. After the mission is complete, take the crown off his corpse. The crown is broken and does not have a health percentage. Buy many hammers and keep repairing it. Because it has no health you can repair it an unlimited amount of times, raising your Armorer skill quickly.

Rating 3

Instant kill spell

Turn the difficulty all the way down and go to the Skingrad Mages Guild. Seek out Vigge the Cautious and purchase the Weakness to Magicka spell from him. Then, seek out Druja the Argonian (also in the Skingrad Mages Guild) and buy the Minor Wound spell from her. Both are novice level spells. Go to a spellmaking altar, either at the Arcane University or Frostcraig Spire, and create a spell with the following effects in the corresponding order:

Weakness to Magicka 100% in 1ft for 1 sec on target
Drain Health 100pts in 1ft for 1 sec on target

The end spell will be an apprentice level spell and requires less than fifty points to cast for a level one mage Breton. It is vital that you do these in the correct order, as the effects will be applied in the order you add them. If done correctly, this spell will first weaken an enemy to Magicka 100%, so that you drain 200 points of health from your intended target. It will last only one second. However, if you turn the difficulty all the way down, no enemy will have more than 200 points of health (not even Xivalias). Once a character's health reaches zero for any length of time, they will die. You can take down anything in one shot with this spell, even Mankar Camoran, who is 20 levels above you.

Rating 3

Avoid becoming over-encumbered

Lose weight to avoid being over-encumbered by making potions.

Rating 3

Endless health

Use the "Duplicate items" glitch on a potion of strong health (to get 90 potions). Repeat the duplication to get the desired amount of potions. Open your inventory and go to the strong potion of health, then press Y to quick link it to one of the Analog-stick directions. When low on health, just tap the quick link direction to use a potion. When running low on health potions, repeat the duplication process.

Rating 3

Easy Alchemy experience

  • Steal a mortar and pestle, then steal plenty of food items and turn them into potions. It should not take very long before you reach the Master Of Alchemy level.

  • Get two ingredients that form to make a potion. Use the "Duplicate items" glitch on the ingredients to create a large number of them. Then, repeatedly make potions and your Alchemy will increase significantly fast. Note: Only duplicate about 100 of each ingredient at a time or the game will freeze.

Rating 2

Knocking man off roof

Go to Anvil light house to find a man named Ulfgar Fog-Eye waiting at the top. If he is not there, wait a couple hours. You can knock him unconscious off the roof over the Iron Gate surrounding the area. He will only fight you the first time you attack him and knock him unconscious. After that, he willingly lets you hit him unconscious. On the first fight he will run away when he is near unconsciousness. However, after you finish him off, he will not try to escape again. He is pretty easy to defeat in the first fight and is good training because he does not fight back after he is first knocked unconscious. This may require a couple attempts, but try to get him close to the gate just before the finishing blow where he is knocked a few feet back. He will not call the guards unless during the first fight, when he attempts to retreat, you allow him go outside the lighthouse.

Rating 2

Stat boost hint

  • If you complete all fifteen of the Daedric quests, the final prize is a major stat boost. You can choose any of the three major skill sets; Combat, Guile, or Magic. Each gives you a 10 point permanent boost to the related stats and some of the related skills. It is extremely worth it considering all the other good items you will get while doing the Daedric quests. You can activate up to 14 at once if you are at a high enough level. The final quest requires level 21+, and you must have completed all of the other Daedric quests.

  • Get a Sigil Stone of your choice and either an already enchanted item or regular item. Enchant the item with a Sigil Stone. Then, use the "Duplicate items" glitch on it to get a permanent stat boost to whatever the item was meant to increase. Repeat this with the same or different enchantment to continuously get stat boosts in that category. You can then sell the extra copies for extra gold. Note: Do not try to duplicate more than 250 copies of an item or the game will freeze.

Rating 2

People switching beds

Wait near in a place where there are more than one person is sleeping. Occasionally they will all get up at the same time and may switch beds with each other. They might even walk down to another floor or to the other side of the room just to go to another bed.

Rating 2

Severed head in Kvatch

In the city of Kvatch is a building on the left just when you enter with a couple planks of wood leading into it. Go up the plank nearest to the fallen chapel and turn right. There is a small room/hallway with a fairly large severed head on a stool that has a gash in its head.

Rating 2

Easy magic skills increase hint

Complete all the Mage Guild Recommendation Quests to be able to access the Arcane University. Purchase the cheapest spell you can find for each of the magic based skills (Illusion, Conjuration, Alteration, Mysticism, Restoration and Destruction). For Destruction, a Drain Spell is recommended. Go to where you make your own spells and choose a spell. Make it so you only use up 1 Magicka and the spell is on "Self". Name the spell and create it. Do this with all the other types of magic based skills, then make them all on "Self", including Destruction. If you used a Drain spell, when you use it on yourself it may appear you took damage but you do not, since you drain it from yourself to yourself. Cast the spells all the time while walking around or whenever possible. Your skills will increase fast without having to wait between spellcastings. Note: This trick will only work if the spells are cast on "Self". Spells do not count towards experience unless they have an effect on something.

Rating 2

Mountain travel on horse

If you run straight towards steep hills or mountains on the horse, it will not ascend the slope. However, if you move left and right as you go forward, eventually you will hook certain areas which will let you get to the top of the hill without having to abandon your horse or find a road. If you try to come down from the hill while running at full speed, it will take damage until it eventually dies. However, if you move very slowly by only tilting the Analog-stick Forward a short distance, your horse or yourself will not take any damage. This is very useful for getting down out of mountains and similar locations, and you are not close to any roads or suitable paths.

Rating 2

Vampires hint

-There is a broken down fort that is the base for some weak vampires directly south of Chorrol. The fort is called Fort Carmala and is located near Hackdirt, very close to northeast of Weatherleah. To reach it, if you have not done the Hackdirt or Weatherleah quests, go to Chorrol. Leave from the south gate and move directly south. If you reach the city of Hackdirt, you are close to it. Look for a group of white rocky ruins. The door to the cave is among the ruins.

-If you load a save file in which your character is a vampire, there is a chance that your character's facial features may revert to the default facial features for that race. If that happens, try loading a previous save file. However, it could be permanent. Always try to keep a file that was saved before your character became a vampire.

Rating 2

Enemy and item levels hint

Every enemy outside the cities, and some inside, will level as you level. For example, if you are at level 10 and are fighting Boars outside the city, when you reach level 15, you will be fighting a Troll. The same goes for missions such the Forlorn Watchman. If you do the quest at level 10, you will fight Ghosts on the ship. If you do it at level 20, you will fight Wraiths. Do not waste time trying to level up just to beat one opponent in a quest since they could be set to always be three levels above you. This same style of progression also works with armor and weapons:

Note: The armor and weapons usually do not appear at traders until you are two levels above them, sometimes longer. Also, any "secret" weapons such as the Umbra and the NPCs with them or wearing the "secret" armor are level locked. They will not get any stronger because usually their levels are already about 22 to 30. However, as you become better with a blade (in the Umbra's case), the better the attack will be.

Fur/Iron Level 1
Leather/Steel Level 13
Chain/Dwarven Level 16
Mithril/Orchish Level 110
Elven/Ebony Level 115
Glass/Daedric Level 120

Iron Level 11
Steel Level 12
Silver Level 14
Dwarven Level 16
Elven Level 19
Glass Level 112
Ebony Level 116
Daedric Level 120

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

To activate the following cheats, press ~ to bring up the console window, then enter the corresponding codes:

Add 100 gold player.additem 0000000f "100"
Add 100 lockpicks player.additem 0000000a "100"
Add 100 repair hammers player.additem 0000000c "100"
Add 100 skeleton keys player.additem 0000000b "100"
Add indicated amount of points to indicated attribute [Note 2] modpca [attribute], [number]
Add indicated amount of points to indicated stat [Note 3] player.setav [stat] [number]
Add indicated amount of points to specified skill [Note 1] modpcs [skill], [number]
Add spell to character's spell list player.addspell [spell code]
All map locations displayed togglemapmarkers
Change weather instantly fw [weather code]
Change weather naturally sw [weather code]
Change your birthsign showbirthsignmenu
Change your class showclassmenu
Change your gender sexchange
Complete all quest stages caqs
Force skill level up advskill [skill]
Free camera movement tfc
Get indicated spell addspell [spell code]
Give all spells to player psb
Invincibility, if nothing is targeted tgm
Kill selected NPC target; suicide if nothing is targeted kill
Level up advlevel
List console commands    help
Lock selected door or container with indicated lock level lock [1-100]
Move to current quest target movetoqt
Move to current quest target movetoquesttarget
Quit game qqq
Release locked weather releaseweatheroverride
Remove spell from character's spell list player.removespell [spell code]
Revive target resurrect
Save game savegame [filename]
Set all quest stages completeallqueststages
Set camera field of view in degrees; default is 75 setcamerafov [degrees]
Set character's fame setpcfame
Set character's infamy setpcinfamy
Set fog start and end depths setfog [start] [end]
Set hair color hairtint [red] [green] [blue]
Set player level player.setlevel [1-255]
Show all log entries for indicated quest showfullquestlog [quest id]
Show class selection screen showclassmenu
Show completed quest log showquestlog 1
Show current quest log showquestlog 0
Show current quest targets showquesttargets
Show name/race/appearance selection screen showracemenu
Show quest log showquestlog
Show sign selection screen showbirthsignmenu
Spawn indicated item player.additem [item code] [amount]
Teleport [Note 4] player.coc [location code]
Toggle AI tai
Toggle AI detection tdetect
Toggle NPC conversation subtitles showsubtitle
Toggle combat AI tcai
Toggle debug display tdt
Toggle fog of war togglefogofwar
Toggle full help tfh
Toggle grass tg
Toggle land tll
Toggle leaves tlv
Toggle menus tm
Toggle no clipping tcl
Toggle sky ts
Toggle trees tt
Toggle water tws
Toggle wireframe twf
Unlock selected locked door or container unlock
Window with the full game scene graph    ssg

Rating 2

Ring of Grey

Get a large amount of money either through a duplication glitch or normal game play, then go to Skingrad and speak to the Orc butler in the castle. You may need to raise his disposition first. Purchase the empty house from him, then go to Colovian Traders and buy the upgrades for the house. You may not need every one, but you can buy them all. Go to the house and go to the very top floor to the master bedroom. When you enter, there will be a bed around the corner to the left. Go around the bed and find a chest on the floor by the wall on your right side, and a bookcase on the back wall. Jump on the chest and then on the bookcase. Look to the left and there will be a scroll on a ledge behind where the bed is located. Read the scroll to receive a riddle. Go to the very bottom floor to what seems to be a wine cellar. There will be a column in the middle of the room with garlic hanging from it. If you look above it on the rafters, there is an hourglass. Pick it up to complete the quest. You will get many precious stones and the Ring of Grey, which has +5 to several abilities, including Sneak, as well as Detect Life 50 ft. This will help you see where all people are, therefore making it easier to avoid detection.

