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Enter The Matrix Cheats "Dodge moves in mid-air (extended)" (PC)


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Dodge moves in mid-air (extended)

You must be Ghost for this trick. While running forward, press JUMP, then quickly press FOCUS. You should be in the air with the regular jump animation, but in Focus mode. When desired, press ACTION. You will do a dodge move in mid air. You cannot do this just after you jump, and if you wait too long you will fall straight down. There is a certain time-frame in which you can do this. You can use any dodge direction with this trick. You can cartwheel left or right, dodge forward, and can also dodge backwards. If you dodge backwards and do a backwards hand-spring, quickly and repeatedly tap DODGE again and continue to hold your AWAY. You will do a back flip in the air as well. If you do the backwards spin turning right, you can do the same as above and immediately press ACTION to do a spin turning to the left in mid-air. Not only can you dodge, but if you take out a weapon you can do the dive/cartwheel attacks. You can also punch or kick, although kicking is probably better in the air than punching.

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