Extreme Pinball PC Cheats

Rating 2

Remove sinkholes

Sink the ball into any sinkhole and press ESC twice. The sinkhole will be unusable for the duration of the game. To reactivate the sinkholes, quit and restart the program.

Rating 1

Screen capture

Press PRINT SCREEN to save the current screen in .PCX format in the "EXTREME" directory.

Rating 1

Increase number of balls

At the main menu, highlight the "Balls" option. Press B + A + L to select 5, 7, or 13 balls.

Rating 1

Dragon on Medieval Knights table

Press D to see a dragon appear from the middle of the table.

Rating 1

Aim cannon on Rock Fantasy stage

Hold LEFT SHIFT to aim the cannon at the Record Company Hole or hold RIGHT SHIFT to aim it at the Ticket Sinkhole. Do not hold anything if you want to aim it at the Road To Stardom Lane.

Rating 1

Table select

Start the game with the extreme <table letter A-D> command line. The game will start directly at the selected table.

Rating 1

Bullet proof vests on Urban Chaos table

Press DOWN to get a bullet proof vest as many times as you want.

Rating 0

Thirteen balls

At the main menu, highlight the "Balls" option and press B + A + L +ENTER.

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes:

Disable anti-gravity - 1
Enable anti-gravity - 2
Exit to DOS - END
Change scoreboard color - F12
Nudge table right - Z
Nudge table left - /
Nudge the table. - SPACE
Change ball type - F1
Sound effect - F9
Sound effect - F10
Sound effect - F11 Note: The sound effect and change ball type codes may only be enabled on certain tables.

Rating 0

Activate all lights on Rock Fantasy table

Shoot the ball into the Stage Cannon and press ESC twice. All the lights will activate. Repeat this twice in a row will result in a runtime error. To deactivate the lights, quit and restart the program.