Rating 2

Obtaining Fin Gleam helmet

Open your map and head to the small dark colored island near Anvil. On it is a small boulder near the edge facing out into the sea. Once you find it, jump straight out into the water and swim straight down. Note: Use a water breathing spell or enchanted item for this, as it is some distance down. There will be a skeleton with the Fin Gleam helmet just above it. It is an enchanted glass helmet which gives night eye, water breathing, and detects life for 20 feet.

Rating 2

Good armor hints

  • At the start of the game, after the King's convoy is attacked, immediately take the dead guard's katana and armor. This will make slaughtering rats and defeat trolls much easier.

  • To get easy guard's armor or weapons, you must be able to summon something stronger than a basic skeleton. Get close to a few guards and summon your creature, then attack your creature three times with a weak weapon (so it will not die). Your creature will start to attack you. The guard will start to attack the creature. If he does not, lure your creature into attacking the guard. Your creature will do minimal damage to the guard, then die. Repeat this process untill the guard is dead, then loot his body. Note: The other guards will not arrest you for looting the guard's body.

  • To create invincible armor, have your character be born under the Sign Of The Tower. Play normally until you are about level 20. Get five Grand Soul Gems and fill each one with a Grand Soul, then get a curaiss, boots, greaves, a helmet, and gloves. Enchant it all with your Grand Soul Gems with reflect damage. Nobody will be able to hurt you and will get hurt if they attack. Only mages and archers will be able to stop you, but they are easier to deal with.

Rating 2

Floating paintbrushes

There are paintbrushes stored in random containers at various locations. If you take one out and drop it, it will not fall. It will simply float at the spot you were looking at when you dropped it. You can drop them in sets of two or more and use them as steps to reach high places. You can also use them as barriers between you and enemies.

Rating 2

Three Dog Night easter egg

In Skingrad Castle (where the Lord is the Vampire), follow the lizard woman wearing a green tunic. Eventually she will stop and speak to a passerby in the castle. She will start talking about some wine she had drank from the nearest wine vender in town. The passerby replies "Yes he is a very good friend of mine. He let me drink his wine. It was a mighty fine wine!". These are lyrics to the song "Joy To The World" by Three Dog Night.

Rating 2

Infinite arrows hint

  • For an infinite source of iron arrows, go to the Bloodworks in the arena. One of the gladiators is practicing with his bow on a target. Stand close by and, when there are five to ten arrows in the target, take them before he does. He will just keep shooting when you move out of the way. This is an infinite source of iron arrows, which can be sold to almost any merchant and therefore also makes an unlimited source of gold.

  • Go to Cheydinhal and break into Bazur gro-Gharz's house. When you kill him, search his body to obtain an unlimited source of steel arrows.

  • Find an enemy archer that fires the type of arrows you want, then get up against a wall and let him keep firing at you while you jump up in the air evading the arrows. When the arrows hit the wall and fall to the ground, collect the arrows from the ground before they disappear. You can keep doing this until your opponent's bow breaks and he or she attacks. However, before that happens, you should be able to get 250 to 300 arrows. Note: If you get too close to the archer, he or she will attack you with a melee weapon. You should either run around until he or she pulls out a bow or kill him or her and move on.

Rating 2

Fast leveling exploit

The following exploit can be used to raise up to level 30 (when the items you earn will be of top quality). Just make sure to complete the quests with vulnerable NPCs or they will not survive the pummeling from high level enemies. Travel to Leyawin and activate the 'Whom Gods Annoy' quest. Then, get it to the point where the woman gives you her Daedric staff. Rather than going to the dungeon to get rid of it, keep it for a while. The Everscamps it produces are very easy to kill, have weak attack, and respawn infinitely.

Rating 2

Main quest glitch

Ten to fifteen paintbrushes are required for this trick. They can be found anywhere in the game, particularly in boxes, shelves, etc. You can use this glitch even if you have yet to start the main quest yet. Once you obtain all the paintbrushes, go in front of the Temple Of The One in the Imperial City Temple District. Climb you way to the top using the "Floating paintbrushes" glitch. Once you are close to the top, jump on the roof. You will go through, landing inside The Temple Of The One. You can see everyone else but they cannot see you. Walk close to where the door would be if you were inside it normally. You will see the top half of the same door you are in front of. Select it to enter the real interior of The Temple Of The One. Notice the hole in the ceiling where the light comes down. You will see a red sky. Walk outside and and two Oblivion Gates will be opened. Your quest will be updated, indicating that Dagon is here and that you should speak to Martin. Even if you are not close to completing the main quest this glitch will still work. Go inside both of the Oblivion Gates and get the Sigil Stones. Later you will end up crossing over Dagon. Kill him then talk to Martin in the Cloud Ruler temple.

Rating 2

Glass armor and weapons in Rockmilk Cave

Be at least to level 15 before doing this, as there will be better armor and weapons inside. Travel on the west road from Leyawiin and walk on the trail until you get to Waters Edge (a small town). From Waters Edge, walk northwest until you reach Rockmilk Cave. This cave is very close to Waters Edge. Go inside and follow the trails until you encounter some thieves inside the cave. If they do not notice you, they will fight each other. You can let them fight or join in and have some fun slicing away. Then, go through the cave and you will find at least fifteen people inside. Each of them has their own set of Glass, Orcish, Daedric, or Elven armor and weapons. You can fill up with items and sell about four times.

Rating 1

Books and Scrolls Codes: Part 3

Use the following entries with the player.additem code:

Rating 1

Books and Scrolls codes: Part 1

Use the following entries with the player.additem code:

Rating 1

Infinite gold hint

Go to the Talos Plaza District in the Imperial City and go to Dorian's house. Note: If facing the dragon statue, turn left and it is the first house on the left. Go inside the house and speak to him. He will not like you very much. Bribe him, then use a paralyze spell on him. While he is paralyzed, select him. When you see the items menu, select his money and you can take it repeatedly. When done, guards will come after you, but with a weak fine. If you are not happy with the amount taken, go back and do it again. Repeat as desired.

Rating 1

Champion strategy in Arena quest

Note: This trick only works if you were born under shadow or have ancestor guardian and 100% Chameleon. When doing the final fight against yellow team champion and two others in the Imperial City arena, a fast way to defeat or lower your opponent's health is to get a couple arrows and the requirements above. At the start, fire a couple arrows at the enemy. When they close in, start to back away and immediately press CIRCLE or B, get your Ancestor Guardian, and quickly summon it. Then, change your spell to Chameleon or Moonshadow and cast it, making yourself invisible. Leave Porkchop and your Ancestor Guardian to do the work. If you only have Chameleon, it should only last for 30 seconds unless you have two of them. If not, prepare to attack. While doing this, do not heal minor wounds, attack, or cast any spells because you will be revealed. This can also help increase the Sneak skill, as you can sneak around while being undetected and invisible.

Rating 1


You can purchase several types of horses. In fact, you even get a free Paint Horse just after the start at Weynon Priory. This is the weakest and slowest horse of them all, but do not buy any other horse because they can be expensive when you are starting out. You can get a horse that is better than all of them for free; the Shadowmere. You can get him after completing the Dark Brotherhood quest "The Purification", which is the first quest you receive when you start working for Lachance. Just kill an innocent person (preferably a beggar if you are not part of the Thieves Guild) and sleep so that you can start the Dark Brotherhood quests. After a couple quests you will get Shadowmere. He is very fast and has a sizable amount of HP. Shadowmere is black/purple, wears a skull on his forehead, has a bloody hand print on the sides of his saddle, and red eyes that glow occasionally at night. He also helps you in battle if you fight near him. Best of all, he cannot die or run away. He is considered an important character and will just fall unconscious if defeated, then will rise again in a couple seconds to join the fray. If you happen to lose him, you can go to Fort Farragut and he will be there waiting for you.

Rating 1

Getting weapons from summoned creatures

To get a weapon from a summoned creature, summon it then use a disintegrate weapon spell on it.

Rating 1

Books and Scrolls Codes: Part 4

Use the following entries with the player.additem code:

