Enemy Infestation PC Cheats

Rating 2

Easy wins hint

Save the game as soon as you start a level. If the Big Orange Gun or the Ray Gun have been given an unfavorable effect (for example, "grow" or "multiply"), restart the level from the main menu.

Rating 2

Cheat Codes

Press ENTER during game play, then activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes. Note: If colonists are selected, they may follow the command assigned to various keys being entered in the code:

Heal all colonists - gsaheal
Removes all roofs - gsaroof
Control aliens - gsaswap
Kills selected characters; use with gsaswap code to kill aliens - gsakill
Stops aliens and colonists - gsastop
BOG weapon created at pointer; collect it for extra defense and ability to lock doors - gsabog
KNIFE weapon created at pointer; collect it for invisibility to aliens - gsaknife
Commander created at pointer - gsacmdr
Medical officer created at pointer - gsamedi
Technician created at pointer - gsaboff
Level skip - gsawin

Rating 0

Level select

Hold SHIFT + CTRL then click on "Single Player" to play any normal or special level in the game.

Rating 0

Easy completion of "The Swarm"

Save Bonnie (the electronics expert), then get her healed and lock the airlock door.