Eversion HD PC Cheats

Rating 1

Steam achievements

All That Glitters - Gather 240 gems.
Apprehension - Enter the fourth eversion layer.
Beige Alert - Find the secret ending.
Commotion - Enter the sixth eversion layer.
Confusion - Enter the fifth eversion layer.
Deception - Enter the first eversion layer.
Desolation - Enter the third eversion layer.
Erosion - Enter the second eversion layer.
Friendly Reminders - See all alternate stage start messages.
Happily Ever After - Find the special ending.
Induction - Enter the final eversion layer.
Metaphor For The Atomic Bomb - Find the hidden item on each stage. Note: There is no additional ending.
The Princess Is In Another Castle - Find the regular ending.
What Have You Done - You tried to edit the main game files. Note: You cannot unlock other achievements or get high scores until the edits are undone. Custom maps can be used.