Sacred Witness 00024548
Scorching Blow 000888C6
Scrap from Lorgren's Diary 00003A9B
Sealed Forged Candidate List 0000C22A
Sealed Note 00022173
Searing Grasp 000888C5
Seductive Charm 00084AF9
Serenity 00084AE7
Sever Magicka 00088883
Shadow 00084AEC
Shadow Shape 000898E9
Shield 0008991E
Shock 00089924
Shocking Burst 00089920
Shocking Touch 00089928
Shop Hours 000C4284
Shopping List 0006DBBD
Shopping List 0006DBBE
Shopping List    00154CD6 Shopping List    00154CD7 Shopping List    00154CD8 Shopping List    00154CD9 Shopping List    00154CDA Shopping List    00154CDB Shopping List    00154CDC Shopping List    00154CDD Silence 0008AD91
Sithis 000243D6
Sketch of the High Fane 0002AF00
Slythe's Journal, page 1    0018BC23 Slythe's Journal, page 2    0018D25B Slythe's Journal, page 3    0018D25D Snowball 000888E6
Song Of Hrormir 000243E6
Song of the Alchemists 000243D1
Soothing Touch 00084AE9
Souls, Black and White 00073A6B
Spark 00089923
Spectral Form 000898EB
Spell Absorption 0008AD97
Spirit of the Daedra 00024582
Starlight 000898EC
Stormrider Scroll 000CA120
Suicide Note    001778D9 Summon Clannfear 00015AD9
Summon Daedroth 00015ADA
Summon Dremora 00015AD8
Summon Flame Atronach 00015AD7
Summon Frost Atronach 00015ADC
Summon Ghost 00015AD0
Summon Headless Zombie 0008AD9E
Summon Lich 00015AD3
Summon Rufio's Ghost 0009190F
Summon Scamp 00015AD5
Summon Skeleton 00015ACF
Summon Skeleton Archer 0008AD9A
Summon Skeleton Champ 0008AD9B
Summon Skeleton Hero 0008AD9C
Summon Spider Daedra 00015AD6
Summon Storm Atronach 00015ADD
Summon Wraith 00015AD2
Summon Wraith Gloom 0008AD9D
Summon Xivilai 00015AD4
Summon Zombie 00015AD1
Summoning Dremora Lord 00015ADB
Superior Convalescence 000C7668
Superior Detect Life 0008888E
Superior Magicka Drain 000888AB
Superior Self 00088897
Superior Soul Trap 0008AD95
Superior Spell Absorption 0008AD98
Superior Spell Reflection 00089903
Superior Wound 000888A8
Surfeit of Thieves 00024545
Suspicious Letter 0003C37E
Tamrielic Lore 0002457A
Tavern Hours 000C47BD
Telaendril's Ocheeva Note    00175F62 Telekinesis 0008ADA1
Ten Commands: Nine Divines 00024577
Terrifying Presence 00088889
The Amulet of Kings 00024578
The Argonian Account, Book 1 000243E2
The Argonian Account, Book 2 00024559
The Argonian Account, Book 3 00024407
The Argonian Account, Book 4 0002455A
The Armorer's Challenge 000243D9
The Art of War Magic 000243FA
The Black Arrow, v 1 000243CD
The Black Arrow, v 2 00024531
The Black Arts On Trial 00024539
The Book of Daedra 00024563
The Brothers of Darkness 00024586
The Buying Game 00024532
The Doors of Oblivion 000243F2
The Dragon Break 000243D5
The Eastern Provinces 00024565
The Exodus 0002453E
The Firmament 0002457B
The Firsthold Revolt 00024537
The Five Tenets 00024596
The Gold Ribbon of Merit 00024410
The Horrors of Castle Xyr 000243F7
The Importance of Where 000243EE
The Last King of the Ayleids 00058EEE
The Legendary Sancre Tor 00073A62
The Legendary Scourge 00024583
The Locked Room 00024541
The Lunar Lorkhan 000243D8
The Lusty Argonian Maid 00078562
The Madness of Pelagius 0002457D
The Mirror 000243E9
The Old Ways 0002458E
The Path of Transcendence 0003647E
The Pig Children 00024590
The Posting of the Hunt 00024585
The Ransom of Zarek 000243DE
The Real Barenziah, v 1 00024570
The Real Barenziah, v 2 00024571
The Real Barenziah, v 3 00024572
The Real Barenziah, v 4 00024573
The Real Barenziah, v 5 00024574
The Rear Guard 0002440B
The Red Book of Riddles 00024591
The Red Kitchen Reader 000243E0
The Refugees 0002440E
The Seed 000243FF
The Third Door 000243F3
The True Nature of Orcs 00024592
The Warp in the West 000243EC
The Warrior's Charge 000243F6
The Waters of Oblivion 00024593
The Wild Elves 00024594
The Wolf Queen, v 1 00024542
The Wolf Queen, v 2 000243FD
The Wolf Queen, v 3 00024406
The Wolf Queen, v 4 00024533
The Wolf Queen, v 5 0002454C
The Wolf Queen, v 6 00024546
The Wolf Queen, v 7 0002454E
The Wolf Queen, v 8 00024581
Thief 000243CA
Thief of Virtue 0001F112
Tome of Unlife 00003AA3
Torchlight 000898EF
Touch of Fear 0008888A
Touch of Frenzy 000888E1
Touch of Rage 000888E2
Tragic Accident! Baenlin Dead! 000732B7
Traitor's Diary 00003968
Transfer Orders 000C4A29
Transfer Orders 000982F1
Trials of St. Alessia 00024579
Turn Undead 0008ADA3
Undelivered Letter 000C794B
Vampire Nest in the City! 0006D6F3
Varieties of Daedra 0002457C
Vernaccus and Bourlor 0002452F
Vicente's Note to Ocheeva 000693D2
Voice of Dread 00088887
Voice of Rapture 00084AF0
Wanted Poster 000982EF
Warrior 000243EB
Water Breathing 0008ADA7
Waterfront Raid Fails! 0006D6F1
Waterfront Tax Records 000C4A2A
Waterfront Tax Records 00034875
Way of the Exposed Palm 00073A6A
Weakness to Disease 0008ADB0
Weakness to Fire 0008ADB1
Weakness to Frost 0008ADB2
Weakness to Magicka 0008ADB3
Weakness to Poison 0008ADB5
Weakness to Shock 0008ADB6
Weakness to Weapons 0008ADB4
Weathered Journal 000624D9
Winter's Grasp 000888ED
Withering Bolt 0008729F
Withering Touch 00088882
Withershins 0002453C
Words and Philosophy 000243E3
Worn, Faded Note 0002C500

Rating 1

Easy Destruction experience

After summoning a skeleton in an area with no other people around, use a low-power attack spell repeatedly on it.

Rating 1

Sell stolen items without joining the Thieves guild

  • Have a skill level of Journeyman in Mercantile and go to the Inn of Ill Omen. Talk to the proprietor and sell any stolen goods you have. He is the only normal merchant in the game that will purchase stolen goods. Also, invest in his shop so that he can buy more expensive stolen items.

  • Have two of the same items (for example, two fine steel longswords all with the same stats and health) and drop both of them. The game will not recognize them as stolen.

  • If you enchant a stolen item, the game no longer recognizes the item as stolen.

Rating 1

Different weapons on "Taking Care Of Lex" quest

While doing the "Taking Care Of Lex" quest for the Thieves Guild, you must scald the paper with Lex's seal. You will see a chest just beside the desk where the seal is. If you came in the door directly behind the chest, you will get an Elven longsword, Glass longsword, Orcish helmet, and a Mythril sheild. If you came in from the door upstairs, you will get an Elven longsword and Dwarven greaves. If you came in the exact entrance, you cannot open the chest.

Rating 1

Default weapon hint

After joining the Dark Brotherhood you will acquire the Blade Of Woe. It is classified as a quest item, and you cannot drop it. When on quests where all your belongings are taken from you, you will still have this dagger. Note: This does not work in prison.

Rating 1

Unicorn exploit

The unicorn offers tranquility and is unseasonably warm. If you have a unicorn, go to any city with a stable and stable the unicorn. Lock the unicorn inside while you are outside, then draw your weapon to make the unicorn mad. A guard will go inside the stable and start attacking the unicorn. Close the gate in after the guard while remaining outside. The unicorn will kill the guard and you can loot the body. Each guard has a key to his respective city. You can then fast travel to another city and repeat. Some of the stables have a way for the unicorn to get out, so beware. If the unicorn gets one attack in, it will probably kill you. The only way to kill unicorns is with daedric, magic, or silver weapons.

Rating 1

Mercantile increase hint

Go to the tents in Kvatch. Equip any weapon and get on horseback. After this, speak to the Orc woman with corn rows and sell the weapon to her. Your weapon will not be sold but you will get 200 gold every time you try this. It raises the mercantile skill while you make money.

Rating 1

Item Codes

Use the following entries with the player.additem code:

Rating 1

Undead enemies hint

To avoid trouble with ghosts, ghouls or other similar things that appear when you sleep, make it a habit of dropping a silver weapon in every inn you sleep in. Pick it up when you get attached by the monster, then drop it when finished. Note: This is especially useful if you get expelled from the Dark Brotherhood.

Rating 1

Damage Health potions hint

Having a tough time with strong monsters or opponents? Increase your Alchemy skill and learn to concoct potions to "Damage Health". Combine such potions with your most potent weapon and hit your enemy a couple times, then run off and wait until they die.

Rating 1

Easy completions in Imperial Arena

  • Get a bow or some decent spells and have at least 30 in Acrobatics. When the gate drops, run to your right toward where the right gate meets the fence. Jump onto the stone piece that juts out. Then, jump again to get on top of the little piece sticking out above it. Once on top, turn and fire on your helpless victims. When fighting mages or archers, stay on the ground and strafe behind the four central pillars for easy kills.

  • Go to the Imperial Arena and place a bet with the gatekeeper. The recommended amount to place is 100, as you are guaranteed to win. Then, go through the door up to the balcony where you watch the fights. While the announcer is giving the intro speech, Quick Save the game and let the fight go through. If your fighter doesn't win, select Quick Load. The fight will be different each time. Repeat this until you win the fight. This will always allow you to walk away with your pockets full.

Rating 1

Invisibility hint

Complete all the Mage Guild Recommendation Quests so that you can enter the Arcane University. Get five or more Grand Soul Gems and fill them with Grand Souls, then purchase a Chameleon spell such as Shroudwalk from a mage. Go to the place where you enchant weapons with the following: two rings, one necklace or amulet, and any two pieces of armor. Enchant the rings, amulet and armor with the Chameleon effect using the Grand Soul Gems to get 20% Chameleon for each of the equipment, for a total of 100%. Equip them all at once and you will be invisible to everyone. You can now steal directly from people and attack anything without fear of retaliation because they cannot see you. Use this to cause trouble around towns, finish quests or dungeons without getting in battles, or to defeat an enemy without getting hurt. Note: You must wear all the pieces at once to be 100% invisible. You can use any other type of equipment as long as there are at least five pieces and all have been enchanted using Grand Soul Gems. Some enemies might hit you once, but they will not do so again.

Rating 1


  • Perform the following to get a Katana and easily join the Brotherhood Of Evil. When you get out of the sewers after the emperor's assassination, go west to reach his heir. When you get there, speak with him and give him the necklace, then talk to him again and select "Assistance". He will then unlock his chest so you can take what you want. Make sure you get the new iron armor instead of the old things, the steel claymore, steel bow, and some potions. Also, make sure you are healed and have your Magika full. Then, start to beat up the monk climbing up and down the stairs with your Claymore. Run outside quickly after that. Take out your bow and wait until he comes out, then repeatedly shoot and slash him while healing and he will fall to his death. A message will appear stating than an unknown force has spotted your kill (or something similar to that effect). It is not the guards or a secret force that will kill you. Pick up the monk's weapon, which happens to be a strong Katana, and go back into the building and go to sleep. You should awake to a man in a black hood. He is part of the Brotherhood. Talk to him and he will eventually give you an initiation mission to become part of the Brotherhood. He will also give you a nice dagger.

  • Instead of killing Jauffre, as he is a main character, just fight with him then collect Martin. When you bring him to the Cloud Ruler temple, accept Jauffre's offer to join the Blades. You will now have access to their armory located in the east wing, directly to the left of the door. Inside you will find a supply of Blades Cuirass, Greaves, Gauntlets, Boots, and Helmets; as well as plenty of steel bows, steel arrows, the Akivari Katana, and the Akivari Dai Katana (two handed).

