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Elf Bowling 7 1/7: The Last Insult Cheats "Dirty tricks" (PC)


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Dirty tricks

The elves can perform the following dirty tricks:

Flags - The elves line up in three rows behind three flags. This makes it more difficult to get a strike.
Oil Slicks - Three oil slicks appear on the lane to get you to slip into the gutter.
Sand paper - Three squares of sandpaper on the lane will grind your ball to a smaller size when hit.
Barricades - Two angled barricades will make it difficult to hit the elves.
Magnet - A giant magnet will push or pull your ball into the gutter. Watch to see which way the magnetic waves are moving to learn if it will push or pull you and adjust accordingly.
Shrink Ray - The elves will shrink themselves so they become difficult to hit or shrink your ball.
Grow Ray - The elves use the grow ray to enlarge the size of the gutters leaving you with a narrow strip to bowl on.
Shields - The elves will stand behind large metal shields which makes it more difficult to knock them down.
Pogo Stick - The elves will jump over your ball, making them more difficult to hit.

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