Endorfun PC Cheats

Rating 4

Kaleidoscope mini-game

Play for the global bonus on the Kaleidoscope mini-game.

Rating 1

Longevity mini-game

You must stay on the board as long as possible but still move faster than in the Quickening mini-game. Clear the initial level as fast as possible to advance to the next one. Repeat this process with each new level. The quicker you complete a level, the more levels you will get and be able to stay.

Rating 1

Onesong mini-game

Collect the timer bonus in order to beat the mini-game.

Rating 1

Quickening mini-game

Focus on speed and remaining on the board for as little time as possible. Go after the Life Force as fast as possible.

Rating 0

Abundance mini-game

You must collect as many points as you can within the time limit. Do this by collecting all the Life Force on the level except for one. Leave it alone then focus on your point total. While doing this, watch the timer so that you can collect the final Life Force just before the timer expires.