Rating 1

Free house in Imperial City

When you first arrive at the Imperial City, travel to the waterfront and walk onto the boat with two pirates on it. When the pirates attack you, run and find a guard. The guard will kill them for you and you will then have access to the ship. It is not considered a crime to enter the boat, and you can take whatever desired. During the Dark Brotherhood quest line, you must kill an elf called Baelin. Don't kill his manservant, Grom. Grom will attack you when you next visit the house. Leave the house and run for a guard. The guards will kill Grom and you can treat Baelin's house as your own.

Rating 1

Feeding on sleeping person

Having a good Sneak skill lets you feed from a sleeping person without waking them.

Rating 1

Umbra strategy

Go to Rindir's Staffs and purchase the staff called "Apotheosis". Do not use it. Instead, go to Old Bridge and make sure you have a bow and arrow. Go to the ruin that starts with a "V", then kill the minor creatures (mostly rats) and you will reach a campfire. The person in the room is Umbra. Do not attack yet. First, look at the broken pillar and get on top of it by jumping from the nearby table. Once on top, fire an arrow at her head. She will attack. Do not fall off or she will kill you. Fire two more arrows in her head. Note: She runs around very fast, so you must aim carefully. Then, take out Apotheosis and blast her a couple times to defeat her. You will get ebony armor and a great sword. It will help you if you are a vampire and are at least level 8.

Rating 1

Recommended vampire spells

A great spell is a Charm spell that has 100 points for Charm and only for two seconds. With those two effects, being e an apprentice is not required to use the spell, and it takes about 10 to 20 Magicka to cast. Make this spell if you plan on being a 100% vampire. This spell makes anyone like you, even if you are a 100% vampire. You can now keep your bonuses and be able to barter and get information without having to feed every day.

Rating 1

Free Iron arrows

Head to the arena in the Imperial city and watch the blue team archer shoot arrows. Half the time you can go in there, the arrows the archers shoots will be there and you can just take them without being labelled a thief. Note: You may want to save before attempting this.

Rating 1

Keeping the Staff of Everscamp and enchanting it into a weapon

Go to Leyawin and ask a someone about rumors to hear something about dealing with Rosentia Gallenus. Go to her house. When you entree you should see some Scamps. Do not kill them as they will respawn immediately. Speak with her and she will explain the Scamps. Follow the quest until you get at the shrine and must drop the Staff of Everscamp. Kill one of the Everscamps in the shrine room, go to loot his body, and place the staff on his body. A message will appear informing you to return to Rosentia Gallenus and tell her what happened. Loot the body of the Scamp and take back the Staff of Everscamp. If you just drop it near the shrine the game will not allow you to pick it back up. The Scamps should not follow if you fast travel. When you return to Rosentia Gallenus, she will give you the Ring of Eidolon's Edge, with leveled Block and Blade enchantments. To turn your blank staff into a weapon, you must either access to the Arcane University or own Frostcraig Spire. Just enchant it like any other weapon. If you need a Grand Soul Gem or better enchantments there is one inside the Arch-Mage's Lobby in a five tumbler display case.

Rating 1

Giant skull in Fort Redman

Go to Fort Redman, which is located along the riverbank southwest of Fieldhouse cave. Once inside, go forward until you see a bridge. The bridge lowers when you get near it, but a trap will also be sprung. Cross the bridge and continue straight. You should see a statue on a ledge. If you have a high enough Acrobatics skill, you can jump up to it. Behind the statue is a skull that is about four times the size of a regular skull.

Rating 1

Boots of Springheel Jak

Complete all the Thieves Guild quests until you get to the last one. The Gray Fox gives you the boots for an unknown reason. The reason is to fall down a fireplace without dying. If you are a high enough level or have other strong boots, you will not die from this fall. Just as you are falling, take off the boots and put on your best pair. If you wear the boots of Springheel Jak and land, they will break and become unrepairable. If you are strong enough, you will not die from the fall and can keep these incredible boots, which increase your acrobatics by 50.

Rating 1

Infinite recharge w/ duplicate items glitch

Perform the "Duplicate items" glitch on a soul gem. When an item is low on charge you can fully recharge it without having to buy more soul gems or doing soul trapping.

Rating 0

Grey Cowl

Go to Rindir's Staves and purchase a Mage's Hood (or get another piece of weightless head gear). Enchant it with any desired effect you want (a petty soul gem will do fine here), but it is recommended that it be a small, but beneficial enchantment since you do not want to kill the Gray Fox. Rename the enchanted hood anything that starts with two "A"s. When you get to the part of the Thieves' Guild quest line where you take contracts directly from the Gray Fox, reverse-pickpocket the weightless hood into the Gray Fox's inventory. Leave the house and wait a day. When you return, he will have the hood equipped. NPCs normally equip the first item per apparel slot in their inventory, which is usually listed alphabetically. Gray Fox is such an NPC. This will leave the Gray Cowl open for pick pocketing. You will get expelled from the guild, but as long as you wear the Gray Cowl when talking to any guild members, they will not notice.

Rating 0

Strong bow and enchanted arrows in Brindle Home

Go to Brindle Home, north of Skingrad, to find a man named Torbal The Sufficient. Kill him and loot his corpse to get tons of enchanted arrows and the Bow of Blizzards. This is an enchanted bow that does 20 points of ice damage. If you equip this bow and the Arrow of the North Winds, which does 60 points of damage on its own, you will have a very strong bow.

Rating 0

Location Codes: Part 2

Input any of the following values into the "player.coc " code:

