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Evony Cheats "Taking over a city" (PC)


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Taking over a city

Scout a city and check if your opponent has fortified units. Make sure to have enough troops. Do not attack with all your men or you could easily end up been attacked by your opponent or someone from his alliance. Make sure to be strong. Calculate with "waves" of Footmen (excluding archers). The initial waves are used to destroy traps. The next wave is your footmen (still excluding archers) and cavalry. It will be a suicide action again, but you want to make sure that all traps are destroyed. You should be looking at a city with very weak defense. Send in your main attack force, including archers, cataphract and mechanics. Make sure to have two to four heroes ready with good armies. You can attack with your scouts/cavalry only to get the loyalty down to zero to take over the city as fast as possible.

2 years ago

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