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Escape Turquoise Room PC Cheats

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Do the following to complete the game:

-Repeatedly click the bucket to get the apple core inside of it.
-Go to the righ and play the mini-game in the blue machine to get the UV lamp base (completed pyramid at the center red pole).
-Click inside of the first aid kit to view the items inside.
- Get the gloves from first aid kit..
-Repeatedly click the button of the UV light machine. A battery will fall under the bed.
-Click under the bed. Put the apple core near the hole to get the battery..
-Go to the right and get the lighter from the drawer (5).
-Get the umbrella and wrench from the shelf (2).
-Use the wrench to break the dictaphone in the shelf (1). Note: Hit the dictaphone while it is still on the shelf.
-Get the broken dictaphone and examine it. Take the battery and put the broken dictaphone back.
-Get the tape from the drawer (6).
-Get the lead-doped barium silicate from the shelf (4). It is the bottle at the left-most side.
-Get the orange coat from the drawer (3).
-Get the left rainboot from the shelf (4).
-Go to the right and click the ceiling to view it.
-Use the tap on the fan and get the glass tube.
-Go back to ground level and go to the right.
-Use the wrench on the heater, then use the glass tube on the heater to clean it.
-Go to the right and examine the glass tube. Use the lighter on the middle of the tube, then use the lead-doped barium silicate on it to make the fluorescent U-tube.
-Examine the UV lamp base. Put the two batteries and the fluorescent U-tube on it, then turn on the switch.
-Get the black light book.
-Open the black light book. Move to the last page, which appears blank. Use the UV lamp to read the page and you will find two sets of code.
-Put back the tape, then go right twice.
-Click the right-hand side of the safe. Get the right rainboot.
-Click the safe. Enter the code as green code + blue code.
-Get the bottle of lithium metasilicate from the safe.
-Use the gloves and get the bottle of acid from the safe.
-Go to the right and throw the bottle of acid at the door.
-Use the bottle of lithium metasilicate on the rainboots and umbrella.
-Use the umbrella on the door hole.

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