Ganredhel's House - CheydinhalGanredhelsHouse
Garlas Agea - GarlasAgea
Geem Jasaiin's Basement - ICElvenGardensGeemJasaiinsHouseBasement
Geem Jasaiin's House - ICElvenGardensGeemJasaiinsHouse
Geem Jasaiin's Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensGeemJasaiinsHouseUpstairs
Gilen Norvalo's Basement - ICTempleDistrictGilenNorvalosBasement
Gilen Norvalo's House - ICTempleDistrictGilenNorvalosHouse
Gilen Norvalo's Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictGilenNorvalosHouseUpstairs
Glademist Cave - GlademistCave
Glarthir's Basement - SkingradGlarthirsBasement
Glarthir's House - SkingradGlarthirsHouse
Goblin Jim's Cave - GoblinJimsCave
Goblin Jim's Pantry - GoblinJimsCave03
Goblin Jim's Whiteskin City - GoblinJimsCave02
Gogan's House - AnvilGogansHouse
Gottlefont House - GottlefontHouse
Gottlefont Priory - GottlefontPrioryMonastery
Gottshaw Inn - GottshawInnTavern
Graman gro-Marad's Basement - ICTempleDistrictGramangroMaradsBasement
Graman gro-Marad's House - ICTempleDistrictGramangroMaradsHouse
Graman gro-Marad's Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictGramangroMaradsHouseUpstairs
Grateful Pass Stables - SkingradGratefulPassStables
Grayrock Cave - GrayrockCave
Grayrock Shambles - GrayrockCave02
Great Chapel of Mara - BravilChapelofMara
Great Chapel of Talos - BrumaChapel
Great Hall - KvatchCastleRooms
Great Wold Interior - GretWold
Greenmead Cave - GreenmeadCave
Greenmead Inky Grottos - GreenmeadCave03
Greenmead Soggy Hollow - GreenmeadCave02
Greyland - Greyland
Grey-Throat's Basement - ICTempleDistrictGreyThroatsBasement
Grey-Throat's House - ICTempleDistrictGreyThroatsHouse
Grey-Throat's Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictGreyThroatsHouseUpstairs
Guard House - ICElvenGardensGuardHouse
Guard House Basement - ICElvenGardensGuardHouseBasement
Guard House Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensGuardHouseUpstairs
Guildmaster's Quarters - ICWaterfrontDarelothsHouseUpstairs
Gutted Mine - GuttedMine
Gweden Farm - GwedenFarmInterior
Gweden Farm Basement - GwedenFarmBasement
Hackdirt Caverns - HackdirtCaverns
Hagaer's Basement - ICTempleDistrictHagaersBasement
Hagaer's House - ICTempleDistrictHagaersHouse
Hagaer's Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictHagaersHouseUpstairs
Hall of Combat - WarehouseCombatHall
Hall of Epochs - ImperialSewerSystemTG11c
Hall of Epochs - ImperialSewerSystemTG11d
Halls of Dark Hate - OblivionRD002Hall02Lava
Halls of Eternal Twilight - OblivionRD004CitadelLeftHall01
Halls of Eternal Twilight - OblivionRD004CitadelRightHall01
Halls of Nonungalo - Nonungalo02
Halls of Shame - OblivionRD004CitadelLeftHall02
Halls of Shame - OblivionRD004CitadelRightHall02
Hame - Hame
Hame Silasel - Hame03
Hame Wendesel - Hame02
Hammer and Axe - BrumaHammerAndAxe
Hammer and Tongs - SkingradHammerAndTongs
Hammer and Tongs Basement - SkingradHammerAndTongsBasement
Hanz gro-Hubrag's House - BlankenMarchHouse02
Harborside Warehouse - AnvilHarborsideWarehouse
Harm's Folly - HarmFolly
Hastrel Ottus' Basement - ICTempleDistrictHastrelOttusHouseBasement
Hastrel Ottus' House - ICTempleDistrictHastrelOttusHouse
Hastrel Ottus' Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictHastrelOttusHouseUpstairs
Haunted Caverns - HauntedMIne02
Haunted Mine - HauntedMine
Haynote Basin Galleries - HaynoteCave02
Haynote Cave - HaynoteCave
Haynote Winding Sump - HaynoteCave03
Heinrich Oaken-Hull's House - AnvilHeinrichOakenHallsHouse
Helvius Cecia's House - BrumaHelviusCeciasHouse
Helvo Atius' Basement - ICTalosPlazaHelvoAtiusHouseBasement
Helvo Atius' House - ICTalosPlazaHelvoAtiusHouse
Helvo Atius' Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaHelvoAtiusHouseUpstairs
Henantier's Dream - DreamHub
Henantier's House - BravilHenantiersHouse
Herminia Cinna's Basement - ICElvenGardensHerminiaCinnasHouseBasement
Herminia Cinna's House - ICElvenGardensHerminiaCinnasHouse
Herminia Cinna's Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensHerminiaCinnasHouseUpstairs
Hidey-hole for Wabbajack target - WabbajackHole
Honditar's House - ChorrolHonditarsHouse
Honmund's House - BrumaHonmundsHouse
Horn Cave - HornCave
Horn Cave Grottoes - HornCave03
Horn Cave Still Pools - HornCave02
Horse Whisperer Stables - AnvilHorseWhisperer
House For Sale - BravilHouseforSale
House for Sale - BrumaHouseForSale
House for Sale - CheydinhalHouseForSale
House for Sale - LeyawiinHouseForSale
Howling Cave - HowlingCave
Howling Cave Lower Galleries - HowlingCave02
Hrol Ulfgar's House - BleakersWayHrolUlfgarsHouse
Hrota Cave - HrotaCave
Hrotanda Vale - HrotandaVale
Hrotanda Vale Sanctum - HrotandaVale02
Hurricane - OblivionRD002Tower02Right
Ida Vlinorman's Basement - ICElvenGardensIdaVlinormansHouseBasement
Ida Vlinorman's House - ICElvenGardensIdaVlinormansHouse
Ida Vlinorman's Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensIdaVlinormansHouseUpstairs
Imperial Battlemage's Chambers - ICPalaceOcatoChambers
Imperial Bridge Inn - ImperialBridgeInnTavern
Imperial City Arena - ICArena
Imperial City Arena - ICArenaGrandChampion
Imperial City Arena - ICArenaSpectators
Imperial Guard Quarters - ICPalaceGuardQuarters
Imperial Legion Barracks - ICImperialLegionHQBarracks
Imperial Legion Basement - ICImperialLegionHQBasement
Imperial Legion Offices - ICImperialLegionHQMessHall
Imperial Orrery - ICArcaneUniversityImperialOrrery
Imperial Prison - Dark04Dungeon01
Imperial Prison - ImperialDungeon01
Imperial Substructure - ImperialDungeon04
Imperial Subterrane - Dark04Dungeon02
Imperial Subterrane - ImperialDungeon02
Imperial Trading Company Office - ICWaterfrontImpTradingCoOffice
Imperial Trading Company Office Basement - ICWaterfrontImpTradingCoOfficeBasement
Imperial Trading Company Private Storage - ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo02WarehouseUpstairs
Imperial Trading Company Private Storage - ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo03WarehouseUpstairs
Imperial Trading Company Warehouse - ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo02Warehouse
Imperial Trading Company Warehouse - ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo03Warehouse
Imperial Trading Company Warehouse Basement - ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo02Basement
Imperial Trading Company Warehouse Basement - ICWaterfrontImpTradingCo03Basement
Imperial Villa - ImperialVilla
Imperial Watch Barracks - ICArcaneUniversityImperialWatchtowerGuardsQuarters
Imperial Watch Barracks - ICWaterfrontLighthouseGuardQuarters
Imperial Watchtower - ICArcaneUniversityImperialWatchtower
Infested Mine - InfestedMine
Infested Mine Old Works - InfestedMine02
Infested Mine Spent Galleries - InfestedMine03
Iniel Sintav's Basement - ICElvenGardensInielSintavsHouseBasement
Iniel Sintav's House - ICElvenGardensInielSintavsHouse
Iniel Sintav's Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensInielSintavsHouseUpstairs
Inn of Ill Omen - InnIllOmen
Inn of Ill Omen Private Quarters - InnIllOmenBasement
Inner Bramblepoint Cave - BramblePointCave02
Irene Metrick's Basement - ICElvenGardensIreneMetricsHouseBasement
Irene Metrick's House - ICElvenGardensIreneMetricsHouse
Irene Metrick's Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensIreneMetricsHouseUpstairs
Irroki the Wide's House - PellGateIrrokitheWidesHouse
Isolated House - IsolatedHouse
Istrius Brolus' Basement - BrumaIstriusBrolusBasement
Istrius Brolus' House - BrumaIstirusBrolusHouse
Jair's Shack - ICWaterfrontJairsShack
Jakben Imbel's Basement - ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouseBasement
Jakben Imbel's House - ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouse
Jakben Imbel's Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouseTop
Jakben Imbel's Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaJakbenImbelHouseUpstairs
Jastia Sintav's Basement - ICElvenGardensJastiaSintavsHouseBasement
Jastia Sintav's House - ICElvenGardensJastiaSintavsHouse
Jastia Sintav's Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensJastiaSintavsHouseUpstairs
J'Bari's House - LeyawiinJBarisHouse
J'Bari's House 2nd Floor East - LeyawiinJBarisHouse2ndFloorEast
J'Bari's House 2nd Floor West - LeyawiinJBarisHouse2ndFloorWest
Jearl's Basement - BrumaJearlsHouseBasement
Jearl's House - BrumaJearlsHouse
Jeetum Ze's Room - LeyawiinBlackwoodRoom01
Jensine's "Good as New" Merchandise - ICMarketDistrictJensinesGoodasNewMerchandise
Jensine's Basement - ICMarketDistrictJensinesGoodasBasement
Jensine's Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictJensinesGoodasUpstairs
Jerall View Inn - BrumaJerallView
Jerall View Inn - BrumaJerallViewBasement
Jesan Sextius' House - AnvilJesanSextiusHouse
J'Ghasta's House - BrumaJGhastasHouse
Jirolin Doran's Basement - ChorrolJirolinDoransBasement
Jirolin Doran's House - ChorrolJirolinDoransHouse
Jiv Hiriel's House - HackdirtJivHirielsHouse
J'mhad's Basement - ICTempleDistrictJmhadsBasement
J'mhad's House - ICTempleDistrictJmhadsHouse
J'mhad's Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictJmhadsHouseUpstairs
J'Riska's House - BorderWatchJriskasHouse
Kastus Sintav's Basement - ICElvenGardensKastusSintavsHouseBasement
Kastus Sintav's House - ICElvenGardensKastusSintavsHouse
Kastus Sintav's Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensKastusSintavsHouseUpstairs
Kemen - Kemen
Kemen Varlasel - Kemen02
Kindred Cave - KindredCavern
Kindred Cave Runways - KindredCavern02
Kindred Cave Winding Hollows - KindredCavern03
Kingscrest Cavern - KingscrestCavern
Kingscrest Cavern Basin Chambers - KingscrestCavern03
Kingscrest Cavern Chert Galleries - KingscrestCavern02
Kingscrest Withered Forest - KingscrestCavern04
Knights of the Thorn Basement - CheydinhalKnightsBasement
Knights of the Thorn Headquarters - CheydinhalKnightsoftheThorn
Kvatch Castle Great Hall - KvatchCastle
Kvinchal's Shack - ICWaterfrontKvinchalsShack
Lair of Anaxes - ParadiseAnaxesCave
Lake Arrius Caverns - LakeArriusCaverns
Landslide - OblivionRD002Tower03Left
Lazare Milvan's Basement - SkingradLazareMilvansBasement
Lazare Milvan's House - SkingradLazareMilvansHouse
Leafrot Cave - LeafrotCave
Leafrot Hollow - LeafrotCave02
Lelles' Quality Merchandise - AnvilLellesQualityMerchandise
Lelles' Quality Merchandise Basement - LellesQuailityMerchandiseBasement
Leyawiin Mages' Guild - LeyawiinMagesGuild
Lighthouse - ICWaterfrontLighthousePrivateQuarters
Lighting Warehouse - WarehouseLight
Lindai - Lindai01
Lindai Inner Tombs - Lindai02
Lipsand Tarn - LipsandTarn
Lipsand Tarn Lorsel - LipsandTarn02
Llevana Nedaren's House - CheydinhalLlevanaNedarensHouse
Llevana Nedarens House Basement - CheydinhalLlevanaNedarensBasement
Lockpick Warehouse - WarehouseLock
Lord Drad's Estate - LordDradsEstateFarm
Lords Manor - BrumaCastleLordsManor
Lord's Manor North Wing - BravilCastlePrivateQuartersNorthWing
Lords' Manor Private Quarters - LeyawiinCastlePrivateQuarters
Lords Rugdumph's Estate - LordRugdumphEstate
Lorkmir's Basement - ICElvenGardensLorkmirsHouseBasement
Lorkmir's House - ICElvenGardensLorkmirsHouse
Lorkmir's Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensLorkmirsHouseUpstairs
Lost Black Rock Chasm - BlackRockCaverns03
Lost Boy Canyon - LostBoyCaverns02
Lost Boy Cavern - LostBoyCaverns
Lost Boy's Hidden Bastion - LostBoyCaverns05
Lost Boy's Yawning Halls - LostBoyCaverns03
Lower Arrowshaft Cavern - ArrowshaftCavern02
Lower Breakneck Cave - BreakneckCave02
Lower Class Clutter Warehouse - WareHouseLowerClass
Luciana Galena's House - BravilLucianaGalenaHouse
Luronk gro-Glurzog's Basement - ICTempleDistrictLuronkgroGlurzogsBasement
Luronk gro-Glurzog's House - ICTempleDistrictLuronkgroGlurzogsHouse
Luronk gro-Glurzog's Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictLuronkgroGlurzogsUpstairs
Lustratorium - ICArcaneUniversityAlchemyHeadquarters
Lustratorium Upper Level - ICArcaneUniversityAlchemyHeadquartersUpstairs
Luther Broad's Boarding House - ICElvenGardensLutherBroadsBoardingHouse
Luther Broad's Boarding House Basement - ICElvenGardensLutherBroadsBasement
Luther Broad's Boarding House Rooms - ICElvenGardensLutherBroadsRooms
Lyra Rosentia's House - BrumaLyraRosentiasHouse
Mach-Na's Books - CheydinhalMachNasBooks
Mackamentain - Mackamentain
Mage Quarters - ICArcaneUniversityMageQuarters
Mage Quarters Basement - ICArcaneUniversityMageQuartersBasement
Mage Quarters Upper Level - ICArcaneUniversityMageQuartersUpstairs
Mages' Guild - CheydinhalMagesGuild
Mages Guild 2nd Floor East - LeyawiinMagesGuildLibrary
Mages Guild 2nd Floor West - LeyawiinMagesGuildLaboratory
Mages Guild 3rd Floor East - LeyawiinMagesGuildPrivateQuarter
Mages Guild Basement - CheydinhalMagesGuildBasement
Mages Guild Basement - ChorrolMagesGuildBasement
Mages Guild Basement - LeyawiinMagesGuildBasement
Mages Guild Basement - SkingradMagesGuildBasement
Mages Guild Library - AnvilMagesGuildLibrary
Mages Guild Library - ChorrolMagesGuildLibrary
Mages Guild Living Quarters - AnvilMagesGuildLivingQuarters
Mages Guild Living Quarters - BrumaMagesGuildBasement
Mages Guild Living Quarters - BrumaMagesGuildBasementDestroyed
Mages Guild Living Quarters - ChorrolMagesGuildLivingQuarters
Mages Guild Living Quarters - SkingradMagesGuildLivingQuarters
Mages Guild Well - CheydinhalMagesGuildWell
Magrum gra-Orum's Basement - CheydinhalOrumHouseBasement
Magrum gra-Orum's House - CheydinhalOrumHouse
Mahei's House - LeyawiinMaheisHouse
Mahei's House 2nd Floor East - LeyawiinMaheisHouse2ndFloorEast
Mahei's House 2nd Floor West - LeyawiinMaheisHouse2ndFloorWest
Malada - Malada01
Malada Aldmerisel - Malada02
Malintus Ancrus' House - ChorrolMalintusAncrusHouse
Malyani Dalvilu's House - BleakersWayMalyaniDalvilusHouse
Marana Rian's Basement - ICTempleDistrictMaranaRiansBasement
Marana Rian's House - ICTempleDistrictMaranaRiansHouse
Marana Rian's Private Quarters - ICTempleDistrictMaranaRiansHouseUpstairs
Margarte's House - LeyawiinMargartesHouse
Marie Alouette's House - WatersEdgeMarieAlouettesHouse
Marie Elena Lower Deck - ICWaterfrontMarieElenaLowerDeck
Marie Elena Mid Deck - ICWaterfrontMarieElenaMidDeck
Marinus Catiotus' Basement - ICElvenGardensMarinusCatiotusHouseBasement
Marinus Catiotus' House - ICElvenGardensMarinusCatiotusHouse
Marinus Catiotus' Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensMarinusCatiotusHouseUpstairs
Marlena Brussiner's Basement - HackdirtMarlenaBrussinersBasement
Marlena Brussiner's House - HackdirtMarlenaBrussinersHouse
Matthias Draconis' Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaMatthiasDraconisHouseUpstairs
Matthias Draconis' Basement - ICTalosPlazaMatthiasDraconisHouseBasement
Matthias Draconis' House - ICTalosPlazaMatthiasDraconisHouse
M'dasha's House - BorderWatchMdashasHouse
M'dirr's House - BorderWatchMdirrsHouse
Meat Harbor - OblivionMqKvatchSmallTower02
Meat Harbor - OblivionRD007SmallTower01
Melus Petilius' House - MelusPetilusHouse
Memorial Cave - MemorialCave
Methredhel's House - ICWaterfrontMethredhelsHouse
Middle Class Clutter Warehouse - WarehouseMiddleClass
Mingo Cave - MingoCave
Mire of Ash - OblivionRDCavesEnd01
Mire of Ash - OblivionRDCavesEnd03
Mire of Ash - OblivionRDCavesEnd05
Mire of Ash - OblivionRDCavesEnd07
Miscarcand - Miscarcand01
Miscarcand Welkynd Stone Room - XXXMiscarcand05
Miscarcand, Morimath - Miscarcand03
Miscarcand, Sel Vanua - Miscarcand02
Modryn Oreyn's House - ChorrolModrynOreynsHouse
Molten Halls - OblivionRD004Caves
Molten Halls - OblivionRDCavesMiddleA01
Molten Halls - OblivionRDCavesMiddleA03
Molten Halls - OblivionRDCavesMiddleA05
Molten Halls - OblivionRDCavesMiddleA07
Mongrel's Tooth Cave - MongrelsToothCave
Monk's Quarters - TempleOfTheAncestorMothFarm
Morahame - Morahame
Moranda - Moranda
Moranda Abaspania - Moranda03
Moranda Aratasel - Moranda02
Morvayn's Peacemakers - AnvilMorvaynsPeacemakers
Moslin's Basement - HackdirtMoslinsDryGoodsBasement
Moslin's Dry Goods - HackdirtMoslinsDryGoods
Moslin's Guest Rooms - HackdirtMoslinsInnRoom02B
Moslin's Inn - HackdirtMoslinsInn
Moslin's Room - HackdirtMoslinsInnRoom01
Moss Rock Cavern - MossRockCavern
Moth Priest's Quarters - ICPalacePrivateQuarters
Mouth of the Serpent - PalePass
Muck Valley Cavern - MuckValleyCavern
Mystic Archives - ICArcaneUniversityMysticArchives
Mystic Archives Upper Level - ICArcaneUniversityMysticArchivesUpstairs
Mystic Emporium - ICMarketDistrictMysticEmporium
Mystic Emporium Basement - ICMarketDistrictMysticEmporiumBasement
Mystic Emporium Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictMysticEmporiumUpstairs
Myvryna Arano's House - ICWaterfrontMyvrynaAranoHouse
Nagastani - Nagastani
Nagastani Sedorsel - Nagastani02
Narfinsel - Narfinsel
Natch Pinder's House - HackdirtNatchPindersHouse
Natural Caverns - ImperialDungeon05
Necromancer's Asylum - Mackamentain03
Nenalata - Nenalata
Nenalata Sel Aran Arpena - Nenalata03
Nenalata Wendesel - Nenalata02
Nenyond Twyll - NenyondTwyll
Nenyond Twyll Riellesel - NenyondTwyll02
Nerastarel's House - SkingradNerastarelsHouse
Nerastarel's House Upstairs - SkingradNerastarelsHouseUpstairs
Newheim the Portly's House - AnvilNewheimThePortlysHouse
Newlands Lodge - CheydinhalNewlandsLodge
Newt Cave - NewtCave
Newt Cave Breezeways - NewtCave03
Newt Cave Chapels of Light - NewtCave02
Ninendava - Ninendava
Niryastare - Niryastare
Niryastare Silaseli - Niryastare02
Nisin Cave - NisinCave
Nivan Dalvilu's House - BleakersWayNivalDalvilusHouse
Nonungalo - Nonungalo
Nonwyll Cavern - NonwyllCavern
Nonwyll Chamber of the Titans - NonwyllCavern02
Nord Winds - BrumaNordWinds
Nornal - Nornal
Nornal Ageasel - Nornal02
Nornal Goriluch - Nornal03
Nornal Varlasel - Nornal04
Nornalhorst - Nornalhorst
Nornalhorst Sel Gandrevla - Nornalhorst02
North Country Stables - ChorrolNorthCountryStables
North Watch Barracks - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNGuardQuarters
North Watch Barracks - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNTopGuardQuarters
North Watch Captain's Quarters - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNCaptainsQuarters
North Watch Tower - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerN
Northeast Wall Tower - ChorrolCastleWallTowerNE
Northeast Watch Barracks - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNEGuardQuarters
Northeast Watch Barracks - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNETopGuardQuarters
Northeast Watch Captain's Quarters - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNECaptainsQuarters
Northeast Watch Tower - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNE
Northern Goods and Trade - ChorrolNorthernGoodsAndTrade
Northwest Wall Tower - ChorrolCastleWallTowerNW
Northwest Watch Tower - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNW
Northwest Watch Barracks - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNWGuardQuarters
Northwest Watch Barracks - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNWTopGuardQuarters
Northwest Watch Captain's Quarters - ICImperialLegionWatchTowerNWCaptainsQuarters
Novaroma - BrumaNovaroma
NPC Combat AI Warehouse - WarehouseNPCCombatAI
Oaken-Hull's Private Rooms - AnvilHeinrichOakenHallsHouseSecondFloor
Object Avoidance Warehouse - WarehouseObjectAvoid
Odiil Farm - OdiilFarm
Office of Imperial Commerce - ICMarketDistrictOfficeofImperialCommerce
Office of Imperial Commerce Basement - ICMarketDistrictOfficeBasement
Office of Imperial Commerce Private Quarters - ICMarketDistrictOfficeUpstairs
Oghash Gra-Magul's House - CheydinhalMagulHouse
Ohtimbar's House - CheydinhalOhtimbarsHouse
Olav's Tap and Tack - BrumaOlavsTapAndTack
Ondo - Ondo
Ondo Canohaelia - Ondo02
One Stop Bandit Shop - WarehouseCaveBandit
Ongar's House - BrumaOngarsHouse
Ontus Vanin's Basement - ICTalosPlazaOntusVaninsHouseBasement
Ontus Vanin's House - ICTalosPlazaOntusVaninsHouse
Ontus Vanin's Private Quarters - ICTalosPlazaOntusVaninsHouseUpstairs
Onyx Canyon Bridge - OnyxCaverns02
Onyx Caverns - OnyxCaverns
Ormil's Cabin - ICWaterfrontTheBloatedFloatCabin
Othrelos' Basement - ICElvenGardensOthrelosHouseBasement
Othrelos' House - ICElvenGardensOthrelosHouse
Othrelos' Private Quarters - ICElvenGardensOthrelosHouseUpstairs
Otumeel's House - LeyawiinOtumeelsHouse
Outlaw Endre's Cave - OutlawEndresCave
Outlaw Endre's Hideout - OutlawEndresCave02

