Eternal Fighter Zero PC Cheats

Rating 2

Fight as Kanna

At the character selection screen, highlight Kamio Misuzu and press SPECIAL. Note: This only happens in the Bad Moon edition.

Rating 2

Alternate colors

At the character selection screen,  highlight a fighter and press SPECIAL when prompted to select a color. If done correctly, the "User Color" sign will appear on the character's image. Note: This only happens in v3.03 or higher of the game. Custom color palates can also be created for a character by running the pal_edit.exe file included with the game.

Rating 1

Random character selection

Press HIGH ATTACK at the character selection screen.

Rating 1

Fight against Kanna

Get to stage 8 in arcade mode without any continues to fight Kanna instead of Misao. Note: This only happens in v2.00 or higher of the game, or in the Blue Sky edition.