EpicDuel PC Cheats

Rating 3

Easy kills as Bounty Hunter

-Reach level 10 with the skills - Stun Grenade, Massacre, and the one for the double-hit blaster. Thoss the grenade. With lucky, it will stun your opponent. Use the blaster (high Dexterity recommended). Just hit them with your blade(s), or your gun. Finally, use Massacre (upgrades recommended), to kill them.

-At level 25, retrain and maximize Blood Lust and Poison. After that, train Smoke Screen. First, do Poison, then smoke them and finally Cheap Shot. If they are still alive, do whatever desired.

-You will need the following - Ground Slam, Bazooka, and the "rain" attack. First, hit them with Ground Slam. Note: None of these will stun. Once done, hit them with the Bazooka and then the "rain" attack. A couple other hits and they should be done.

-When at level 30 get maximum in Smoke so that get you are maximized in Massacre. Once done, get so many in Poison.

-When you reach level 11 and higher, use the following order in a 2 vs. 2 battle - Stun Grenade, Poison Ore Wild Strike, Mine, Gun.

-Upgrade Cheap Shot until level 4, then one mark for Energy Shield. After that, upgrade your Multi-Shot until level 12. Upgrade Blood Lust until level 15 and you will get a first class upgrade.

-This is most effective at level 20 or higher. Retrain and upgrade your EMP grenade, then get Bloodlust and Stun Grenade. After that, maximize Poison then get Shadow Arts. Upgrade it to the highest level possible and bring your Health to 71, Energy 71 and spend the rest on Dex and Str.

Rating 3

Easy kills as Mercenary

At level 30 get maximum in the Bazooka, then maximize Surgical Strike and get 5 in Hybrid Armor.

Rating 2

Easy experience hints

-Log in at least two characters (minimum of level 5-1) and have the two characters meet in the same area. Have one character send a duel request and the other character accept it. When the battle begins, have one of the characters run or quit from the battle. The other character will win and earn experience. Do this every hour and your character will level easily.

-You can fight some of the NPCs to level up, then go to the NPC and click "Challenge". Note: Some of them cannot be fought. Note: Do not fight people that are too high of a level because they can still fight back.

Rating 1

Easy kills as Mage

Use Lightning Strike and the move that results in extra damage. Use a gun (not primary) because when the enemy's health reaches 30 or higher it will go lower than 20, making them heal. Use Super Charge to finish him off. Note: Upgrade it for more power.

Rating 0

Easy kills as Tech Mage

-Reach level 10 and have Lightning Strike, Regular Blast, and Super Blast skills. First, use the lightning strike to stun them if lucky. Next, use the Regular Blast (upgrades recommended). Next, just hit them with your staff or shoot them with a gun. Finally, use your Super Blast (upgrades recommended).

-When at level 25, get maximum in Heal Matrix, take Overload, and get maximum in that. Then get 5 in the Double Attack. Alternatively, get maximum in Heal Matrix then get maximum in Daily Arm and 4 in Overload.

Rating 0

Recommended Weapons

At the following levels use the corresponding weapons:

Level 1 - Outlaw
Level 2 - Jackal
Level 3 - Blunderbuss
Level 4 - None
Level 5 - Jackal 2
Level 6 - Rouge blaster
Level 7 - Outlaw 2
Level 8 - ACP (if you have Varium)
Level 9 - None
Level 10 - Auto glock
Level 11 - Monster Maul (for mercenary)
Level 12 - Motor Blades (for bounty hunter) or Jackal
Level 15 - Bazooka
Level 16 - Guardian Staff (for tech mages)
Level 20 - Hurricane (requires 1,262 credits)
Level 22 - Energy Bazooka