Rating 0

Extra arrow damage hint

Enter Sneak mode, then sneak up behind the enemy you wish to kill. Do not let him see or detect you. You must be some distance away. While in Sneak mode, take out your bow and launch an arrow at the target. When the arrow is in mid-flight, immediately enter your inventory and equip any bladed weapon. Notice that the damage of the blade is added to your sneak (in this case, arrow) damage. You must be at a far enough distance to have time to enter your inventory and equip a bladed weapon while the arrow is in mid-flight.

Rating 0

Good weapon hint

Fill a Black Soul Gem with a Human Soul, then take an non-enchanted weapon and give it shock damage, fire damage, or frost damage. Then, give it weakness to whatever damage you just gave it. When you swing the first time, it will do the fire, frost, or shock damage then give them a weakness to it. The second swing will do much more damage.

Rating 0

Unnamed sword hint

Use the ''Duplicate items'' trick on a paintbrush. After gathering at least twenty paint brushes, go outside of ''A Fighting Chance'' in the Imperial City Market District at midnight and drop a paintbrush. Notice that it will float. Get on top of the brush and repeat the process to form a set of stairs. Once you get high enough to reach the top of the A Fighting Chance store, get on top of the building and find a chest that is locked. The lockpick level is very difficult. Lockpick it and look inside to find an odd sword without a name. The sword has no attack, breaks easily, and cannot be sold.

