Escape From Monkey Island PC Cheats

Rating 8

Play Pong with Murray

Keep spinning the stool he is on (try picking him up). When he starts repeating the same warnings to you, face Guybrush the other way and type murryball.

Rating 4

Abomination at Myst 'O' Tyme Marshe

Note: This only works if you go to Deadeye Dave's shop and get all the free prosthesis. Save the game before attempting this glitch. Go to the Myst 'O' Tyme Marshe. When you reach the gate for the first time after you have gotten the key and the other two items from him put all the prosthesis together and use it. Guybrush will say "it's alive!" then the abomination will fly off screen and the game will freeze.

Rating 4

Murray's head

Type skull during game play to make Murray's head appear with his laughter. Press U to remove the head.

Rating 3


Speak with Deadeye Dave about free prosthetic parts until you get a butt, head, liver, foot, stomach, guts, heart, and skin. Combine everything but the skin to make Frankenstein.

Rating 2

Murray Bites

At the diving contest, change in the tent  about 12 to 13 times in a row.

Rating 2

Crack the screen in Scumm bar

After the dart players in the bar hit the balloon, speak to them again and tell them to hit the post on the right hand side of the screen. Talk to them again and tell them to hit "That guy over there", and they will throw the dart at the screen and it cracks.

Rating 2

Hidden sequence

Complete the game and wait fafter the credits complete to see an epilogue sequence.

Rating 1

Hidden items

While at the school, ring the fire alarm and Mrs. Rivers will run out. Immediately run inside and look at the treasure chest where you find the whistle. There will be more items inside. Grab one. Mrs. Rivers will catch you and throw you out. Repeat this to get eventually get everything but the wad of tobacco.

Rating 0

Monkey Kombat moves

While on Monkey Island, you have to fight a monkey using Monkey Kombat to get his Bronze Hat. These are the moves you can use and how to use them, as well as which move to use. Note: AA: Anxious Ape; BB: Bobbing Baboon; CC: Charging Chimp;

How to do a move

AA to BB or BB to AA: Ack, Eek, Chee
AA to CC or CC to AA: Ack, Chee, Oop
AA to GG or GG to AA: Ack, Oop, Chee
AA to DM or DM to AA: Ack, Oop, Eek
BB to DM or DM to BB: Ack, Chee, Eek
BB to CC or CC to BB: Oop, Eek, Ack
BB to GG or GG to BB: Oop, Ack, Chee
CC to GG or GG to CC: Oop, Ack, Eek
CC to DM or DM to CC: Oop, Chee, Eek
GG to DM or DM to GG: Ack, Chee, Oop

Which move beats another move
AA beats BB
AA beats GG
BB beats CC
BB beats DM
CC beats AA
CC beats GG
DM beats AA
DM beats CC
GG beats BB
GG beats DM

Rating 0

Kill Guybrush

In the Swamp in Lucre Island, when the other Guybrush gives you the gun, you can shoot him with it if the gun is one of the first three things he gives you.

Rating 0

Run easily

To make Guybrush run without having to hold SHIFT, instead press UP + FORWARD twice and hold it.

Rating 0

Win the game

Hold ALT + W to instantly win the game.