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Fable: The Lost Chapters Cheats "Avo's Tear" (PC)


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Avo's Tear

When you are able to choose the Sword Of Aeons at the end of the game, throw it into the vortex. When you fight Jack Of Blades again in his dragon form, choose to destroy the mask. Then, go back to the guild and go to the area just outside mazes quarters, where the fountain is located. Read all of the little stones. One of them will give you Avo's Tear. Avo's Tear has mana, health, experience augmentations on it. Additionally, after defeating Jack the first time, a year will pass and you must return to the Guild. After helping the prophets and receiving the Fire Heart, The Guild Master will tell you about a secret weapon. Go to Maze's quarters and look on the shelf to find a journal. Go to the Guild tombs and read the empty grave, then Avo's Tear will appear.

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