Rating 0

Easy Hand-To-Hand experience

  • Note: 100% or more Invisibility or Chameleon is required. This is done by either enchanting a number of armor, rings, or amulets, or entering an Oblivion Gate and repeatedly reloading the game until you find the Sigil Stone that offers Silence and Chameleon. After you get that stone, use the "Duplicate item" glitch and you can now instantly enchant your items without the trouble of finding Soul Gems and Souls. Now that you have Invisibility, go up to a guard and start beating him up using hand-to-hand combat. When he dies, more guards will keep spawning. You can just keep beating on them. You can also find a character that is marked with a crown that will not die, and only becomes unconscious. Since they do not see you, it is not bad. Also, they never die, so you can endlessly hit them until you master Hand-To-Hand. Your skill increases about every 20 seconds or more, depending on how high your skill level already is.

  • Go to the Arena district in the Imperial City to find two NPCs (an Argonian and an Imperial woman) fighting. Stand close to them for a minute. Your Hand-To-Hand skill will increase by 5. Note: This can only be done once.

  • While in the Fighting Guild, you can watch to people training and your blade and block will increase.

Rating 0

The Purification quest hint

  • On the "The Purification" quest for the Dark Brotherhood, use the following trick to kill some of the members in the sanctuary easily, such as Ocheeva and Vincent. First, get your Disposition with them as high as possible, then sneak attack them with a dagger. Before they have a time to retaliate, propose a yield. You can repeatedly attack and yield until they are killed.

  • To easily kill Vicente, get plenty of garlic. Pick pocket him, and shove all the garlic into his pocket. This will work best if you have high magic, preferably with fire spells.

Rating 0

Easy Combat experience

For an easy Strength Bonus modifier and Combat experience, go to the Imperial City Market District near the gate to the central circular plaza where there are ramps leading down to a pond area. Stand in the water at the base of the ramp (not submerged or you cannot conjure) and, while facing up the ramp, summon skeleton conjuration magic. It will summon behind you in the water. If it is on the ramp in front of you, simply push it in the water. The skeleton will not fight back while submerged in the water. Purchase a very basic weapon of each class and set the difficulty to very hard. Raise your hand-to-hand, blade, and blunt skill by ten levels in total, not each one. Then rest at the Merchants Inn. It helps if you include two of these skills as your major skills. Each level you will get the +5 strength modifier, and can easily get to 100 Strength within the first ten levels if you start the game with summon skeleton. Try this trick with other stronger summon monsters for later levels. This is also an easy way to build conjuration and if you have the patience and arrows, Marksman experience.

Rating 0

Multiple summoning hint

Summon a creature and have Wabbajack in hand. When you summon the creature, you can cast Wabbajack on it to change it to something else. You can then summon it again and the first creature will remain.

Rating 0

Bloodgrass hint

Once the main quest is completed and you cannot obtainfresh Bloodgrass, if you still have not done Boetha's Shrine quest, then there is still one Oblivion gate remaining. Offer a Deadric Heart at his shrine and he will send you into a tournament in Oblivion where Bloodgrass can be found.

Rating 0

Easy Armor experience

  • After lowering the difficulty down to zero, equip your heavy armor and let a weak monster (such as a rat) pummel you. When your health gets low, heal yourself (this also helps with Restoration). When you get strong enough, let a human hit you. You will level up about every ten to fifty seconds, depending on how many monsters or people are hitting you.

  • After you join the Blades as part of the main quest, attack one of the other Blades so that they will attack you. Instead of killing them, let them attack you without blocking and your armor level will skyrocket as compared to normal combat. If you can, restore your health with magic or food. When ready to stop, yield and they will stop attacking. Go into the west wing and sleep to heal and level. Note: There is a hefty fine afterward.

Rating 0

Easy Speech experience

Find a person whom you do not care about them liking you (preferably a guard) and go into persuade mode. Then, rapidly rotate the Left Analog-stick and tap X. It does not matter what you pick; just rotate and tap. In about five minutes you can go over level 40 Speech.

Rating 0


Note: Characters with Resist Disease abilities are less likely to be infected.

Astral Vapors Dread Zombie - Damage Magicka 15 points, Stunted Magicka, Weakness to Magicka 25%
Ataxia Zombie - Drain Strength 5 points, Drain Agility 5 points
Black-Heart Blight Headless Zombie - Drain Strength 10 points, Drain Endurance 10 points
Blood lung Rat - Drain Endurance 5 points
Bone Break Fever Rat - Drain Strength 5 points
BrainRot Rat - Drain Strength 5 points
Brown Rot Zombie - Drain Strength 5 points, Drain Personality 5 points
Cannibal's Prion Beating Heart from Unearthing Mehrunes Razor. - Drain Agility 20 points, Drain Intelligence 20 points
Chanthrax Blight Boar, Headless Zombie - Drain Agility 10 points, Drain Speed 10 points
Chills Headless Zombie - Drain Intelligence 10 points, Drain Agility 10 points, Drain Willpower 10 points
Collywobbles Headless Zombie - Drain Strength 10 points, Drain Endurance 10 points, Drain Speed 10 points
Dampworm Deer, Zombie - Drain Speed 5 points
Droops Sheep, Zombie - Drain Agility 5 points
Feeble Limb Rat - Drain Strength 5 points
Greenspore Slaughterfish, Zombie - Drain Personality 10 points
Helljoint Wolf, Zombie - Drain Agility 10 points, Drain Speed 10 points
Porphyric Hemophilia Vampires, Beating Heart from Unearthing Mehrunes Razor - Damage Fatigue 5 points, Vampirism (after a three day incubation period)
Rattles Headless Zombie - Drain Agility 10 points, Drain Willpower 10 points
Red Rage Rat - Drain Strength 5 points, Drain Willpower 5 points
Rockjoint Zombie - Drain Agility 10 points
Rust Chancre Zombie - Drain Personality 5 points, Drain Speed 5 points
Serpiginous Dementia Headless Zombie - Drain Intelligence 10 points, Drain Personality 10 points, Drain Willpower 5 points
Shakes Rat - Drain Agility 5 points
Swamp Fever Mudcrab, Headless Zombie - Drain Strength 10 points, Drain Endurance 10 points
Ticklebritch None (CS only) - Drain Endurance 5 points, Drain Personality 15 points
Tunnel Cough Mine Workers from Unearthing Mehrunes Razor - Drain Sneak 15 points
Witbane Dog, Zombie - Drain Intelligence 5 points
Wither Mountain Lion, Headless Zombie - Drain Strength 5 points, Drain Endurance 10 points
Witless Pox Rat - Drain Intelligence 5 points
Yellow Tick Black Bear, Brown Bear, Headless Zombie - Drain Strength 5 points, Drain Speed 10 points

Rating 0

Brother Good Betrayed quest hint

While in Bruma, the house on the right behind the temple (coming from the east gate) will have a guard in front of it. The guard will tell you that someone has been murdered. Later, when you go in, there will be a woman and two guards. One of the guards will let you have a dialogue menu so you can select a response. You may have to bribe the guard to let you conduct your own investigation. After you speak with the woman, she tells you that her husband was murdered by a vampire hunter (though she does not think he was a vampire). She tells you to find out more by finding the vampire hunter. To find where he is you can just talk to innkeepers, but he will always be in the Sac And Tap to the left of the east gate. Do not bribe the owner of the Sac And Tap because he will never tell you where he is. To get him to give you the key to the vampire hunter's room, get the spell in the basement of the house of the widow. Use the charm spell on the Sac And Tap owner and he will happily give you the key. When you go into his room in the back, there is a book behind a table. Take the book to the guard you spoke to at the widow's house. He will then tell you to meet him outside the Sac And Tap. When you do this, he will tell you that the vampire hunter has made a break for a cave beyond the town. You may find three guards in the fields fighitng each other. If you see this happening, you may want to wait it out and take their armor. There also may be one or two bandits on the way that are relatively easy to defeat. You will need a very high Acrobatic or Agility skill for the next part. Right after you see the vampire hunter stepping out of the side cave, shoot a fireball or snowball at him and run out of the cave. He should follow you. Run all the way back to Bruma. If you go in, he will follow and the guards will not hesitate to take him out. It is easier to get away from the vampire hunter if you jump as much as you can and quickly run in a zig-zag pattern. It will also be helpful if you cast healing or protecting spells on yourself during the sprint back to Bruma. If done correctly, you can finish the mission with very little skill or strength.

Rating 0

Non-random Sigil Stones hint

While in Sigillum Sanguis (the Sigil Keep at the top of an Oblivion Citadel), save the game while standing in front of the Sigil Stone. If the effects of the stone you get are not to your liking, load from the point before grabbing it. The Sigil Stone you get is chosen at random upon removing it.

Rating 0

Nirnroot hints

  • To easily find the plant Nirnroot, find a body of water (in a city or out in the world) and travel along the edge of the water. Nirnroot tends to grow very close to rocks, usually when two or more are set directly next to each other. Since the Nirnroot likes to grow in shady areas, it can also be found in locations like under bridges or next to statues. However, for the most part, you will find it right up against rocks shielding it from the sun. A good place to start would be to go to Weye (just outside the Imperial City) and travel around the river/moat that surrounds the city.

  • Rather than wander all around Cyrodyl looking for Nirnroot, just put it in the ingredients duplicate chest that you get when you finish the Mage's Guild.

Rating 0

Max spell levels hint

Access to the arcane university is required so that you can use the spell making altars. These altars can be found in the praxographical center. Make the following spells to upgrade the corresponding spell type:

Repeatedly cast the spell you have created by tapping the cast button continuously and you can get all your magic levels up to 100. Note that if you use the fire damage spell, it has to actually hit a target, hopefully a high level monster so that you don't have to stop.

Fire Damage (lowest possible magnitude) Destruction
Heal Self (lowest possible magnitude) Restoration
Life detect (1 second) Mysticism
Light (1 second, lowest range) Illusion
Shield (lowest magnitude, 1 second) Alteration
Summon Dagger (1 second) Conjuration

Rating 0

Sigil Stone Picker hint

The gates generate a random plane of oblivion along with a random sigil stone. Go through the tower all the way to the top until you reach the sigil stone. Then, just save the game before the stone spawns and you can re-randomize the stone by re-loading the game, if you prefer another.

