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Game also available for:   XBOX 360

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Steam achievements

Bloodbather Kill 1500 enemies
Booshwacker Kill King Jerric's top general
Carnivore Eat 10 Hams and 10 Steaks
Cold Hearted Bastard Learn Ice1 and kill your teacher
Demonic Arsonist Kill 50 enemies with Fire2
Dragonlord Kill 100 Dragons
Electrocutioner Kill 5 enemies at one time with Lit2
Ethereal Spirit Equip The Invisibility Cloak
Fowl Obsession Eat 5 Whole Chickens
Fury Of The Abyss Kill 8 enemies at one time with Shadow2
Geocidal Maniac Kill 4 enemies at one time with Earth2
Glutton Eat 75 Pieces of Food
Heart of Stone Open The Earth Seal
Hellfire and Brimstone Open The Fire Seal
Hypothermic Homicide Freeze 30 enemies with Ice
Icy Hand of Death Open The Ice Seal
Immortal Blood Reach a Vitality level of 35
Kingslayer Kill King Jerric
Left-Hand Path Reach an Intelligence level of 35
Lord of All Evil Equip all Chaos Gear
Magus Malignus Equip The Amulet of Magic
Mildly Malevolent Beat the game on Normal
Murder Junkie Murder 5 deserving NPCs
Rampant Narcissism Obtain a portrait of Galvis
Reptilian Brain Equip all Dragon Gear
Ride The Lightning Open The Lightning Seal
Ruthless Agression Reach a Strength level of 35
Succubus Worship Give 1000 GP to a dancer
Ultimate Archvillain Beat the game on Difficult
Unstoppable Force Reach a Toughness level of 35
Widowmaker Kill 750 enemies 

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