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Fable: The Lost Chapters Cheats "Augmentations" (PC)


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Augmentations can be found all over Albion; in silver key chests, bought at a weapon store, or picked up from corpses. They are used to upgrade your weapon, whether it being melee or a ranged weapon. The following is a list of Augmentations and a brief description. Note: There is a limit to how many Augmentations you can put on some weapons:

Silver Augmentation - Most common and cheapest Augmentation that can be found or bought. When added to a weapon, it will hurt enemies such as Balverines or undead to the extent of your weapon's attack points.
Fire Augmentation - Relatively common to find and cheap to buy. It adds slightly more damage to your weapon for some enemies.
Lighting Augmentation - This costs about the same as the Fire Augmentation, and is also easily found. It has the same affect as the Fire Augmentation.
Piercing Augmentation - This is a lesser version of the Sharpening Augmentation and can be bought at most stores for a moderate price.
Sharpening Augmentation - Relatively rare, and expensive to buy. However, its price is worth it. When added to your weapon it gives it an extra 20 attack points. When added to the Solus Great Sword, (the strongest weapon in the game), its attack will increase to 345.
Mana Augmentation - Very expensive and very rare. When added to your weapon, it will boost the time it takes to restore your mana by 2. This Augmentation can only be bought at the Snowspire Village weapons store. It can be found in some chests in the Northern Wastes.
Health Augmentation - Very expensive, and can only be bought in the Snowspire Village weapon store or the Bowerstone North general shop. When added to your weapon, it restores your health slowly. It can be found in some chests in the Northern Wastes.
Experience Augmentation - The rarest and most expensive. This Augmentation will add to the amount of experience you get for killing an enemy. It can only be bought in the Snowspire Village weapon store.

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