Rating 0

Duplicate items glitch

Get two or more of the same magic scrolls and press X on them twice. Go to whichever item you want to duplicate and drop it. You must have one of the items on you for it to work.

Rating 0

Easy Sneak experience

  • A very easy way to increase your Sneak skill is to find someone who is sleeping. Find a wall that they are near, then run against the wall while sneaking. As long as no one can see you, your skill will go increase until the person wakes. If this happens, wait until night and allow them go back to sleep.

  • When you have the option to join the Thieves Guild by meeting Armand Christope at the Imperial Water Front garden around 11 p.m., accept his task. He will offer you the option to buy lockpicks. Do not buy any. Go into sneak mode and get behind him. Not only will you get the lockpicks from him, you can also repeatedly pickpocket him to build up your Sneak skill. He will just tell you to go ahead, and that he does not need it anyway.

  • Whenever you get in jail, go into sneak mode. Move around for awhile and your Sneak level will rise.

  • After the assassination of Emperor Uriel Septim (during the opening mission), leave the Emperor's body with one of his guards, Baurus. After walking down the newly revealed "secret" passage, turn around. You should still be able to see Emperor Septim's body and part of Baurus. Walk to the nearest corner (to your left), put yourself in sneak mode, then walk forward. Your Sneak level will increase quickly from here. If you have a wired controller, you can keep the Analog-stick held Forward and allow the game to idle. Check back every fifteen minutes, as the game will pause as you reach achieve Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert or Master classifications. If you done correctly, you should be at 100 Sneak within ninety minutes.

  • Join the Dark Brotherhood. When you recieve your first quest to kill Rufio, enter his room and go into sneak mode. Rufio sleeps for 20 hours a day. Walk around in his room to gain very easy Sneak levels.

  • Complete the Fighting Arena in the Imperial City and become Grand Champion. Once you collect all your money from the Bloodworks person, go outside. There will be a kid that runs up to you and say that he is your biggest fan. He will ask if he can follow you around. Select "Yes you may follow me around" and he will go wherever you go. Go to a place away from any guards or people. Crouch into sneak mode. Select "Pickpocket" on the kid. You will be brought into his inventory...

  • Press Circle to exit out of his inventory. Do not steal anything. Repeat this by pressing X to pick pocket and Circle to exit. You will gain Sneak experience very quickly. He does not care if you pickpocket him because he is your "biggest fan".

  • Go to the Dark Brothers base and find the Rat Schemer. Sneak behind him. You should get easy Sneak experience if no one is in the room because Schemer will not notice you. Note: You must be in the Dark Brotherhood to do this.

  • Go to the Arena. When there, bet on a match and go in the door. When you are in the door, go to the right and look for a man on a chair. If he is not there, wait until match is over then go outside and wait for a day. Then, go back and bet on another match and look for the man again. If he is there, walk into the corner behind him and sneak. Keep your character running into the wall you will gain experience very quickly and be able to be a master in about an hour.

  • Go to the Imperial City and get sent to jail. Once in jail, get out by either pickpocketing a guard or by using the Open spell or a lock pick. Once you are outside the cell, kill the guard then go to the cell next to yours. There should be a man inside. Crouch and pickpocket him continuously. Keep doing this until you reach the desired level of Sneak.

  • Go to the Arena. Go behind and in the corner of Yisabel. Go into sneak mode then walk backwards.

  • An easy way to increase your Sneak level is to complete the Arena and get the adoring fan. Take him with you next to a bed, then pickpocket him. Exit the item screen once he has been pickpocketed, then repeat the process until a message in the top left corner appears, stating that you have to rest. Rest, get your level up as an added bonus, then continue.

  • An easy way to increase your skill in Sneak is during one of the Dark Brotherhood contracts where you are to assassinate a pirate captain. You can get the option of hiding yourself in a crate that is just outside the ship. Hide in a crate and you should soon be inside the ship. Climb up the ladder to the upper level. You should now be in a small room. You may now sneak into a wall and gain Sneak experience. Make sure to check occasionally for the message of an increased mastery level in that skill.

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Skipping the Persuade/Bribe mini game

To skip this annoying and expensive game, go to the Arcane University or Frost Crag Spire (if you have the download) and make a Charm spell. Then, set the Magnatude to 100 and the Duration only 2 seconds. This will make even the most hateful person in the game have a disposition of about 73 at the lowest, and you will never have to bribe again.

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Infinite gold hints

  • For the quest to cure vampirism, the Count Of Skingrad requests that you find a cure for his wife because she does not want to be a vampire. After meeting with a witch who lives along a river to the east, she has you find five Grand Soul Gems, two Bloodgrass, six Garlic, five Nightshade, Blood Of An Argonian, and Dust Of A Vampire. She then uses these to make a two potions; one for the count and one for you. Upon giving it to the count, he will give you a reward of 500 gold. Talk to him again and select "Reward". He will give it to you again. Repeat this for unlimited gold.

  • After completing the vampire quest, talk to Count Hassildor of Skingrad. When it is time to ask for your reward, he will give you a hefty 10,000 gp. If you continue to ask the Count for the reward, he will keep giving you your reward. Repeat this many times as desired.

  • Head to the Talos Plaza District of the Imperial City. Find a house owned by a men named Dorian (Dorian's House) in the southeast section of the district. Break into his house and find him. When he tells you to leave, kill him. To loot him, take each item individually while ending with the gold, which will not run out once it hits 8 pieces. Simply keep selecting the gold he is carrying take it. Do this repeatedly and the number of gold pieces remaining will freeze when it gets down to 8 gold pieces. It will not go any lower, but will just keep giving you as much gold as desired. Note: After you break in and he tells you to get out, talk to him. Go to "Persuade" and bribe him a lot. After that, kill him. He will now have more money to loot, which makes it easier to get more quicker.

  • Note: To get unlimited gold from Dorian easier, first bribe him until you cannot do so anymore. Then, hit him with your weakest weapon. preferably your fists. Then, immediately hold block and talk to yield to him. Because he is your friend, he will stop fighting. Then, talk to him again. His relationship will have drooped because you hit him, allowing you to bribe him more. Make sure you do not hit him too much or he will run away. Once his health gets low, the guards will probably charge you. After spending your time or paying them, go back to his house. Notethat his health is still low from your attacks. Wait exactly 24 hours and his health will be reset. repeat the entire process to get the desired amount of gold. Once you select the money from his pocket it will not go away, leaving you with infinite money.

  • Go to Dorian's house in the Imperial City Talos Plaza District, thenopen the door on your right and you should see Dorian. Bribe him until his disposition is maxed, then run upstairs. When you are upstairs there should be a door directly in front of you. Open it then go back downstairs and strike Dorian with your fists. He should now follow you. Have him follow you upstairs and go through the door you opened earlier. When you get Dorian inside the room, close the door and stand in front of it. This will keep the guards from running into the room. When you are inside, kill Dorian while making sure he does not leave the room. After he is dead, search his body. He should have plentyamount of gold. Click on the gold and it will go down. When it reaches a certain amount it will stop decreasing. This allows you to have as much gold as desired. Note: Do not select "Take All", as it may cause the game to freeze. Get as much gold as you desired when you kill him, because his body will disappear after you leave the house for awhile.

  • Use the "Duplicate items" glitch inside a store. Make sure that the item you duplicate is worth much. Sell all but one of the item that was duplicated, then repeat the process as many times as desired. It is possible to make up to 50,000 gold in a couple of minutes.

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Infinite enchanted daggers hint

After obtaining access to the Arcane University, you can harvest an unlimited supply of enchanted daggers. The NPC mages all carry a randomly enchanted dagger. Since the mages at the University level-up with you, the higher your level, the higher the quality of the dagger and the stronger the enchantment. At level 2 the NPC mages will have an iron dagger, and around level 6 they will start carrying dwarven daggers. Since you may not steal or kill your fellow mages, you must trick the guards outside of the gates to assist you. Just walk up to any of the guards and attack them. When the guards ask you to surrender select "resist arrest". There will be two guards outside, so you need to make sure to get both of them to follow you. Once you have them in tow, run into the academy and wait for your fellow mages to assist you in killing the guards. As the battles occur, the gaurds will usually win and kill all of the mages. If this is the case, you need to finish the guards off yourself. Afterwards, simply loot the bodies. The main thing is you did not kill your fellow mages, so you won't be blamed for their deaths.After the first time you do this, you will trigger the gaurds and mages to hate each other forever. After hunting in a dungeon or doing a quest, check-in on the guild to see if any new guards or mages are lying around dead.While the mages increase their level as you do, the guards do not, and eventually the gaurds won't stand a chance against the mages. To solve this, wait until morning when the captain of the guard is inspecting the courtyard of the guild. Get him as well as the two guards to follow you into the guild; the three of them tend to be a match for the higher level mages. Finally, if the guard only attacks you and won't attack the mages, use an invisibility spell and he will switch targets.

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Stealing from NPCs hint

Note: This wastested on armor only, but it may work for any item if it's large enough for your atavism to collide with it. First, go to any armor shop that has a piece of armor on display that you want. Jump up onto the shop keep's counter and simply run into to knock the armor item off the counter. This is not illegal and noone will even care. After that, keep kicking it by running into it multiple times until you have the item in a corner away from the view of the shop keeper. The shop owner will actually follow you around the shop while you run about. Get him/her to follow you to the opposite end of the store, then immediately run back to where you placed the armor item. Use the sneak ability (default RIGHT CTRL) and pick it up before they see you.

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Infinite recharge

  • Perform the "Duplicate items" glitch on a Soul Gem. Pick them all up. When an item is on low charge you can recharge it back to full without wasting money on Soul Gems or going through the bother of soul trapping.

  • Perform the "Duplicate items" glitch on the Aylied Stone that recharges all of your items. By doing this you can recharge them all at once.

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Easy stealing hint

Put on the Gray Fox's mask, then steal something and wait for the guards to tell you, "Oh, you are the Gray Fox. I'm going to kill you" (or something similar. Select "Resist Arrest". Go to your inventory and take off the mask. Exit the menu and yield to the guard by holding Block and pressing X to talk to him at the same time. He should walk away. You will not have a bounty, and you will still have the stolen item.

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Shoot through gates in Aylied ruins

Notice the round hole in the middle of the sliding gates in Ayleid ruins. It is there so that you can use your bow to sweep the area on the other side of the gate clean while the enemies aimlessly bash at the closed gate. If you see a pressure plate before the gate, jump over it. Clean the area using the bow or spells, then step on the plate to open the gate.