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Evil Days: Pound of Ground PC Cheats

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Steam achievements

Aviator - Perform car jumps with total distance of 3.14159265 km.
Best Batter Ever - Make the zombies fly over the total of 1212m with your baseball bat.
Chicks Digg the Heroes - Clear the Airport location and save all the hotties!
Dogburger, Anyone? - Kill 5 hyenas with a dynamite.
El Mariachi - Find the guitar case.
Feed the Fishes - Throw 26 dead zombies under water.
Finish Them! - Kill 66 stunned zombies with your baseball bat.
Froggie Style - Perform a car jump over more than 172m.
Hit and Run - Run 192 zombies over with your car.
Home At the Bahamas - Collect 1111 coins.
Homer, J. S. - Make a zombie fly over 33m with your baseball bat.
Hot Rod - Tune up your car to the max.
Killing Machine - Kill 911 zombies with your weapons or your car.
Make It Count! - Finish the Game on Hard Difficulty. Don't be a wimp!
Out of Ammo? Not Me! - With a handgun kill 6 zombies without reloading.
Peace Pipe - Find the Indian drug dealer.
Peacemaker - Blow up the first generator on the farm without killing ANY zombies on the way.
Pound of Ground - Kill 15 zombies within 25 seconds using your firearms only.
Ravioli with ketchup - Exterminate the Mafia family.
Red Lightning - Locate your red car.
Skewer - Kill 4 zombies with a single crossbow shot.
Speed of Light - Hit the speedometer limit.
Surprise in a Barrel - Kill at least 10 zombies by shooting the explosive barrel.
Tough Guy - Kill 68 zombies using any weapons without curing yourself.
U-Baseball - Fight your way through the first underground while using only the baseball bat.
What the Hell? - Reach the game's end within 5 minutes. Yes, MINUTES! 

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