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Escape From Monkey Island Cheats "Monkey Kombat moves" (PC)


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Monkey Kombat moves

While on Monkey Island, you have to fight a monkey using Monkey Kombat to get his Bronze Hat. These are the moves you can use and how to use them, as well as which move to use. Note: AA: Anxious Ape; BB: Bobbing Baboon; CC: Charging Chimp;

How to do a move

AA to BB or BB to AA: Ack, Eek, Chee
AA to CC or CC to AA: Ack, Chee, Oop
AA to GG or GG to AA: Ack, Oop, Chee
AA to DM or DM to AA: Ack, Oop, Eek
BB to DM or DM to BB: Ack, Chee, Eek
BB to CC or CC to BB: Oop, Eek, Ack
BB to GG or GG to BB: Oop, Ack, Chee
CC to GG or GG to CC: Oop, Ack, Eek
CC to DM or DM to CC: Oop, Chee, Eek
GG to DM or DM to GG: Ack, Chee, Oop

Which move beats another move
AA beats BB
AA beats GG
BB beats CC
BB beats DM
CC beats AA
CC beats GG
DM beats AA
DM beats CC
GG beats BB
GG beats DM

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